Mini-video from America 🤠🇺🇲💞

28 jan 2020
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2017 Driving around in a small Peterbilt 😍 it's constructed as a go-kart, but it looks like a truck 😎🤠
My first time shooting 😎🤩
I know I have a bad position with my feet, but it's hard to know if noone tells you 😄
and the first prototype from Cummins with the butt from an Porsche

  • Boss: So Angelica you said that you have experience right? Angelica: Yes i used to drive a Peterbilt truck. Boss: Wow that's great it's very impressive you know? Very hard to drive those damn big trucks isn't it? Angelica: Well not exactly...

    Sir MókSir Mók11 månader sedan
    • You are a warrior 💪👏👏👏🤯🔫 Yeeeeeeesss good spirit

      gallaoued er maezgallaoued er maez8 månader sedan
    • Bla bla bla You can drive a truck woopy!!!!

      jr wesleyjr wesley11 månader sedan
    • vicces magyar inda house :D

      Láposi ZoltánLáposi Zoltán11 månader sedan
    • @zoochase Ok! Guess I'll just quit after 23 years of hauling everything from van to oversized. Computers seem interesting. Guess I'll become a geek.

      Gerardo CantuGerardo Cantu11 månader sedan
    • @Gerardo Cantu Said no true truck driver ever................

      zoochasezoochase11 månader sedan
  • Angelica congratulation You are in amerikastein

    Mario MezaMario Meza19 dagar sedan
  • Thats awesome you should shoot more. nice shorts !!!

    mqa1963mqa196323 dagar sedan
  • Please let us know when you will be here again

    Robert HerrmannRobert Herrmann26 dagar sedan
  • 👍👍👍👍

    Fikret SezerFikret SezerMånad sedan
  • Move to Texas, persuade Cummins to give you a Tractor and a lowboy, CAT to give you a Backhoe then start your own company: "Blondies Backhoe & Hauling." You'll be such a hit you'll start hiring other hot young blondes and creating new opportunities for females.

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  • I think I could drive that truck lol

    Quincy MasonQuincy Mason3 månader sedan
  • Stay here in America, please!!!!

    SteveVi0lenceSteveVi0lence4 månader sedan
  • not sure how I feel about an electric Cummins..... favorite part of driving my Cummins is hearing that turbo spool up... :/

    Adam JarvisAdam Jarvis5 månader sedan
  • You are like the perfect girl! 😍❤

    Derrick LewallenDerrick Lewallen5 månader sedan
  • What a sexy arse!!!

    ScholarScholar6 månader sedan
  • How much does it cost to get a little sumo truck

    James luther CantrellJames luther Cantrell6 månader sedan
  • Nice truck

    Mario Annaloro ZisaMario Annaloro Zisa6 månader sedan
  • Well, anything with motors works.. lol nice one

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  • happy Birthday on your day,,🍰🎁🎈

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  • Look Angelica Poland 😉 From the totalitarian islamic régime state ➡️🇫🇷😳🤕😞😱😱😱😕☣️

    gallaoued er maezgallaoued er maez8 månader sedan
  • Жопа что надо!

    Raul DiukRaul Diuk8 månader sedan
  • And its actually good to know , in 1 of your videos , that you cannot drive a truck without the breath analyzer , for Alcohol test , that's really really good 👍👌

    Parvin KhuranaParvin Khurana8 månader sedan
  • Nice 1 👌

    Parvin KhuranaParvin Khurana8 månader sedan
  • Have hot ass

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  • That looks like Bristol Drag Strip Bristol Tn. Was that where this was filmed? If so you was only 60 miles from me wished I would have known you was gonna be there would have came and seen you . You gonna be back in the US in the future ?

    Tim AtwellTim Atwell9 månader sedan
  • Where are you from and how long you been trucking or driving?

    Charles HayesCharles Hayes9 månader sedan
  • Let me drive that 🚚 please

    Rene GutierrezRene Gutierrez9 månader sedan
  • 1:44 hell yeah 💣 💚😎🇺🇸

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  • And your butt is from were honey I like your but sexy.

    Richard LozanoRichard Lozano9 månader sedan
  • What engines in that then

    Mark BristowMark Bristow9 månader sedan
  • Angelica can drive anything!

    Steven FateSteven Fate9 månader sedan
  • When I see your rear, it makes me think of Porsche

    topshelftotherighttopshelftotheright9 månader sedan
  • You make shooting guns sexy 👍🏻👍🏻😵

    Kevin BakerKevin Baker9 månader sedan
  • I've seen that many times at the I-75 chrome shop, it's right down the street from where I live , about 3 miles. Wish I knew you were there. LOL

    Donald BartramDonald Bartram9 månader sedan
  • is the tractor at the end of the blog electric?

    Sticker ChiefSticker Chief9 månader sedan
  • watched. comments turned off on winter tires video vlog so could not comment there but enjoyed that one alot

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  • Hoooly mooollyyy Angelica😜🤟😍

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  • dat ass tho...

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  • Excellent shot or shooting I mean!! I also agree stay in America, Colorado to be precise lol!!! Love your vids keep it up sister!!!

    Mikey K 707Mikey K 7079 månader sedan
  • That Mini Truck has no mirrors .. The New World Order is pushing for self driving Trucks .. When the Day comes that Humans can't drive their own cars and trucks we are doomed.. AI Artificial intelligence such as in Drones will enslave all Humanity ..

    Mike SkidmoreMike Skidmore9 månader sedan
  • 1:43 at half speed.

    Jeff TresederJeff Treseder9 månader sedan
  • Hands down the best backyard I have ever seen...…...nice shot too.

    Brad HamiltonBrad Hamilton9 månader sedan
  • GIRL At last you found the RIGHT SICE TRUCK for YOU !!! you look GREAT !!!!

    Edward VillateEdward Villate9 månader sedan
  • Come back to the USA!

    Rich EastmainRich Eastmain9 månader sedan
  • Hello. I come from Vietnam

    Phúc VlogPhúc Vlog9 månader sedan
  • Hey never shot a gun before she shot the hell out of that shotgun. Man that will make your shoulder feel great lol It was hitting her hard

    outermost outermostoutermost outermost10 månader sedan
  • Sure would hate to be the one to piss her off. First time shooting? BADASS!!!!

    Jonathan LindsayJonathan Lindsay10 månader sedan
  • Hey how about a bikini truck wash money for charity of course....

    outermost outermostoutermost outermost10 månader sedan
  • so sweet

    S PS P10 månader sedan
  • You're so cute Angelica! I love a woman that can shoot a gun. I'm from Gainesville FL.

    Lucus ASMR2.0Lucus ASMR2.010 månader sedan
  • What part of the country were you in?

    Travis WatersTravis Waters10 månader sedan
  • Do a last one too pee wins competition

    John DeereJohn Deere10 månader sedan
  • What the heck you where in America and I missed you. omg! I'm heart broke

    Rick VannRick Vann10 månader sedan
  • That was a cool tiny truck where did that take place

    Johnny J PeñaJohnny J Peña10 månader sedan
  • The guns and the shorts were loaded nice video Angelica . Did you get to drive the truck at the end of the video

    DCwayneDCwayne10 månader sedan
  • Nice video

    pasqual vargaspasqual vargas10 månader sedan
  • Gorgeous driver!

    Chuck SChuck S10 månader sedan
  • OMG! Trucks and Guns. I'm really head over heels now..................................Hey baby, turn your body more sideways when shooting for better stability. OUCH! Love the shorts, like 1970's.

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  • Sweet visit thanks for coming to see us !

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  • If you try to drive an American and Canadian Lorries you're going to have to get to know how to operate an unsynchronized manual transmission something that you find in neighboring Finland on a Sisu Polar 18 speed

    EpicThe112EpicThe11210 månader sedan
  • I love her recoil !

    Gary SmithGary Smith10 månader sedan
  • My new favorite channel 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 and she's a shooter too 🎯

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  • You better be doing OK.

    Steve ESteve E10 månader sedan
  • Hot as hell I need a new team partner

    Aaron RobertsAaron Roberts10 månader sedan
  • Was that your first time in America, how did you like it here. Watched some of your videos. You have a new subscriber here. That swedish candy is the best I eat it all the time.

    Mark HaglerMark Hagler10 månader sedan
  • 🤣🤣🤣 cuteness overload

    DivineEye ObserverDivineEye Observer10 månader sedan
  • Hi, I’m a fellow driver from here in the states. How long have you been in the game??

    Rick JuniorRick Junior10 månader sedan
  • yes I can see those Porsche tail lights

    Samer HaddadSamer Haddad10 månader sedan
  • Hi! I really like your videos (and you) !!!

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  • Dont stay to long. You will turn in to a typical stuck up American woman.

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  • WOW! nice ass :D

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  • The " big truck " needs some 12 volt air horns with polished trumpets on the roof. Outstanding lil ride !

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  • I would love to have a truck like that!! 😁

    Roland RoyRoland Roy10 månader sedan
  • The 5.5 hp 4-stroke Brings and Stratton engine has a classic sound.

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  • Hot women with a rifle/that booty

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  • Wow!! A shotgun for a first time shooter..!!! Who was the brains in that decision?? Thats just wrong!!

    Michael GomezMichael Gomez11 månader sedan
  • ItS aLL GooD!.!.!!

    Big JaviBig Javi11 månader sedan
  • That’s quite some Truck driving school you went to in Merica...!!

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  • C r a c kers

    BURN AMERICA DOWN MadeBURN AMERICA DOWN Made11 månader sedan
  • Wtf

    jv farm'sjv farm's11 månader sedan
  • Who cares

    jr wesleyjr wesley11 månader sedan
  • How was your stay in America? Hope you really enjoyed it here!

    marc Leblancmarc Leblanc11 månader sedan
  • Did you get "gun fever" after that? Are you allowed to carry in Sweden?

    Ryan HoughtonRyan Houghton11 månader sedan
  • Sending a Hello From a fellow trucker in Detroit...keep up all the great videos..much respect👍

    Ivan SmithIvan Smith11 månader sedan
  • Hey Angelica, Love your channel and wanted to ask you if you can do a cold pull start video for me? Do you understand what I mean by a cold start video?

    Soul AssassinSoul Assassin11 månader sedan
  • Ppô

    Bjarne GustavsenBjarne Gustavsen11 månader sedan
  • Who's the asshole not teaching her how to stand😡

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  • Get the fuck out of hear.

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  • Wtf???😂🤔🙃

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  • Love you as a friend take care and life love you Roy

    RoyRoy11 månader sedan
  • Where do I buy one of those mini truck and trailers from?

    John BanikJohn Banik11 månader sedan
  • I know you love your Volo vehicles because they are fabulous, but it's so badass to see you in a throwback Peterbuilt and shooting firearms in the woods like a Yank Lol I'm a US Army vet and appreciate a strong mind, strong body anytime 😎💪

    Ronald NesbitRonald Nesbit11 månader sedan
  • All work and no playyyyyyy,right on....

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  • Nice video 🌹🌹🌹

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  • You should move to Texas!!

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  • amazing...

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  • fun

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  • Yeah great, lovely Angel ❤️❤️❤️

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  • No inglês ☹

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  • Muito legal 🙆‍♂️👍🇧🇷 ph

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  • _Your butt looks like not from Porsche ))_

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  • 1:35 applause for the cameraman

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  • 1:01 I'd like to hold you down

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