12 jan 2021
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Trying out a day in an excavator at dads work 😍🙏
Heuse & Zeus - Pill (00:00)
Unknown Brian - Sorry mom (03:10)
FatRat - No no no (04:28)
Lost sky - Dreams (06:03)
James Mercy - Take You On (07:44)
Heuse & Zeus - Pill (09:50)
Jacob Tillberg - Feel You (12:34)
James Mercy - Take You On (13:25)
Unknown Brian - Dead (13:30)

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  • Now I want to buy Liogong for my garden

    With PikachuWith Pikachu27 minuter sedan
  • Angelica , only if others thought the same as you on the coronavirus and vaccine and stopped things of themselves . May 2021 be a good year for you.

    bcr4601bcr4601Timme sedan
  • First truck, second excavator, third tank?

    Janusz KędziaJanusz KędziaTimme sedan
  • Just remember when it doesn't rain you don't get rainbows 😊

    Dene WoodthorpeDene WoodthorpeTimme sedan
  • You are a sweetheart, love your big smiles and joy of life. It's great to see your father giving you the opportunity to learn. That was a good stone day!

    John Burns, IIIJohn Burns, III2 timmar sedan
  • Salve vc pilota tudo, moto tbm?

    he she s3 timmar sedan
  • Oh your in heavy equipment now and I just got you to watching you driving trucks recently been watching your channel you are a sexy truck driver with terrific figure

    Uncle TeddyUncle Teddy5 timmar sedan
  • Well you need to spend a lot more time on the machine with your dad guiding you. And then you need to combined all the moves. Of the bucket and boom. Just playing is a good start. 😁👍

    David WindsorDavid Windsor7 timmar sedan
  • Wow baby you cute and a baby doll

    Doug FlanaginDoug Flanagin10 timmar sedan
  • wow!! beautiful driver👍👍

    El DuqueEl Duque10 timmar sedan
  • Soo cute

    CryogenicBurnCryogenicBurn12 timmar sedan
  • Whuflu is a lie Angelica don't take this vaccine it's very bad. At least research it very well before you do.

    James NunyaJames Nunya13 timmar sedan
  • Hey beautiful!! ❤❤ so good to see you. It feels like it's been forever. Hope you had a great year.

    James NunyaJames Nunya13 timmar sedan
  • 8:52 "today is not my lucky STONEDay"😂😂😂😂😂😂😍🙏

    STONEDaySTONEDay14 timmar sedan
  • Glad your back hope you have a great 2021 So nice to see your great smile again

    Tommy BarberTommy Barber16 timmar sedan
  • I would hold off on the vaccine. People are dying from it. Having side effects that hurting them. I'm not a vaccine person. But I believe people have the right to choose for themselves. I don't think people to be forced to do something they don't want to. But if your sure . That your free right . Be safe out there 😙👍🏻

    ZacHarYThEMeTaL HicK88ZacHarYThEMeTaL HicK8816 timmar sedan
  • Good going girl!!! I knew you could do it.......

    64usmarine64usmarine17 timmar sedan
  • Your soo peng xx

    N4TH VLOGSN4TH VLOGS18 timmar sedan
  • you are such good smart person. i love you! ❤

    ww xoww xo19 timmar sedan
  • happy new year!

    Vincent DIDATVincent DIDAT19 timmar sedan
  • Love to hear you laugh love to see you happy keep making videos🙌🏻😘❤️

    Robert PickettRobert Pickett20 timmar sedan
  • If your dad can do it you can do it👍🏻😘

    Robert PickettRobert Pickett20 timmar sedan
  • Keep practicing you’ll be a professional always ask dad what to do he’ll tell you🥇🤩🥰

    Robert PickettRobert Pickett20 timmar sedan
  • You do really good at that for being a new person doing it you can do anything you say you do yourself you can do🤩😘🥇

    Robert PickettRobert Pickett20 timmar sedan
  • still super freaking adorable

    Joe bmkaJoe bmka20 timmar sedan
  • I am terrified of vaccines they’re not safe until they’ve been married for a few years we careful Precious a bunch of people have died from taking the coronavirus vaccine stay safe happy healthy be careful my beautiful lovely friend🤩😘🥰

    Robert PickettRobert Pickett20 timmar sedan
  • Keep on keeping on 👍

    Thomas TateThomas Tate20 timmar sedan
  • e du rent ör eller ???

    gostgost20 timmar sedan
  • The Ackerman .....At one time , the best pipe ditching excavator .... but the pedals !!!

    John BarryJohn Barry22 timmar sedan
  • Скинь свой номерок красотка?)

    DmitriDmitri23 timmar sedan
  • Why do pretty girls love big machines?

    Håkan SolrosHåkan Solros23 timmar sedan
  • My 5 year old little girl has diesel fuel in her veins. She likes her Barbie dolls but she LOVES riding with me in my Kenworth and LOVES heavy equipment. Myself and my Dad are both truck drivers for different construction companies currently and my father in law and step father were both truck drivers. Being from Maine there's tons of construction and logging operations around. My maternal grandfather was a dairy farmer for decades before he passed in 2000 as well. One of my best friends (Uncle Bill to my daughter) is also a cousin of one of the largest logging outfits in our state and a truck driver/equipment operator himself. Took her to our bi-annual logging expo in 2019 she was all about the heavy equipment.

    Aaron SanbornAaron SanbornDag sedan
  • Everybody has to start somewhere. The pedals on the floor and the two paddles that stick up or for travel forward and reverse. The sprocket is on the back side The Idler is on the front side the smooth side is for the front, all of your travel is from the car body. That the track's are attached. Best to get the risk back down the hill try to push it with the bottom or the back of the bucket ( with the boom and stick not buy travel). Good job 👍👍I ❤ this work for almost 40 years. Never terrifying always fun

    slagcatslagcatDag sedan
  • Hello gorgeous Angelica. 🌹🌹 Glad to see you back and well. You did awesome with the excavator. You can do anything you set your mind too.

    P IP IDag sedan
  • Is that backhoe imported from China? You did great for a beginner. My nephew learn fast. It's just a matter of smooth fingers and advance thinking and nerves of steel. Your dad is right If you don't have room to back up then use the bucket and arm to push it away .

    Stormy DrumsStormy DrumsDag sedan
  • HELLO Happy new Year Angellica. Very good days. Bye

    rudyrudyDag sedan
  • Babe 🥰

    Joshua HodginsJoshua HodginsDag sedan
  • Perfect video👌

    blacK CrowblacK CrowDag sedan
  • Morten AallingMorten AallingDag sedan
  • You are really great and hard worker also you love your job, its honestly. therefore one day you will became a successful women.. i apreciate you. Keep working...

    Yash ShettyYash ShettyDag sedan
  • I would love to have had parents who drive machines! You are lucky!

    sebofosebofoDag sedan
  • The excavator seems to be a Chinese model. Have you seen anything in this excavator that seems to be "Chinese"?

    sebofosebofoDag sedan
  • Thanks for the video!

    sebofosebofoDag sedan
  • The best part of the Day: The day that Angelica uploads another SEworld Video 😁

    Daniel MeerwijkDaniel MeerwijkDag sedan
  • Love the sand castle you made .

    Long ThaoLong ThaoDag sedan
  • Learning and having fun. Great video. How is it in Sweden with covid?

    Doc HollidayDoc HollidayDag sedan
  • Greetings from finland. -33 c outside at the moment.

    rampa retkeiliärampa retkeiliäDag sedan
  • You tried and did a good job for a beginner. Good to see your video . Take care

    Mark BartlettMark BartlettDag sedan
  • beautiful girl😍😍

    重機大好きおじさん重機大好きおじさんDag sedan
  • You are so cool you can do anything

    Darrin BrewerDarrin BrewerDag sedan
  • Its like watching a baby learn how to do new things, you smile once they get it! I would wish you luck however it appears you needed it 2 days ago!

    Matt MillerMatt MillerDag sedan
  • I love you

    chandresh. C.Kchandresh. C.KDag sedan
  • 😘❤️

    azalikhamis azalikhamisazalikhamis azalikhamisDag sedan
  • Thats the only way you learn

    Nick SNick SDag sedan
  • U did fine . Everyone started somewhere . U have a natural aptitude with all things mechanical so ul do great at it ul never stick for a job . Ul turn ur hands to anything . It all takes time . Its the best way to learn to just jump on and have a wee go . Hope ur keeping well pls take care stay safe . X x

    Ian InnesIan InnesDag sedan

    VultureVultureDag sedan
  • Hola angelica me blocheaste

    Facundo RiosFacundo RiosDag sedan
  • Eres muy bella preciosa saludos desde Mexico

    ulises castroulises castroDag sedan
  • 💖💞my love angelica haha💝💯💟💞💖😍

    nilo enriquenilo enriqueDag sedan
  • Good job girl I am sure that ground is frozen it adds to the challenge 👍💪

    Mike CarlsonMike CarlsonDag sedan
  • You didn't break anything or cause danger to anything except your camera, so I call that 10/10. The rest is just practise. Nice learning curve with the stone.

    Esa LehtismäkiEsa LehtismäkiDag sedan
  • I don’t know why you were silent for few months, but I’m happy to see your back. Happy to see your staying healthy. Hope your family is doing the same. Your job seems a little dangerous. Stay safe and be careful

    Robert BarnardRobert BarnardDag sedan
  • That movie was awsome!! I want more that movie wherein you driving excavator and similar things! :)

    Ade54 YTAde54 YTDag sedan
  • You were amazing no matter what

    David MccrumDavid MccrumDag sedan
  • bonjour angelica quand viens tu rouler sur mon porteur john deer 810E . alexandre lavigne belgique

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  • Good Job 🙂

    Marc Olivier RoulinMarc Olivier RoulinDag sedan
  • I love excavators

    Charlie QuincyCharlie QuincyDag sedan
  • Well done Angelica! Good to learn new things and still growing! 👏🏻💪

    Michaela Tudor - TruckingGirlMichaela Tudor - TruckingGirlDag sedan
  • Awesome

    Alberta trucker girl BonAlberta trucker girl BonDag sedan
  • Yeah have fun Angelica 😇💍💍😍❤❤beautiful

    Sammy Granados 007Sammy Granados 007Dag sedan
  • You did GREAT ANGELICA. Most operator's switching from telescoping booms to track hoes seem to always lift the tracks off the ground when their scooping. You did better than most operator's I've seen.

    Grayson edwardsGrayson edwardsDag sedan
  • Блин, жаль незнаю английский 🙄очень интересно

    Максим АвдеевМаксим АвдеевDag sedan
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  • If you have Instagram, leave a message Agelica!!

    The JohnThe JohnDag sedan
  • You are always so smiling, energic and positive ! 😊 thanks for sharing that 😊 stay healthy & stay safe 😊

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  • Bravoooo👏👏👏👏👍

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  • Hai you are very pretty. 👍👍👌👌

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  • Hi, i liked your little vaccine talk in the beginning, wish there was more people with this mindset around, because we need to stop covid and we must do it together. Stay safe girl, good to see you back in action :D

    TheEmilTheEmilDag sedan
  • I just call them foot pedals.

    Dwayne AdkinsDwayne Adkins2 dagar sedan
  • Shes literally the greatest woman on the planet

    S MacS Mac2 dagar sedan
  • Well done! Good of your dad to support your interests. Ps har ingen aning om vad de där spakarna heter, körspakar? Flyttamaskinenespakar? 😂 När man blir lite varm i kläderna kör man oftast med fötterna på pedalerna istället (de pakarna sitter fast i). Som sagt, bra jobbat!

    Alexander KällbergAlexander Källberg2 dagar sedan
  • Do not take the vaccine!!!!!!!in my country died few People who took this s....t

    Piotr NieradkaPiotr Nieradka2 dagar sedan
  • 👍👍👍

    Киря КузяКиря Кузя2 dagar sedan
  • You're a talking doll 😍

    Frank DFrank D2 dagar sedan
  • Angelica, You make it look easy to operate, Love your videos. Lucky girl to have fun with your Dad.

    Jack YaugerJack Yauger2 dagar sedan
  • Dear, there´s a lot more you should know about vaccines, before you actually decide to take one. Do yourself a favour and research. Can´t trust TV! There´s a lot of controversy going on regarding the whole Corona virus. All the best to you and yours!

    FREEDOM!FREEDOM!2 dagar sedan
  • Happy new year from Pennsylvania keep on trucking in making your fun videos and with your excavators in real waters have fun

    mark gabellomark gabello2 dagar sedan
  • Did you also had that big snowstorm monday and tuesday?

    Jules WawoJules Wawo2 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for the video.

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  • Good job pretty lady

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  • 💞🚚❄💞👍

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  • You got the stone You win the cute teddy bear 🤗

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  • You seem to have a good aptitude for this. You should spend more time at the controls. Nice work.

    scdevonscdevon2 dagar sedan
  • Hi ange glad to see u on this machine ,greeting from india

    Hindu ekta sangh hindutavHindu ekta sangh hindutav2 dagar sedan
  • You are the daughter, of the father's son! ❤️😁

    Life of AlexLife of Alex2 dagar sedan
  • Merci pour cette vidéo Angelica je vous souhaite une belle année 2021 Albert le Suisse

    albert Gavilletalbert Gavillet2 dagar sedan
  • U did a great job learning. Most importantly u had fun , have a great day.

    Scott KRIEGERScott KRIEGER2 dagar sedan
  • My sweet little angel. When are you coming back to California?

    Tony DouglasTony Douglas2 dagar sedan
  • Angelica, no one's laughing at you for trying, excavator driver is a male dominated career. With practice & experience & good guidance you could easily do this. There are video on here from the Australian opencast mines where they have women driving 900 ton excavators with 50 cu metre buckets & giant dump trucks weighing 250 tons emty & they earn really good money. All down to experience. Take care & be safe in all that you do. Xx

    Jeff BilbroughJeff Bilbrough2 dagar sedan
  • Next video Angelica works a crane. Can't wait.

    Chris RChris R2 dagar sedan
  • God Bless that ANGEL

    NEPANEPA2 dagar sedan