GOING SOUTH, part 1 - Angelica Larsson

26 mar 2020
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I'm back again 😄 had a really bad flu that held me in bed for a week 🤒
I promised you a tour around the truck, so here it is 😄 also I got my first tire explosion, but it went well and was quickly fixed!

  • this eyes make me crazy.....-)

    no man's landno man's land22 timmar sedan
  • I literally didn’t move those lug nuts at all...😂😂😂😂

    hajikilla91hajikilla91Dag sedan
  • Use a Tire Thumper. A Hammer will work. Tap it on the tire and listen to the sound. Visually check them too.

    JoeYo JoeYoJoeYo JoeYoDag sedan
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  • Lovely iron lady ❤️💪👌

    mihiraka rajapakshamihiraka rajapaksha3 dagar sedan
  • -Seje Angelica !! :) Hilsen fra Danmark !

    Lasse BidstrupLasse Bidstrup4 dagar sedan
  • Lug Nut Caps .

    Joshman VegasmanJoshman Vegasman7 dagar sedan
  • Driving barefoot? now that's illegal and dangerous , seriously woman.

    Joshman VegasmanJoshman Vegasman7 dagar sedan
  • the rearend checks out OK

    Kenneth ClowerKenneth Clower7 dagar sedan
  • Niezla laska

    Roman HermanowskiRoman Hermanowski7 dagar sedan
  • Love beautyful your eyes

    Emilian IstratiEmilian Istrati8 dagar sedan
  • Abs wires are what are hanging

    lee mceachernlee mceachern9 dagar sedan
  • Perfect woman and is not afraid to get hands dirty. I have a question in which country are you from ?

    Lindsay GarciaLindsay Garcia9 dagar sedan
  • Keep up great video angelica love you babe you look beautiful xx

    jamie setchelljamie setchell9 dagar sedan
  • Anybody knows the name of the song? 7:43

    El AxelEl Axel9 dagar sedan
  • So sex

    Gligri And WorldGligri And World9 dagar sedan
  • 🚛👍😘

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  • Saludos mami

    Cesar MajanoCesar Majano11 dagar sedan
  • Gorgeous

    Ron MillerRon Miller12 dagar sedan
  • Чёрные у неё)

    Old CuckoldOld Cuckold12 dagar sedan
  • I couldn't drive all them miles in skinny jeans

    Gareth HutchinsonGareth Hutchinson14 dagar sedan
  • Good job re torquing lug nuts. That is real pro attention to detail.

    sgtcrabsgtcrab15 dagar sedan
  • Dang, how long is that sum bytch?😳

    Jake EarlyJake Early16 dagar sedan
  • what country has trucks like that

    John DoeJohn Doe17 dagar sedan
  • This is Name A N G E L I C A L A R S S O N W O M E N D R I V E R T R U C K 🚛 for you From S W E D E N

    Agus HariyonoAgus Hariyono19 dagar sedan
  • factory tire tightening specs= have a five foot blond Swedish woman jump and down on tire tool. If no movement, then all is good.

    John RobertsJohn Roberts21 dag sedan
  • Her eyes

    E FE F21 dag sedan
  • Looks like all the tires are bad an needs replaced.. Stay Safe. COMING from 🇺🇸, & 2020 Happy Merry Christmas Angelica Larsson

    Travis MillerTravis Miller23 dagar sedan
  • well done ;) I am an ex interstate truckie for the land down under

    BecsBecs25 dagar sedan
  • я думал будешь сама менять колесо )

    LestatLestat25 dagar sedan
  • Loving your work.

    Steven J CarsleySteven J Carsley26 dagar sedan
  • Lol this is service mobile ?:D

    Macjan PexMacjan Pex26 dagar sedan
  • That thumb nail tho 💥🔥

    Dillon BeskyDillon Besky26 dagar sedan
  • Умничка

    NWY WOTNWY WOT26 dagar sedan
  • I love you

    chandresh. C.Kchandresh. C.K27 dagar sedan
  • The most gorgeous young woman trucker I have ever seen ! 🌹🙂

    Arthur LiconArthur Licon27 dagar sedan
  • Good luck on all your travels

    Baghdad's sniper Morocco,Baghdad's sniper Morocco,27 dagar sedan
  • That’s the cleanest tire guy I’ve ever seen

    B LauerB Lauer27 dagar sedan
  • Merry Christmas Angelica. Enjoy your SEworld videos life of a truck driver. Safe journeys.

    Frak Master 69 MasterFrak Master 69 Master29 dagar sedan
  • A tear just ran down my face. Never thought beauty and trucks would go hand in hand. Much respect.

    Ben FuocoBen FuocoMånad sedan
  • Finger licking good!

    dawn symingtondawn symingtonMånad sedan
  • Angelica sei Grande (PL)

    Genek MGenek MMånad sedan
  • You would out 90% of us truckers to shame. Your hot as fuck

    David SteckleyDavid SteckleyMånad sedan
  • mooie video

    mia fesarmia fesarMånad sedan
  • Never fun when a tire blows Angelica

    Kevin ChristiansenKevin ChristiansenMånad sedan
  • So adorable

    Thomas HillThomas HillMånad sedan
  • Men of culture we meet again😉

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  • you can hire me to change youre everytime u want

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  • even if it's not rolling when i'm w/ u my world will go rolling and rolling

    jade_ De_graciajade_ De_graciaMånad sedan
  • i could'nt wait to be with this chick when i go west

    jade_ De_graciajade_ De_graciaMånad sedan
  • Wifey material

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  • 👍

    Valdir AssisValdir AssisMånad sedan
  • Sexy,but you tightened the nuts wrong. You tighten them across from each other rather than in a circle

    Aladdin Sane12Aladdin Sane12Månad sedan
  • :)

    Sasku siskuSasku siskuMånad sedan
  • 💞💌👁️💋👁️🔥🔥

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  • Why are you killing alligators your supposed to leave them on the road so they can live on and your lucky we gotta fix those in the USA we don't have a tire guy on speed dial here you change it yourself

    Bill DanielsBill DanielsMånad sedan
  • Du vet vel at det bare er i Sverige og Norge at man sier en mil for å angi 10 kilometer? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scandinavian_mile

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  • torqued to spec

    frank mfrank mMånad sedan
  • I like how she bounces on the “tool”. Mhhhh....

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  • 😍😍😍👍👍👍💖💖💖

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  • You look amazing angel

    Crystal McmannCrystal McmannMånad sedan
  • Prayers always..!

    Allen Barclay AllenAllen Barclay AllenMånad sedan
  • Maybe you need an extension bar to retightening those bolts..

    Emmys OrbicularisEmmys OrbicularisMånad sedan
  • You just have a perfect body

    Robert JohnsonRobert JohnsonMånad sedan
  • you look so hot in those jeans, your bottom is a perfect shape.

    Robert JohnsonRobert JohnsonMånad sedan
  • The most Beautiful Woman in Trucking.

    Richard ZizzaRichard ZizzaMånad sedan
  • Amazing truck driver.

    AndyfagcosplayAndyfagcosplayMånad sedan
  • Missing your videos Angelica

    derrick heidweillerderrick heidweillerMånad sedan
  • You beautiful girl ❤️

    Stephen DoughertyStephen DoughertyMånad sedan
  • Zip ties sure can come in handy. Looking and taking notes since i plan on making this my next profession :)

    Berth LjunggrenBerth LjunggrenMånad sedan
  • Respect the woman trucker. Period. Scoop ur minds outta the gutter and get down the road. All the stupid ass comments are probably from little boys that don’t even have a regular license. Aka children

    WM Thomas SheridanWM Thomas SheridanMånad sedan
  • Those cables were pieces I think of the tire that popped and I hear an air leak back there.

    Skeeter McSwaggerSkeeter McSwaggerMånad sedan
  • Im in LOVE, ,,

    Dwight ArnoldDwight ArnoldMånad sedan
  • Gostaria de ver vídeos dela recente de hoje só tem de meses atrás ...

    Pastor Sergio EsquincalhaPastor Sergio EsquincalhaMånad sedan
  • I am a big truck driver, type Valvo

    جبار الحداد الحدادجبار الحداد الحدادMånad sedan
  • Or, unfortunately, this job is unpleasant, especially if it's cold.My name is gabbar from Iraq.

    جبار الحداد الحدادجبار الحداد الحدادMånad sedan
  • What country do you drive in?

    Rick HappsRick HappsMånad sedan
    • it's quite obvious

      Tom MeinerTom Meiner28 dagar sedan
  • Don’t feel bad about needing to jump on the lug wrench to tighten or loosen up the lugs I have to do the exact same thing 😏. I had an illness and lost weight. I can’t gain any back but I’m healthy again 🥺❤️

    Eric Kona PeperEric Kona PeperMånad sedan
  • I’m a trucker and it’s good to see women in the industry. Great job 👏

    David Lee OlsonDavid Lee OlsonMånad sedan
  • Fine as a frog hair split four way's darling

    Joshua PJoshua PMånad sedan
  • My last tire explosion I drove back to shop 17 miles lol . Boss say ok !

    Tom HaganTom HaganMånad sedan
  • وصار بنجر

    حيدر حيدر 汗حيدر حيدر 汗Månad sedan
  • Is a pleasure to see beautiful women in this business 🌺,🚛

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  • Не че не понятно ! Но интересно )))

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  • You are so nice, and so well 👍👍

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  • ✌️🌼🌼🌼👍

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  • Like your show. Is there more coming?

    John PhillipsJohn PhillipsMånad sedan
  • From one trucker to another stay safe and warm out there

    Ernest SalazarErnest SalazarMånad sedan
  • Get yourself a long metal pipe, it will make it easier to tighten the nuts.

    Abatusa VAbatusa VMånad sedan
  • All tires look bad btw.

    Russ PhillipsRuss PhillipsMånad sedan
  • She is a trucker from where?

    Russ PhillipsRuss PhillipsMånad sedan
  • Did she say,depending on what load she would get!at 1:02!? Told my wife of 30 years,I know what kind of load she would get!lol.ya I got smaked!

    Dan SmithDan Smith2 månader sedan
  • love your accent Baby wish i was your man...prett cute too

    Jermaine GordonJermaine Gordon2 månader sedan
    • 🤣

      Omar HaddaraOmar Haddara2 månader sedan
  • Mi amor estás muy hermosa saludos desde Chicago Illinois

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  • 😘💪😎T.f.f.T

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  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔧🔧🔧🔧❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎩🎩🎩⚙️⚙️⚙️❤️❤️❤️❤️🛠️🛠️🛠️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • Люблю тебя

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  • You are such a beauty....

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