A WAGON HORROR STORY 😬 - Angelica Larsson

12 jul 2020
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The winner of the the right amount of candies in the jar 😄
One of my horror stories with loss of brakes on my wagon that rolled away 😱
a little overview of our next generation Scania 🤗👑

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  • Thank you so much for details explainations about the truck...since i have no idea about heavy truck. love you and stay safe

    Balang saBalang saTimme sedan
  • Nice video holy man the end of this video is hot 🥵 great outfit you’re wearing and damn you do have sexy legs and feet finally I get to see them I wonder how hot they’d look in some nylons oh well maybe sometime in a video I know I’m sassy be nice if you replied back if you did like the compliments I gave ya

    Uncle TeddyUncle Teddy6 timmar sedan
  • lots of nice features in that truck the many mirrors and the refrigerators and coffee maker,,,how nice. The story on the run away wagon was a good one,,,ive not driven over the road trucks but with farm trailers hauling heavy items,,,its a good reminder to block or lock you r wheels on the trailer that you unhook....informative video, very well done,,,we all learn lots when we see them,,,,many thanks,,

    bill45coltbill45colt13 timmar sedan
  • Little One I cant comment. If it makes you feel good well do that lady thing and 'Own That Shit'...Stay 9 Meters Tall !!!

    Wesley SmithWesley Smith2 dagar sedan
  • Skillfully and nice driver

    Mario VillegasMario Villegas2 dagar sedan
  • Such a beautiful woman.

    Matt FogleMatt Fogle2 dagar sedan
  • Angel, the Scania has a microwave as well as a sleeping area ??

    w2dmww2dmw3 dagar sedan
  • Hello. SO nice and cute of you to count all the sweets:).

    Ion ComanIon Coman4 dagar sedan
  • New to your channel, So sweet and beautiful. But such a bad ass you load it strap it and take care of it. Love seeing other countries drive trucks and this video showing how to hook up awesome. You deserve your own truck. Some people don't take as much pride in their equipment as you do. Love your voice so sweet and a lovely smile, awesome videos. UPS from 805 California

    M. TreiberM. Treiber4 dagar sedan
  • ты маладец +красавица удачи во всем😍😍😍

    Александр БогдановАлександр Богданов4 dagar sedan
  • Llévame contigo 🙏😍😍😘😘

    Keko YomaKeko Yoma6 dagar sedan
  • You need your own truck so your not slip sitting with other drivers.

    Daron OlenusDaron Olenus6 dagar sedan
  • 👍🌼🌼🌼🇸🇮🔥

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  • 🚛💕

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  • Angelica, You're beautiful, and the video is cool, so keep it, well done be healthy!

    Владимир АнатольевичВладимир Анатольевич11 dagar sedan
  • Yes Angelica my horror story was that I was loading a trailer from the back driving in and out of the trailer when I looked behind me when reversing I'd noticed 1m gap between loading bay and end of trailer and stopped just in time before me and fork truck fell off back of trailer the driver as you said didn't put trailer brake on!!!

    Michael SutherlandMichael Sutherland11 dagar sedan
  • 😍😍😍😍

    Charles LeflerCharles Lefler12 dagar sedan
  • Ничего не понимаю но смотрю .

    Андрей МаловАндрей Малов12 dagar sedan
  • You ar sweet just like candy 😍💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

    shmeki shmekishmeki shmeki13 dagar sedan

    PALAS PALASPALAS PALAS13 dagar sedan
  • Please dont do this Finger Thing like in the thumbnai 😫 That's cringe

    Seb WSeb W16 dagar sedan
  • Oh my gosh, I do love your nails. I really appreciate how you don't stop too often to eat. I drive my just in my city I live in, and so I rarely stop to eat. It puts me behind, especially in slow traffic. Loved this video. Thank you for sharing it.

    Brad LaVassaurBrad LaVassaur17 dagar sedan
  • Interesting to learn about other countries. I like your positive outlook on life. Has anyone ever said you remind them of a fairy princess like in Lord of the Rings? I can see you rising out of the mist with your big cheerful smile. Have a blessed day and be safe.

    Joel DavisJoel Davis18 dagar sedan
  • hi angelica good jod and nice ur video love you godbless you

    Genesis DarundayGenesis Darunday19 dagar sedan
  • Its amazing how learning window/mirror controls can be so darn interesting. If Angelica taught mathematics I'm sure the world would have invented warp speed by now.

    Truth StarTruth Star20 dagar sedan
  • Your front tires are död

    TommiVR6TommiVR620 dagar sedan
  • Nice!

    lordi5554lordi555422 dagar sedan
  • The only thing that truck is missing is a backup camera so you don’t have to get out and look at your Pintle hook. But as long as your lined up with your tail trailer you will be lined up just not height of your Pintle hook.

    rods907rods90724 dagar sedan
  • 😊

    Abdo AbdoAbdo Abdo24 dagar sedan
  • You're very sekse

    Yasser MohamedYasser Mohamed24 dagar sedan
  • You are unbelievable!! So well rounded. You got the looks,brains, personality.... everything!! That outfit you were wearing at the end was so cute. The candy was a good idea. Something different.

    WohldogWohldog25 dagar sedan
  • I must admit I cant watch more than a few seconds of your vids ,your just too attractive I lose my mind

    JohnJohn26 dagar sedan
  • You are the real trucking Queen.....as beauty and naturel as a queen can be....hold on and be yourself.....

    M.A.DM.A.D26 dagar sedan
  • Måste säga att du är väldigt rolig att följa på jobbet. Jättekul att följa 👍👍👍

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  • 🥰🥰❤️

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  • I drove 30 years thats a new way of loading in America they won't let you on the docks unless you drive p&d local Scania is well built but to small for Americans spray some lysol on the seat to kill the smell

    Knox carmackKnox carmack28 dagar sedan
  • Hello from Canada

    David EstateDavid Estate29 dagar sedan
  • Coś tutaj zestresowana jesteś.

  • Hello l am in cape town

    Chris Van zylChris Van zylMånad sedan
  • Sw Sweaty butt , not so nice hahaha

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  • You can probably earn a decent living as a truck driver in Sweden, compared to North America

    Jimmy BaggsJimmy BaggsMånad sedan
  • You are so beautiful. Love your voice.

    Driving LifeDriving LifeMånad sedan
  • Wow u are gorgeous and I love the accent

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  • That is the best intro to a truck a ever seen

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  • Much love from the USA👍🏿

    Braxton BraggBraxton BraggMånad sedan
  • Hard working and very good looking young lady who ever shes with is one lucky bloke

    Russell priceRussell priceMånad sedan
  • One time I jumped out of the truck and forgot to set the brake and the truck started to roll and I ran back to the truck to set the brake. That was scary for me. Great video! Love watching!😀

    Brandon Paid TouristBrandon Paid TouristMånad sedan
  • Sweet as gum drops!

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  • What a flipping doll!

    dawn symingtondawn symingtonMånad sedan
  • You are awesome and good luck and drive safe

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  • How nice it is to have a chick like you sitting on this seat and come sit on me for a while and I will make sure you feel cool❤

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  • in U.S. trailers (wagons in sweeden) have landing gear to make it harder to roll away from loading dock.i did not see landing gear on your wagon.

    frank mfrank mMånad sedan
  • Blessings to the hottest truck driver in Sweden. God bless you in your dangerous profession. 🌹🌹🌹🔥🔥🔥💝💝💝💎💎💎🙏🙏🙏

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  • Angelica du är en fantastisk dam!

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  • *_Smelly butted truck drivers of Sweden, why you do this to Angelica?_*

  • *_Those Swede's are saving a fortune by having the driver do factory work for hours which cuts into their driving time_*

  • You forgot to subtract three candies, we know you ate them LOL. God Bless !

    Wesley SmithWesley SmithMånad sedan
    • She's not telling ! 👍😄 As much as She Loves Candy !? She had to find out what they Taste like ! 🙋 I probably would too! Lol !

  • Absolutely adorable lady

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  • It's hard for me to believe that there's 153 people that don't care for you whatsoever I guess you'll have haters everywhere I'm a lifelong truck driver I think you're absolutely wonderful I'd hire you in a heartbeat have a blessed day oh yeah smart and beautiful what a combination

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  • Hola!!! Soy el comentario en español que estabas buscando 🙃

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  • I truly miss your videos. Ray in Baltimore

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  • Do you have a boyfriend

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  • 😍😍😍😍♥️🥰

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  • Hello splendor you are a person full of energy and motivation continue so you are fantastic

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  • I like the Whee Loader...

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  • Great idea for the candy give away!!! I love Swedish fish. Maybe you can give some o those away?

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  • It's a cool contest

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  • For ur wheels

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  • Get some dock chocks

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  • Hello beautiful lady from Winston in Canada

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  • Your company should make it mandatory for all drivers to clean out the trucks after using them. I hate picking up trash that other people should've had the foresight to throw out!

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  • May I take you out to dinner and movie or out dancing

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  • Can you sleep in that new scania?

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  • Hi Angelica, nice that you actually show people the different buttons in unit. Does your company employ UK truck drivers? Thanks!

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  • You are smart, Beautiful and puts out a lot of positive energy. It's fun watching you 😉

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  • Be careful with pneumatics in the cold dear .

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  • Omg that you saved the wagon Your super women to 🙏🇨🇦

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  • Lol how people forget ?😂😂😂👍🇨🇦

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  • Hot supertrucker!!!!

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  • I love u

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  • prime of the vehicles

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  • You are the cutest youtuber ever ! 🤗

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  • Son camiones enormes

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  • Oh Angelica.. you are an absolute delight to watch.. Those eyes and simply beautiful 💞

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  • 😘

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  • Angélica . You are yeally a brove girl . L wahtto get to khow you l like you a lot

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  • Vc e linda

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  • Красотка

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  • I just started watching your videos and im really loving your smile and the way you explain all the daily driving tasks

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  • I love the way she drives, talk, and laugh. all I can say is that she is awesome.

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  • that scania looks awesome

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  • Hi angelica. I am a farmer from western Australia, and we use trucks for almost everything. here is a bit of a horror story when it comes to air... I went to the truck and started it up to let it build up air, and then I started walking over to the tractor to start it. On my way a heard a loud hiss. when I looked back the truck was rolling down the hill at about 60km/h and rolled right into the tractor, cracking the bonnet of the truck and also ruining the bumper. luckily it didn't run me over because it was very close.

    Biz LezBiz Lez2 månader sedan
  • How they don't have a parking brake inside the cabin for the trailer ( wagon ) ?

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  • Did you know me I am from India

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  • Where are are

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  • Why do u call loaded *** reloaders* instead of forklifts...?

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  • Får man ha rattknopp på lastbil för vägtrafik?

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  • Come on, stop by my hut for coffee 😁😁😁👍👍👍👍👌😁

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