GOING SOUTH, part 2 - Angelica Larsson

31 mar 2020
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Part 2 of my journey down in southern Sweden. I got a little bit offroad after the main road was closed, my gps tricked me into a small forest road. Also little round tour inside and outside the truck, day and nighttime 🤩
Warriyo - Mortals
Imagine dragons - Believer
The tech thieves - what's love
Amadeus - dominance

  • Part 1 -> seworld.info/will/r6CVkqvJfGuinIU/video

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    • Mi amor 😍

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    • @Angelica Larsson drive the yellow road train More often Is a sexy looking truck Scania even the name Is sexy love you Honey 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

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    • Someone knows the music he uses in his Intros Videos. His songs are good.

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  • I've enjoyed watching you driving...but why don't you keep your assistant, in case of breakdown or problems. N I wish m your helper.....👍👍

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  • 🌹😘🇷🇺

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  • WOW WOW WOW on the whole video,,,,ive just found it today. What a darlin!! Very nice, nice looking also, very informative on her interesting video. But the most impressive to me was the handling and backing of that truck and trailer. That was no semi, it was a full trailer!!! WOW soooo smoooth,, thanks a bunch

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  • Really nice truck.....and girl too :)

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  • Cool!

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  • Your a pretty good Operator , I drove truck for many years I know guys that wouldn`t even try backing up a turnpike trailer let alone a Super B Trailer ,I`ve heard of some of the trucks in Sweden has a spinning chain that gives you traction in front of the tires instead of putting on the (Jewelry what we call it here lol ) Does this truck have this style of tire chains for winter driving ??

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  • Angelica you speak great English

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  • Very nice driving!!

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  • A very good looking lady with an manly job,i like it!!! Keep up this good work!

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  • Boy! I lover your videos! I learned a lot about Sweden and trucking from watching your videos. Very entertaining. Question? Your company doesn’t mind you making the videos whilst at work?

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  • yeah....same here in Canada about the "fuzzy dice" :)))))) guess ill have to bring a pair for you next time i come to Sweden lol

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  • Hi,hope your well,you do really very well,very impressed 😀

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  • Pleeaaase, no more so much Music.... your Videos are super but the music is 🤕

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  • Your truck looks awesome! As soon as you turned the brights it made its characteristics pop out more

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  • Hi from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

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    • 787-484-5976

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  • You are very pretty All natural beauty

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  • 8:32..."I have actually have no idea where I am". Ha, Angelica you are ALWAYS in your happy place. 😛

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  • Ur trucks not amazing but u are the way u handle ur truck and trailer and ur work ethics

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  • Is your truck automatic or manual transmission

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    • All S series Scanias have Opticruise transmission.

      Tom MeinerTom Meiner28 dagar sedan
  • Could we just take a minute to applaude her mad driving skills.... just awesome to see you back that massive thing up like a boss.

    Christer JohanssonChrister JohanssonMånad sedan
  • Love the truck. You are so skilled and thorough in your work. I really enjoy your videos.

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  • This truck is amazing ! My actros is sad next to it....congrat girl ! Driving this monster...it's wahouu.

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  • Awesome backing up skills Angelica

    Kevin ChristiansenKevin ChristiansenMånad sedan
  • Awesome looking semi Angelica

    Kevin ChristiansenKevin ChristiansenMånad sedan
  • A beautiful night in the sleeper ....

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  • What an amazing young woman. Here's wishing you all the best in your travels.

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  • Woow what a nice truck Angelica My respekt to you driven it.💪👍😍😎

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  • All around beautiful woman. Not just on the outside. I wish I had your driving skills.

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  • :)

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  • I hope you habe some sort of self defense weapon with you. Nice driving tho.

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  • Incredible driving skillz

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  • Angelica you are awesome! Very professional, love your attitude and watching you work!

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  • Truck might look quite pretty but i would rather look at you all day long 😎😍🤗

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  • Do you have any dice in your own truck Angelica have you been a naughty girl 😉😊

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  • Beautiful V8 !!!! Not more beautiful than you !!!

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  • i have a serious question....don't you miss bathrooms? i mean I don't know how you guys are deployed that way in Sweden but here in Italy it's like jungle..BAD jungle

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  • My love 😍😍😍

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  • Love this. Ur truck is amazing. Being an American trucker id prefer ur truck compared to our big rigs then again I love our big rigs. I love em all lol. Love ur content. Long live truckers everywhere 🙏

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  • Hi from Niagara falls Ontario Canada 👍🇨🇦 your amazing lady . nice to see your adventures on the road . love your channel 👍

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  • Amazing. Wow.

    Tyler MulderTyler Mulder2 månader sedan
  • Do they equalized canadian AZ driver license

    Zaffar KhanZaffar Khan2 månader sedan
  • Impressive backing skills

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  • Complimenti per la sua bellezza di donna e complimenti per il suo lavoro una ottima professionista.

  • A perfect 10

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  • Eu gosto do seus videos

    Aldir EugênioAldir Eugênio2 månader sedan
  • Did not know Sabb made big truck also

    David DeatonDavid Deaton2 månader sedan
    • It is not Saab - Scania any longer (since long ago), only Saab and Scania, and Saab is btw. now dead and chinese.

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  • Going down south ? I was expecting nudity.............

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  • Your driving a scania nice .. I would want a bigger cabin supm more spacious like the volvo ..

    Matthew SirromMatthew Sirrom2 månader sedan
  • watched some videos and its nice to have a closer look in the trucking business in sweeden, presented bye a very keen and skilled person. what would make videos with road trips like this complete, will be a shortcut with a map where your route is drawn in. please keep on your very friendly beeing! thanks a lot for your videos...

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  • Well I'm a driver in the US my question is how many hours of service do you drive A-day??

    David MccloudDavid Mccloud2 månader sedan

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  • Another awesome video Ms.Angellica...kwl rig u drove as well an I hope u get to feeling better soon, stay safe ...

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  • u got some skill

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  • If you have pink dices in your car it mean that you have done the ting in your car

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  • Your driving skills in the revers are amazing!! I love you very much

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  • Sorry about this but I don’t have any words to say just you are so beautiful

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  • Imagine dragons - Believer which cover is this please?

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  • Dice are so out of date

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  • When you Play "Online Euro Truck Simulator" In RL with a very beautiful Female Character that doesn't look like a Female Space Marines from the "ALIEN Movie" and just Cruising down the Highway with her Double-Trailer Truck like Boss. and every other MALE Players in the Server would hear "They see me rollin', they Gaping' because I'm too beautiful, Petite and Sexy" every time she passes by lol.. what Am I saying....😅😅😅😅

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  • Certainly a top driver and beautiful too

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  • Hey take a nice sleep with sweet dreams

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  • Angelica, please make one video on the challenges that face while you to this though job

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  • Nice n comfortable dream to sit beside n go to the south

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  • Did you ever get in trouble by following GPS?

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  • I not believe) it not real video) it’s like anime: Girl and truck))) Best mix)))

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  • Scania 💗🤘😎

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  • Jag erkänner, jag är avundsjuk, så fin lastbil!

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  • Timoteij : seworld.info/will/j6els5jJiYObzok/video

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  • Your very impressive..wow..you are every mans dream also. Keep up the great work

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  • I don’t know how you can live in something so small but maybe you don’t spend too much time on the road? I’m on the road for 300+ days of the year. I have a foldable bicycle and a stationary exercise bike that I keep ion my truck with me so I can get plenty of exercise!

    Tyler1989Tyler19893 månader sedan
  • I love you

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  • That trailer would be an experience to drive in the U.S. cities but this lady is a skillful driver

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  • I like so much your dancing you should make more those moves

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  • I am really wondering how much long is your truck? Is it legal in Sweden? And I appreciate your driving skills.

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  • Slm beybi

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  • you are Precious !!!!

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  • Not an over and under fan bu it’s Europe Peterbuilt!

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  • Cutie 💓

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  • The roads you chose to drive makes one wounder. What kind of cargo you are hauling 😂? I usually only travel roads like that when I have contraband (surströmming?) onboard or when I am diving a vehicle that my licence does not cover 😂😂

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  • I love that truck lol

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  • Awsome truck !! That truck has more lights then some xmas trees. 😂

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  • Could watch you every day and all day and would never get bored.

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  • 😎😍😘😎😍😘😎😍😘😎😍😘😎😍😘

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  • Great video , Love the trucks with all the lights on at night !!! You are a very very good driver

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  • I really like your truck!

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  • this proves that girls can do the same as men, 🤙🤙

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  • A beautiful lady doing a job that most men could not even do! Wonderful!

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  • Hats off for how positive you are and how easy you make this hard job to look. You look like a barbie girl but are performing/driving really good. Well done!

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  • I have 3 sets of dices in my ets2 truck

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  • Parabéns princesa que Jesus Cristo esteja em teu caminho

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  • you are so Beautiful 😍 the world need more people like you

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  • Is there a such thing as male lot lizards 🦎 to service women such as yourself?

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  • I have just found your channel...you are a sweetheart that is a amazing truck driver...cant pass up saying how I love your voice..not sure where you are but hi from Oklahoma and stay safe.

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  • You need a co-driver? I am in!

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  • Aren't you a sweet driver or some thing!

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  • That truck is looking good !!!

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  • The truck doesn't look as good as you 😘

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