#2 Angelica Larsson first day trucking

1 aug 2019
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a llittle video of how one of my days can look like.. I accidentally locked one of our diesel cards today.. and not as much cargo as it usually are, but atleast it's something to watch :)
I've never edited anything in my life before :') soooo, this is made with apps on my phone ^^
and I don't really talk very much just yet.. I'm still a little video-shy xP
The sound is terrible, sorry for that.

  • WOW WOW WOW Ive just today discovered you!! What a complex job you have!! I cant imagine driving a truck that large skillfully nor being able to back it as well as you do. You dont make overcorrection mistakes, you go precisely, carefully and cautiously the whole way, and line it up just perfectly!! I dont see how anyone could do that! Id have damaged truck, trailer, and loading dock on the first try!! Very capable on the road, also. And your camera set up and planning for all your shots is just perfect. Lots of thinking and planning and hard work there also. And to top it all off, your editing and music is great and fits the videos very well. I dont know how i got to your channel but i signed up, and then had to immediately watch several videos back to back. I can tell you are a hard worker, extremely intelligent, dedicated, focused, and organized! On top of it all, you are an extreme beauty!!! How come we dont see you in the movies?? Trucking is great, and we all like to see you, but on the movie screen would probably pay a bit more. Be careful,,,,

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  • Incredible...

    Yash ShettyYash ShettyDag sedan
  • This is why america great and forwarded county in the world..!

    Yash ShettyYash ShettyDag sedan
  • right hand and left hand drive trucks? that must be fun! Are they different sides for different .... why are they different lololol

    Brian TBrian TDag sedan
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  • I love watching her video's, such a great and positive attitude, plus she is GORGEOUS!!!

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  • baby invest in rear camera above the toe ball so you dont have to get out of the truck

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  • Girls play with trucks, and boys play with dolls.

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  • Power of gril👍

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  • That tag on the truck though

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  • A pretty Swedish blonde driving a big rig...Right on. Its common to see the ladies driving big rigs in the U.S. these days. I think most of them must have a youtube channel ..lol

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  • So I've got no clue how these videos were recommended to me, nor do I have ANY interest in truck driving..... But DAMN shes the hottest truck driver I've EVER seen

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  • Глаза красивые

    Константин АлександровичКонстантин Александрович9 dagar sedan
  • Мастер на все руки,мало того что водит грузовик,еще и сама на погрузчике грузит. Молодец!

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  • my friend didnt like wearing his seatbelt the normal way as it rubbed his neck, he used to tuck it under his arm the same way. he was involved in a crash, and he hit the steering wheel and his right leg, his penis/genitals and half his pelvis was still in the truck, the rest of his body got torn off and thrown through the windscreen! I know there is arguments for both ways, I'm just saying his experience and him taking 15 minutes to bleed to death and die because he was wearing the seatbelt with all three points correctly.

    SpeedbirdSpeedbird11 dagar sedan
  • Don’t look like her in the states 😂.

    Keith GoreKeith Gore12 dagar sedan
  • No 4 way flashers when backing... No load bars. Unsecured load... Yeah, she's easy on the eyes, but she isn't a truck driver...

    Bruce VieiraBruce Vieira12 dagar sedan
  • She is doing her job thats all...it is not a skill, it is not impressive, all truckers do it including myself...

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  • Like you

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  • Cute, double cab

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  • I could help with your load if needed

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  • The most beautiful truck driver I have ever seen. 😍

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  • Hi Anglica I wish you a happy new year keep on trucking in 2021

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  • I need a truck driver with those eyes

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  • you drive in the wrong side .. wtf happens

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  • Hi.Lets meet?))

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  • Wow....de admirar esta chica...además hermosa.

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  • Absolutely beautiful xx

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  • Perrrfect...now all we need are the bitches doing garbage pickup and sewer cleaning and we'll finally reach equality of the sexes

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  • Wow! Watching you drive, maneuver, load/offload with the forklift is impressive! All on your first day too! What a work ethic, and you're gorgeous....is this what love feels like lol. Though my heart did break a little watching you load those Specialized bike boxes. As a former bike mechanic and avid enthusiast it was a little gut wrenching. However, I can put that behind me because you're clearly an amazing person!

    KK16 dagar sedan
  • Seni alan oğlana cenneti allah bu dünyada vermiş

  • Helal olsun sana türk erkek lerine taş çıkarırsın

  • Like a little ant moving a mountain.8)

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  • Fine AF ...Tiny & Talented!

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  • Plate number is 666, black like your soul

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  • A' Lite wideo Ancelica😎

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  • hi angelica you are beutiful women trucker.

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  • Angelina!!!!! Where are you ? My batgirl

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  • What a great looking person!

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  • Best looking truck driver I've ever seen

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  • Follow U at work ? U r too far away from down and under

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  • Good done every one luve u preety leady nyc

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  • Come to the US we can team drive 😁

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  • Yes of course mrs larson. Honesty people can hear you in our mind. From Sri Lanka. Good luck.

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  • Put on and take off gloves outside,please!

    Sebastian ScherbarthSebastian Scherbarth27 dagar sedan
  • U are way better than any truck driver in my city they are horrible

    Zachary BuressZachary Buress27 dagar sedan
  • From Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

    Fernando VelezFernando Velez27 dagar sedan
  • I bet you've been trucking for a long time Angelica, I think i spelt that right 🤪

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  • Молодец

    Жанибек ДакеновЖанибек Дакенов28 dagar sedan
  • Why driver seat on right hand drive must be in Europe?

    J SJ S28 dagar sedan
  • i would love to go trucking with you...you seem to be fun to be around

    RoyalTee MediaRoyalTee Media28 dagar sedan
  • you are beautiful 😍, and a great truck driver

    Mauro I. FerdezMauro I. Ferdez28 dagar sedan
  • Angelica be careful with your cards on the camera. You never know if someone will steel your info. Otherwise good job and your videos are fun!

    eerohugheseerohughes28 dagar sedan
  • Marry me lol

    engineer12vengineer12v28 dagar sedan
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears :D

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  • Millions of people do the same job your doing. You’re not special. You thrive in attention because you have no self esteem. You’re not interesting, no one cares. People that say they do are just as lame as you. Blonde chick truck driver.... cool... I guess... get a life. Here’s an idea. Do something throughout the day and not record it. I don’t honk you can. These videos are you begging people for their time and attention. It’s sad. Love your life without the needed acceptance of others. I suggest seeking a psychiatrist. Depression is a real thing. Get help. And all your “fans”, are just perv dudes ogling over your “attributes” wishing they could have a piece masturbating in their bathrooms while their wives sleep. It’s kind of gross honestly.

    Jester BoykinsJester Boykins29 dagar sedan
    • I think you are a litle bit jealous and reflecting of her because her SEworld channel thrives. Man up and don't be a pity.

      inner danielsinner daniels28 dagar sedan
  • Bad ass

    PieCrust SlobPieCrust Slob29 dagar sedan
  • You're so strong & beautiful

    Matabaan MatabaanMatabaan Matabaan29 dagar sedan
  • so hot

    jeffery houseworthjeffery houseworth29 dagar sedan
  • Awesome work your doing,keep the vids coming,jag alskar dig

    NEPANEPA29 dagar sedan
  • ❣MMMMMM Angelica ❣ I use to work for Peterbilt as A Yard Technician and I drove rigs with multiple types of trailers around the yard organizing, Staging and alot more. I also drove 3 diesel Lift trucks and 3 standard Lift trucks. I know what it takes to do what you're doing, you're Tuff and Sexy Hot 🔥 😍 - you must be married by now 😁. Just WOW 👏 👍❣ NEWCASTLE CALIFORNIA, USA 🇺🇲

    Big PieBig Pie29 dagar sedan
  • your a hell of a good worker

    MikeMike29 dagar sedan
  • I like Batman feel like you're sure cuz got Batman I got a Batman shirt to I got Batman gloves and the socks I like your hair you're really pretty and when were you married if you're not we can get together we need to do

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  • Girl loads and backs up truck . Wow amazing your awesome! Guy loads and backs up truck. Your late. Hury the f up. Quit being such a slacker.

    Steve McCreadySteve McCreadyMånad sedan
  • I just can't get over the fact that you gotta load and unload your own truck.. And backing up doubles is very impressive.... You don't see any of that stuff in the USA.... I'm very impressed with you.. And you're a very VERY beautiful looking lady and your voice, I love it all... I need to marry you lol...... Stay safe out there

    Edward KeeferEdward KeeferMånad sedan
  • I would love to see on ice road truckers I've been watching angelica ever since she came on u tube I just love her she's so full of life to me 😍😘😉

    Cecil LayCecil LayMånad sedan
  • Hi sweetness 😉😘

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  • Pls show some place

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  • Omg🤤

    Peter PereiraPeter PereiraMånad sedan
  • You are so cute, I want to give you a big hug darling!

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  • I had a cat once !

    JackJackMånad sedan
  • Normalnie malinowa dziewczyna.Mama z tatem musieli cię w malinach robić.