SLIPPERY ROADS ⚠️ Unloading with my wheeler ❄ - Angelica Larsson

13 jan 2020
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POV - Unloading cargo with the wheelloader, unloading the whole wagon since the battery died on the truck 😅🙈
Spinning on the ice after changing my truck with my coworker❄❄ loosing grip uphills, too bad that the battery in my gopro died 😭 but I made it up safely 🤗
Nightcore, Moncrieff - Serial Killer
Call Of Duty Zombies - Pack a Punch
Alexander Clark, Cadmium - Be With You
Jade Key - Ransom, Ninety9Lives
svenska truckers

  • Almost forgot... "ANGELICA! SÄTT FOTEN PÅ BROMSEN" would have needed that in the beginning 😂

    Angelica LarssonAngelica LarssonÅr sedan
    • 🥰🥰🥰😍

      Норл НрлтНорл Нрлт23 dagar sedan
    • U all done very well nice

      Davinder SinghDavinder Singh26 dagar sedan
    • Please, will you marry me? haha. Your battery died, maybe because you left some interior or exterior lights or electronics on? Hmm. Possibly an old battery too.

      133 usd133 usdMånad sedan
    • You are joyful doing it it's always Joy

      Sidney MartinezSidney Martinez4 månader sedan
    • Shows that you always want to get dirty but in a good way and always keep it up my blessings are to you all the time

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  • Respect

    Sjaak PennekampSjaak Pennekamp3 minuter sedan
  • WOW Angelica!! What a task to set your cameras all up in good positions for recording and all the trouble of editing and adding tasteful music!! Thats truly a labor of love you show to give us a clear understanding of the problems you have to deal with,,,,,,and how you manage to handle all these problems alone!!! Thats remarkable! Ive operated loaders and bulldozers quite a lot and can appreciate the possible dangers you might have if you arent very very careful and observant of your situations. The closeness of other drivers and vehicles and the weather conditions and slope of the loading area can be deadly if you arent smart. You handled all this with an expert hand,,,,especially the extra unloading of your wagon and placement of stabilization blocks for the train wheel sets. Done with great care and knowledge and with safety and efficiency of motion in mind!! Congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing with all of us!!! Bill here in huntsville, alabama, USA retired 36 year mathematician for us army laser and missile seeker research and development....i admire your skills, dexterity, and knowledge....

    bill45coltbill45colt12 timmar sedan
    • Thank you for appreciating what I do 😃😃 I think it's super fun !

      Angelica LarssonAngelica Larsson9 timmar sedan
  • You are good for what you do you are very good with the trucks. 🌹❤🌹🇺🇸.

    Eduardo NietoEduardo Nieto12 timmar sedan
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  • 👏👍👌🎉

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  • BIG ☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️jyapann convoy guttorakku

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  • Hi Angela! I found you on youtube and ever since then I have been following you with all your videos. I love how courageous and passionate you are with your job. I also love all kinds of machinery, but I never had the courage to pursue a career just like you did. Now that I am older, I wish I did. Thank you for sharing your videos, and please stay safe!.

    Catherine CostaCatherine Costa6 dagar sedan
  • i just love all your videos so must

    Ole JørgensenOle Jørgensen7 dagar sedan

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  • There is less chance that anyone of us can be with you, but I hope you find a man who appreciate you well. I guess most men don't now how to find or to attract natural super womens like you. Okay, now I will keep silent before it turns kitschy. :o Keep safe and healthy, especially in these days!

    Quantum RatioQuantum Ratio11 dagar sedan
  • Angelica give same notes about the truks that you are driving.

    POR MAR E TERRAPOR MAR E TERRA11 dagar sedan
  • I love that you used the pack-a-punch song from COD Zombies 😃

    KK13 dagar sedan
  • I would in the state of Maine in the US you are a very hard-working lady you are an inspiration to a lot of women keep up the good work kiddo

    Dennis HansonDennis Hanson13 dagar sedan
  • 10

    Ron MeeksRon Meeks17 dagar sedan
  • Wow nice going. Keep up the good work. Im from Canada.

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  • A N G E L I C A LARSSON vs CAR 🚘 🚙 🚗

    Agus HariyonoAgus Hariyono18 dagar sedan

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  • Great video, Angelica !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    divit deandivit dean19 dagar sedan
  • Your so entertaining. You are a awesome , strong, talented and beautiful woman. I can't stop watching your videos. Thank you Angelica stay safe.

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  • Awesome

    John OehrleinJohn Oehrlein23 dagar sedan
  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year From Washington Court House, Ohio USA

    Daniel HowaldDaniel Howald24 dagar sedan
  • Wow you are a hard worker. Pretty good with the lift too!

    Michael Fogg SrMichael Fogg Sr25 dagar sedan
  • You always play so damn good music 👍💥🎈

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  • I am very impressed by how capable you can handle all of these situations

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  • 👏👏👍👌🎄🎅🏻🇳🇴😷

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  • I’m in love. Lol. You don’t see this in America

    Jason SeynourJason Seynour29 dagar sedan
  • Batteri master🤣i love it

    E. P.kE. P.k29 dagar sedan
  • Hi Angelica, do you happen to know who made the remixed song at 8:31 - I know the original is Nomy - Cocaine - but this remix/lowfi/electrical version is by far better than the original. I've been searching far and wide for the sond for a few days now, and I can't find it anywhere. - Have a lovely day :) and keep up the great work, you're awesome :)

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  • what's the most important part of a truck stop to you?

    Andrei KhassanovAndrei KhassanovMånad sedan
  • I like watching your vedios. It's awesome that know how operate heavy machinery. 👍

    Benito GonzalezBenito GonzalezMånad sedan
  • Is there anything you can't do?

    Jeffrey BrowneJeffrey BrowneMånad sedan
  • olá Linda!.. você é uma parceira de estrada, e és muito linda show de bola!

    Jorge Fernando malaJorge Fernando malaMånad sedan
  • You are admired for your energy and dedication to your equipment and the company who employees you. We need more people with your work ethic and attitude, because everyone benefits.

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  • Hi Angelica, really love that you are earning your own money. I have a little girl and i really really hope she is as strong as you when she becomes bigger......

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  • keep on makeing your videos it makes your fans feel good inside i know it makes me feel good xoxoxo keep safe

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  • Wow! Mad skills! !!!

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  • Już moja droga damo jest zaklepane wszystkim Angela płaci za ślub.

  • I think what you do Angelica is awesome keep up the good work. I enjoy watching your video's very much.

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  • Персик

    radik ахмедовradik ахмедовMånad sedan
  • Beautiful girl

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  • mooie video van een harderwerkster mijn complementen voor U acties

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  • Sei la numero 1! Saluti dall Italia

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  • Thankyou I am a groupage driver too and you inspire me to be happier in the work we do. I don’t think many people realize the hard work truckers do. They thinks it’s 9-5 sitting in a seat. I do 14 hour days plus nights regularly

    tubecraft1tubecraft1Månad sedan
  • Bravo pour tes vidéos ! Je m'abonne ! Bonne route!

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  • *_Angelica, do you not use chains on your wheels?_*

  • Beautiful video and beautiful driver 😍❤️❤️❤️

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  • You have some awesome skills. You do a wonderful job. Keep the shiny side up and the greasy side down. Stay safe and stay strong

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  • Absolutely the sexiest woman in the world .smart, talented , beautiful and funny .who ever you marry will be the luckiest man alive

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  • Greetings from Alberta, Canada. I quite enjoy your videos. I truck up into the far north hauling vehicles with my own tractor/trailer. Love the north, even in winter !! Your skills and especially your enthusiasm is a breath of fresh air in our industry. Regarding your no-start truck problem.... I noticed you left the door open while you were unloading. I assume there are several interior lights that come on when the door is open. I wonder if that was enough of a battery draw to kill a weak battery. I don't shut my truck off in the winter, 20 dollars worth of diesel is way cheaper than 500 dollars for a mechanic visit......FYI

    Ross LambertRoss LambertMånad sedan
  • je suis tres impressione par ce que tu fais bye bye Reggy (canada)

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  • Those eyes !

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  • I like to hear you say whee-loader...😄 and I enjoy every part of the work you u are doing very interesting and I enjoy hearing you describe what you doing in detail. Be safe and keep up the great work.

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  • Wow very skilled driving.

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  • Jag är imponerad av hur duktig du är på att köra trots att du inte hållit på så länge. Det är riktigt roligt att se en så positiv ung tjej på det där jobbet. Du kommer nog att inspirera fler både killar och tjejer till att börja köra lastbil.

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  • How tall are you??

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  • Well, these girls all know how to load and drive at least to where!

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  • is interesting video how could you get to learn all the stuff of machines you are amazing woman I wish you be my wife and how can I get job at your place from Ghana my name is Emmanuel

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  • You have skills.

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  • I liked the little dance you did in the truck..... 😵 ✨✨ 👍

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  • you are a very hard worker

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  • Very Nice videos, from Brazil, take care, Always

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  • Hi Angelica, i dont know how i stumbled upon your channel but, im glad i did. You are an amazing women. You are in my prayers now, be safe on the road and god bless you on all your trips. Love from Los Angels California U.S.

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  • SUPER. 🚚🚜👱👍.us Rossia.

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  • youre the best :)

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  • bro she used pack a punch iswear she's a dime lmao

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  • for normally all governments should give her all equipment she wants to work with and from time to time, travel while working through the countries and influence the society with the way she is. it needs nothing more than SHE to lift the mind up and take some of this friendly art in the heart and acting.

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  • Such a hard working girl, deam girl,

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  • What do you think of the peterbuilt trucks very stylus

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  • I would think driving that country be very patient with other drivers as they are idiots in cars

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  • Cute Mickey Mouse jumper nice babe you look adorable

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  • Hi Angelica how to you find driving in such icy conditions

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  • I enjoy all your videos. Would be nice to see your daily routine when you set out on your shift.

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  • Приятно смотреть , когда девочка не косячит, в таких не комфортных делах )

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  • You are working very hard. Be careful.

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  • I like that u telling wat kind of machine you ride one 😁

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  • Nej dina videos är verlkigen inte tråkiga. Går bara och hoppas att du är med i den nya säsongen av svenska truckers, så har du mer material lägga ut på youtube. Och grattis till att ni van kristalen i kategorin bästa reality show

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  • You need tandem drive when pulling the wagons.

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  • 8:50 nice track Name and dj name pls :D

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  • Keep it between the lines !

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  • I'm enjoying the video.. just see like you already tired n sleepy..🥰

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  • Amazing driving skillzz! :D But haven't you forgotten a package on the wagon? :P

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  • Hi...Angelica!! Its me Rino from Philippines....u so hardworking truck truck driver also...gudjob & pray before drive...😘

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  • Like your video.Have safe trip home.

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  • In the United states it's called a pickle on the cheeseburger your music is cool the song about the cocaine.

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  • Hay Angelica got a question often that electrical problem battery in your truck goes bad when you have to switch.

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  • pretty girl!I'm in love!

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  • when are you going to make some new videos xoxoxo keep safe

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  • I like your vids keep up the great work

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  • as in Italy we say .... you a 'little big girl!" .... wow.

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  • Ever had frozen/jelled diesel if so did you fix it your self old school or make the call?

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  • Wszędzie byłem.

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  • Ale w osobówce byłaś w Ystad. Ktoś tam do Ciebie wychodził z torbami. Ystad ładne miasto. Stromstad też ładne. Zresztą przy morzu wszystkie te małe miasteczka są piękne i spokojne.

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  • 18 wheels and a dozen roses!!

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  • First of all, I want to apologize about what I said in my last comment in your last video! I understand no matter what your personal life is like, or has been like in the past, you are first, and foremost a girl just trying to survive in this maddening world, and two, you're just so dadgum cute, funny, witty, very well knowledged looks like about everything that pertains to your job, and a very beautiful young lady! Yes it's true I looked you up on Google, and I know you've been here to the U.S., but that's no big deal, I'm glad you got to! Anyway, if you will forgive an old fool, and allow me to become your biggest, and most devoted fan, I would definitely be honored! Also as you were slippin' & slidin' around on that ice there in the parking lot, and having fun, how come you didn't use your sandboxes, or did you forget to fill them up!..😁 Anyhoo, take care, and stay safe out there on the roads, and I do hope your finger is feeling better, and you didn't hurt it too bad!...😊😚❤🙏

  • 💯% Profesional...

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  • Hey Angie , download i - heart radio , new port richey, Florida , station = 107.3

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  • Много у вас работы для дальнобойщика, у нас в России мы не занимаемся сами разгрузкой,успехов вам, а главное здоровья.

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  • You are a very hardworking girl. God bless you.

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