Trucking in the first snow - Angelica Larsson

20 nov 2019
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Unfortunately I didn't have my cameras prepared, but at least I managed to create a hat to put my phone in so you could see some of the first snow here in Sweden 😊
Hope you will enjoy 🤗
Elestee - Beautiful Me feat. A mole Ninety9Lives
El Speaker & Skan - Never Gonna Catch Me

  • Salami for breakfast ! Gives me indigestion just thinking about it... I think living in Sweden everyone learns how to drive on snow covered highways... In America , you have many distinctive climates & someone from Texas probably has little or no experience driving in snow.. But people living in the north , Montanna, North Dakota , Wyoming , just to name a few, drive in those conditions every winter... I live in Texas & it rarely snows where I live, but my job has sent me to almost every state & I kno very well how to drive on snow. . Black ice is the one that will get you... Experienced or not.. Stay safe

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  • Caribbean Island Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

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  • Driving at night , snowing , Very lonely ? Congratulations for you job.

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  • Du är riktigt duktig

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  • “Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.” ― Robert A. Heinlein I thought all the angels were in heaven but I was wrong obviously, here's one right here in Sweden.

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  • I enjoy any video of u hun

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  • I get snow from October until April and the temperature can be as low as minus 50 in Saskatchewan Canada 🇨🇦 I pull two 53 foot trailers in the winter which can be fun. I use Volvo trucks . Great videos 👍

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  • Omfg ... thats dope .. ur dope girl . Keep it up . 🖤🦾

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  • Hi, Angelica. WoW, the snow there is alot as I see your video. You are a great driver delivering your goods and the going to the warehouse to unhook your wagon. Im so proud of you on how you handle things. I wish I could get to know you better. I live in Louisiana, and we hardly don't get snow. Its too warm here even in the winter months. If you ever visit Baton Rouge. Look me up and I will show you around here alittle even New Orleans. Do please be safe. Big hugs.. Tony

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  • That was NICE!!! :D I have only seen that much snow in real life in Toronto Canada (Where I live Now)... IT's LOVELY TO ALWAYS SEE SNOW AND FEEL LIKE HOME... LOve you Ms. Larsson!!! keep those videos coming!!! We're with ya!

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  • We don’t ever get snow very rare in australia

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  • angelica i live in arizona 300+ days a year of sunshine

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  • Tons of snow here in most parts of Canada. There are some steep grades in western Canada along highway 1; known as the Trans Canada Highway. I don’t know about the European trucks like Volvo and Scania, but trucks from Paccar; the parent company of Kenworth and Peterbilt have what are known as engine brakes. The truckers call it the Jake Brake. You likely already know this, but it’s not really a good idea to use the Jake brake when the roads are slippery or otherwise in poor condition. I’ve been on those roads out west and there are a bunch of runaway truck ramps. At one point on highway 1 east of Golden, British Columbia, it’s down to a two lane highway with a 40 km/h speed limit. You have a rock wall on one side of you and a sheer drop on the other. Definitely no place to be messing around. Between the towns of Golden and Revelstoke is Rogers Pass which sees an average 10-12 meters of snow each winter.

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  • Angelica Larsson Richardin 😁😀😊👑👒

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  • Your video was great.

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  • Fortunately in Sweden you are well prepared for the snow. Here in Spain, the country where I live, with just 2 cm of snow the roads are completely blocked. 😕

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  • have you seen an Australian B Double Combination truck? do they use this system over there? we have B Triples as well and Road Trains

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  • Dobra jesteś

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  • 😄👁️

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  • No snow. Tucson Az.✌

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  • Snow or ice driving = butt clinching fingernail clinching madnesss.

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  • I live in Kentucky in the US and we get snow Not a lot

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  • Shows that you're truly dedicated to your show and how much you show everybody for what you do and for how hard you want like I said woman if I was there in front of you how about you everyday a true Queen

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  • And beautiful we need to snow for water and that what we drink in life and I know you're probably around all the time but it's beautiful

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  • Canvas beautiful this still I love winter do you

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  • Can tell your mom and dad that created something so beautiful and something with light that is so adorable silly and loves to smile

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  • Mine is beef jerky everyday

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  • And I love your adorable smile

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  • You are always silly and laughing and always keeping life true

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  • Tiro meu chapéu pra vc , sou muito fan seu . Vc é nota mil em tudo parabéns 😍😍...

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  • yourfan from nebraska i like all your videos that you make more videos keep tham comeing just be your self xoxoxo keep safe

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  • @Angelica Larsson, tiny question: Does your employer provide winter tires for the trucks or isn't that necessary? Thanks!

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  • Angelica, I have to ask. How did you attach your camera to your head? LOL. I loved this video. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Great video Angel, your very good at reversing, I tried for a while and just managed to be able to reverse it in a straight line, artic is no problem. your great Angel I think i'm in love with you, your so very very Beautiful, sexy and talented, keep the video's coming darling Ron.

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  • i live up inte hte north in norway, so we can ahve like -30 c here and it some times can snow for days and days. so about 2 meters of snow or more

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  • Perfect blend of great trucking skill, interesting & entertaining videos, & a ridiculous amount of cuteness. Great channel Angelica!!!

  • Angelica philip hope's you are well.philip thinks you are about 5 foot tall.angelica why don't you get a ladder and a can of wd40.its a can of thin oil.and oil all the handle and why you can to help it lock.angelica your long pallets one end at a time have you got a side shifter on the fork truck.left and side first if you can. And use your side shifter on the fork truck. Good luck philip.

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  • Angelic definitely...

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  • Dammen there goes my therpest

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  • If you love something that you would do it for free and you get paid for it, its a dream!

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  • Greetings from Malta channel shared on our fb page @Nutrilook

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  • A very good driving skill, particularly on snowy condition. Nice Angelica 😉👍

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  • Loved your video fab driving looking forward to watching your next video

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  • And silica where I live in the United States I live in Oregon Southern Oregon that is we get approximately 7 to 8 in of snow for the winter it's like a winter wonderland here I love it

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  • It must be fun to drive a big truck in the snow

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  • The snow was fine Angelica....stay safe. 30's 40's during the winter....this year no snow at all. I live in new Jersey USA North East coast

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  • I really like the snow video's , i have driven oals to scandanavie , and i reallt ting it's sow nice to be there ! also i like to say your video's are really fun to watch ! keep on doing this 😁

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  • Woow, nice your video!!

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  • Hola Angelica

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  • What is the coldest it got there in Sweden where I live in the lower part of the United States we don't get snow at all cold for us is 60°to 70° it's humid here so only time we ever get snow it's due to a hurricane

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  • When are you coming back to Texas ??

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  • Hello from Canada, living in the suburbs near Montreal! I know it's belated of an answer, but we do get plenty of snow too! Aha. Of course it all depends from years to years. Lately, couple last years ones we had more mild winters with a fair bit of black ice, crusting cars and whatnots. Not that pleasant as far as winters goes. Much prefer the snow if we have to compare the two. Though it's not rare that at least a handful of times, once to two or three during the entire winter, we wake up with snows almost up to the knees... That's a challenge all its own! Though, I don't think it beats three or four years ago, when I opened the door to see snow up to my waist! That was a crazy snowstorm! Stay safe on the roads, specially in the winters! Take care~ From someone that does know what winter driving is like! ^-^

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  • Very seldom snows in the state of Arkansas USA. The road looked too narrow for two trucks to pass, I would be nervous driving the big truck in the snow on a verv narrow road.

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  • Your. Great, xo

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  • Very good skilled Angelica, love everything about you

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  • Hi Angelica well in England there is small part call East Angela Norwich! we don't get much snow at all? only a few little snow showers at times. And a few frosty morrings like -2c! which we put little bit of grit on. we did,t have any really heavy show till 2013 and 2018 with we call the( beast from the east) and it snow all day for 2 weeks. and it got down -6c at night and -2c doing the day. the whole east Angela came to a stop as roads and path were un use able like ones in your video. I remember I was on call both times and we have to clear paths and road for the students as I work at a university. we were clearing then and put salt on. it was snow so hard when turn around again 5 minutes later they completely covered and so we had to do it again. so we keep going around university clearing the snow away which was a bit of waste of a time really? and we did stop till 10.30 at night then start again at 5.00 o clock in the morring? nom stop for 2 weeks. the over trouble was? by the middle part of second week we had used up all the salt and there was no more any were. so we had to shovel the show off the paths and use tractors to push show in to piles? to clear a way. also we were un able to get home for wholes weeks so we had to sleep at the university lol in Sweden how do you manged the show angelica?

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  • Well in our country,we never experience snow.

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  • Stay away from russian road.😂

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  • We dont get snow in Macon, Georgia. It seldom gets to 0°C.

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  • Just love how calm you are and take everything in your stride. I believe for us ordinary folk the secret is controlling the breathing. You're some expert!

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  • I get a lot of snow as well here in eastern Canada I live in the Quebec province. Snow came on the 12 of November here.

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  • you are perfect

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  • Thats good music👍

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  • I love driving in the snow

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  • Get snow down southland on the other side of new Zealand little bit up north

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  • 👍👍👍🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪

  • Just great girl u can drive that truck i think its great

  • It was good but where i live at we dont get snow

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  • i think you are not even driving , i could be wrong , but i have this feeling this is a hoax

  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  • Hay your a cutie pie would you show your body a lot more please

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  • I live in the United states and I'm residing in Pennsylvania and it's not that bad really snow wise . Take care in this very strange situation that the world is in .🌹

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  • 👍

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  • I live in Western Canada and i used to drive truck through the Rocky Mountains. The average snow fall is between 2 feet and 30 feet in some parts of the rockies. The roads can be a real nightmare to drive on.Love your videos. You are the sweet's looking driver i have ever seen.

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  • You are very addicting to watch. Keep On Truckin

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  • Of course we're like it. It has you in it Angelica!

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  • So how do you judge where the loading dock and the trailer meet ... I could not see a reversing camera and judging a 24 meter trucks length in your mirrors is a really awesome skill... Love the way you are so careful - We need more truck drivers like you down in New Zealand !

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  • i live if florida, USA it NEVER snows lol

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  • 可愛い~🥰

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  • 48 tears trucking seed it all

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  • Looks slick as snot

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  • Hurt me baby!!

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  • Angelica, Here in Pennsylvania U.S.A. we usually get much much snow and it is also very cold but this winter of 2019 & 2020 so far has been nice . Not much snow and not too cold . Some folks like a lot of snow but my children are all grown up now and gone so my Mrs. and I like an easy winter . Do you snow ski . I would like to see a video from you on the ski slopes there .. Thank you and be careful !

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  • I'm in the province of Quebec on the east and now in march we have about 120 cm on the ground ;)

    Julien DionneJulien Dionne10 månader sedan
  • I agree

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  • As adorable you are to watch I'm sure you the same inside and out but you never cover your feet do you wear tennis shoes, boots are they steel toe? What do you wear??

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  • That's a safe way to heaven and having your hand on your hand you don't want to be driving off the road that's a good idea thinksmart thumbs up

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  • I can't believe you don't have a CB radiowe use them a lot down in Virginia for the road conditions that they're going to have I got a Cobra 29

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  • I live in Alaska. We get plenty of snow. Too much snow, if you ask me.

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  • That was really good, I like the camera on your head That way we can see what you see... Out the rear view mirror, out the front while you drive As if we were doing it, and out thr right mirror in the bac....🤔 Wait O Minute😟 you Never did Look out the Right Side😱🤷🏻‍♂️😳. Not until 5:55 that is, Turning into your home terminal 🤫😎✅

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  • Love your videos from Idaho usa

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  • New York gets a lot of snow some years it can get down to below 0 degrees during the winter.

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  • If I could post a picture you would so enjoy the view here in canada

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  • Nothing beats trucking when the snowflakes are huge..... it’s like traveling at light speed, but you’re only going about 35.

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  • Colorado gets lot snow for 7 months I drive in too. I like the views

  • 10-4 Barbie