MY SUMMER TIRES ❄ almost on - Angelica Larsson

8 maj 2020
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yessss, late as usual when it comes to important stuff 😂
was going to change my tires from winter to summer, but I wasn't strong enough and I didn't have enough tools to change them today ☹ on Saturday I'm going to change them with my dad instead 🥰 so this is a 2 part video 😍 enjoy 💜
Vosai - Love of my life
Anna Yvette - Red line
Roy - Breathe me in

  • No I haven't changed tires before 😂😂 Still learning 😋 I will have a pro to help me tomorrow 🙏

    Angelica LarssonAngelica Larsson8 månader sedan
    • @John Oehrlein yeah that works pretty good. I use a small sledgehammer , that helps to.

      Dave J.Dave J.24 dagar sedan
    • Set that tire iron horizontal so you can jump on it too break it loose, hate to see ya have a flat tire on the road and hard to call out. Oh, and break them bolts loose first before you jack up the car.

      John OehrleinJohn Oehrlein24 dagar sedan
    • Wow weeee so Brilliant . This amazing I'm a u.k hgvs mechanic :) we definitely need more females in the Industry

      harry senghharry sengh27 dagar sedan
    • Nothing wrong with learning something new.

      Dave J.Dave J.Månad sedan
    • Keep a 2 lb Maul Hammer which is basically a small sledgehammer. When you're taking off lug nuts and you don't have the to get them loose. Use a four-way lug wrench, put it on your lug nut take the 2 lb Maul and tap to where it turns left. And it will loosen up or get you a Dewalt impact screw gun. You can buy the adapter 4 sockets for it for like 3 to 5 bucks at a hardware store. 20-volt brushless is the best. Do not get the one that has the socket attachment only on it. The other one is the same thing but more vertical

      Dave J.Dave J.Månad sedan
  • You could have used a leverage bar to loosen the bolts. Just a piece of pipe will do. Im sure there's one in that shed lol. Also maybe invest in a new jack and some Jack stands. Ps do u change your own oil, brakes?

    Drubaru 32Drubaru 322 timmar sedan
  • You need to get yourself a piece of pipe to put on your tire iron. Inside diameter of pipe just a little larger than the tire iron.

    Joe TallonJoe Tallon16 timmar sedan
  • Need a cheater bar or pipe. Need that if you get a flat out on the road. Power bar and a Pepsi lol 😆

    Mr. Know ItallMr. Know ItallDag sedan
  • Cutest trucker girl in my eyes Miss Angelica 😉

    Mark JacobMark JacobDag sedan
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    Кирилл ПоповКирилл Попов2 dagar sedan
  • hi there princess angelica , great tyre change video love all your videos x

    Craig TriggCraig Trigg3 dagar sedan
  • Hi good morning watching new video today great day 👍👍🙏🙏✌✌❤

    Ransom TesterRansom Tester3 dagar sedan
  • Oh my God she is just too cute somebody clone her I think we could all use one

    Jim FranklinJim Franklin4 dagar sedan
  • Damn we didn't get to see the shower I'm just appointed

    Jim FranklinJim Franklin4 dagar sedan
  • I znowu futrujesz.

  • you're so gorgeous!

    Tony SantosTony Santos4 dagar sedan
  • Beuatiful video from You angelica. How You chance your tires.

    Daniël Van MourikDaniël Van Mourik5 dagar sedan
  • Do you really consider your soul black?

    Mjulrich UlrichMjulrich Ulrich6 dagar sedan
  • Do you ride motorcycles too? Dirt bikes, dual sports, super moto? I want to see those video's,.. please. If so, I bet she has some nice gear.

    Rob AtwoodRob Atwood6 dagar sedan
  • You are so cute :)

    DaringBeefcakeDaringBeefcake6 dagar sedan
  • Next time when you loose the wheel nuts, it will be better to push the wheel spanner with your body weight, instead of pulling the spanner towards you. Keep Rocking

  • 8:40 always loose the screws before u lift the wheels. and when u tight them ofcource

    χρηστος βαρσαμηςχρηστος βαρσαμης7 dagar sedan
  • No mr Larsson I help you with this, but I good to learn

    robby kwizz55robby kwizz557 dagar sedan
  • What happened to women being equal to men? use your girl power to make that wrench work !!

    Joshman VegasmanJoshman Vegasman7 dagar sedan
  • 3 Hours later she finally got the job done.

    Joshman VegasmanJoshman Vegasman7 dagar sedan
  • Veggie burgers are the worst thing I've ever eaten.

    Brandon DurhamBrandon Durham8 dagar sedan
  • 👍

    Ion DarieIon Darie8 dagar sedan
  • Breaker bar but impact wrench miles easier

    Russell priceRussell price8 dagar sedan
  • Hello, a question, do you leave the tires with air? Nothing happens to them, I see that where you live a lot of snow falls and apart is a long time stored. greetings from Monterrey Mexico

    Humberto Gutierrez M.Humberto Gutierrez M.9 dagar sedan
  • Nice Volkswagen

    ___MY ZQUAD IZ GODZILLA’z ______MY ZQUAD IZ GODZILLA’z ___9 dagar sedan
  • Hello:); nice car lady. I have a Opel Corsa C 2004 AUTOMATIC sport version(1.4 but still sport..). I changed tires for 1st time this year but not myself, at the mecanic. We in Romania also have law that say we must change 2 tipes of tires (winter and summer). A fun thing that happened to me: SInce is my 1st real serious car, I went 1st time to gas station like 3 months ago, and after I finished I went out with the car drove like 100 meters and a guy was hornin' and flashing me(it was daytime) and I was asking myself what is happening? He wants a beating or something? And I stopped, he said "Hey Mr, your gas cover/plug you lost in on the ground. I was OMG. I thanked him. I basically when I added gas to the car, I left the plug on top of the car and it flew after 10-50 meters and the guy was kind enough to notice and help me. Also, 1 week ago I went to add again gas to my car, and a mecanic was there and told me that I have flat tires, he was kind enough to help me and give me instructions. Kind people are still alive, eaven if not so many as before. Also, I know is my fault I wasn't that responsable with my car, but I am learning:). P.S. I solved the tires, I added air to all again at the gass station, is free in Romania.

    Ion ComanIon Coman11 dagar sedan
  • Woow, R18 ??? Superb, Like !

    Ionel TudoracheIonel Tudorache11 dagar sedan
  • ❤💓❤💓❤💓❤💓❤💓

    平山肇一平山肇一12 dagar sedan
  • from the few that I know you go up on the crowbar and with one foot and with your weight you lick the screws you dance first to shake the car off the ground

    George MammmosGeorge Mammmos12 dagar sedan
  • I love Diet Pepsi, I drink 5 to 10 cans a day. I don't drink alcohol, smoke, or use drugs, so Diet Pepsi and sweets are my only vices.🙂

    Donell MunizDonell Muniz12 dagar sedan
  • damm girl , you are so lovely😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰

    Laur LaurLaur Laur13 dagar sedan
  • I just learned how to change out the brake pads on my 06 F150. It wasn't that hard at all. It was just two bolts and then take the pads off install the new ones. Make sure the rubber caliper boots that apply the pressure are good though that's always important. 😂😲😣

    Lucus ASMR2.0Lucus ASMR2.014 dagar sedan
  • So sexy lady!

    Heath WaughHeath Waugh14 dagar sedan
  • I'm going to marry her one day.

    KING PIÑA VIKING PIÑA VI14 dagar sedan
  • A rare breed of women right here!

    Jeff LJeff L15 dagar sedan
  • long hollow bar to extend your wrench will give you more leverage to loosen the wheel bolts

    kevin ckevin c15 dagar sedan
  • 😻

    Mircea BlagaMircea Blaga16 dagar sedan
  • before jacking the car make the bolt's loosen

    Wouter BreukersWouter Breukers17 dagar sedan
  • Angelica the secret too changing a tire is you FIRST have to break the lug nuts ( or lug bolts since you like the VW'S ) Do this while the weigh of your vehicle is on the wheel ! Yes that's on the ground before you even try to raise or jack it up off the ground. If you can't get the lugs broke free there no reason to raise it as you found out..... So even with that SMALL lug wrench all you have to do is place it on a lug so that you can STAND on the wrench !! It's like a small bar and all you have to do is reach down while your standing on the bar and grab just above the tire where the fender is and help pull down and push with BOTH FEET ! and you will break those bolt free !! And after you do this to each lug bolt then you raise your car up !! And of course always change your tire on a flat level surface and set your hand brake !! Hope this helps you in your future !! So many commits about your sweet personality !! You have heard the saying you're one in a million ? I'd have to see you're one in a billion !! Remember keep Jesus first in your life and everything else will fall into place for you perfectly !! Love,Curt

    Curt CarterCurt Carter18 dagar sedan
    • Angelica I forgot to say you just break them loose !! DONT REMOVE THEM you do this after it's up in the air !! And after it's in the air and the lugs are all out and the wheel is still stuck on the hub you will need too use the tire your putting on and roll it real hard into the stuck wheel on your car and it will pop off !!

      Curt CarterCurt Carter18 dagar sedan
  • Next time break the lugs loose before raising the vehicle. Much safer. Many ppl are injured knocking vehicles off the Jack trying to loosen lugs after its raised. Hate to see you get hurt sweetie. Great videos! Keep up the good work!

    B. Johnson AZB. Johnson AZ19 dagar sedan
  • Angelica I'm a British trucker and I'm useless at changing tyres. Thank god for my dad 🤣

    toffeeboy i'amtoffeeboy i'am19 dagar sedan
  • A L goood luck work for YOU oK and GOOD JOBSS work to Car you

    Agus HariyonoAgus Hariyono19 dagar sedan
  • Good job.

    ThinmanThinman19 dagar sedan
  • Hi beuatiful nice vlogs always teka care drive you

    Allan PerezAllan Perez20 dagar sedan
  • So, that's what a "nothing burger" is 😆

    Miggy ZMiggy Z21 dag sedan
  • Dam... why is your soul black?

    Luke StaplesLuke Staples21 dag sedan
  • I’ve never seen someone change wheels in the grass.

    Fred GasburgerFred Gasburger22 dagar sedan
  • I would be completely honored to change the tire's for beautiful Angelica

    William CustodioWilliam Custodio23 dagar sedan
  • Boa noite sou do.Brasil.💝Angalica linda. 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋🌹🌷🌸🙏

    Edilson SantosEdilson Santos23 dagar sedan
  • 😍😍🦾🖐

    Claudio GiacolettoClaudio Giacoletto23 dagar sedan
  • I could watch u change tyres all day long fantastic

    Russell priceRussell price23 dagar sedan
  • You can drive 50 foot long 50 ton trucks, but can’t change your car tyres? Brilliant. You needed a pole to put over the end of the tool to get more leverage.

    marksapollomarksapollo24 dagar sedan
  • Hope dad explains loosen nuts THEN Jack up the car. It's a safety thing

    mark burkdollmark burkdoll24 dagar sedan
  • Jag har haft en fråga. Är du singel? Hur mår du?

    Leo LinderLeo Linder24 dagar sedan
  • Ok cool vid

    charl Flomscharl Floms25 dagar sedan
  • 1:39 That poor 940 Volvo has been sitting there for awhile :(

    Ta3knoTa3kno26 dagar sedan
  • New tire 2017 ?;p

    Macjan PexMacjan Pex26 dagar sedan
  • как она рачком встает профи

    ValVal27 dagar sedan
  • Du använder fel verktyg gumman💅

    Kennie JohanssonKennie Johansson27 dagar sedan
  • buy the proper socket and breaker bar. Put them in your car so that if you flat out on the road you can actually change the flat.

    John RobertsJohn Roberts27 dagar sedan
  • This lady is such a beautiful ray of sunshine! I wish there was more people with her attitude and cheer. As a truck driver props to her!!!

    Robert HerrmannRobert Herrmann27 dagar sedan
  • you are what all Women should be like. good to see this

    K CK C28 dagar sedan
  • Kick the first hexagon wrench for changing tires dont use your arms😉

    Sefer BaşarSefer Başar28 dagar sedan
  • She is the cutest ever,Angelica du ar bast!

    NEPANEPA29 dagar sedan
  • Wheel change tips (may have been postet by somebody else, but I am not scrolling through all comments): 1. loosen the nuts/bolts while the tire is still on the ground, so you can apply more force without the car wiggleing and possibly fall off the jack. Only brake them loose, 1/4 turn or so, than jack up the car. 2. if the nuts / bolts are really stuck like in your case, just step on it. I mean attach the wrench to a bolt so that it is horizontal and step on the end of it, use your body weight to loosen the nuts/bolts. You may even luff a bit up and down on it. If you want to knwo how its done check this video at 0:04 :-D 3. If you tighten the bolts after changing don't use Tip 2 to do it. Use either a torque spanner (120n NM) or if you don't have one at hand, what a woman can do with just bare hands using max force with the cars wrench is about right. Men a bit less than max force.

    Völl DäppVöll Däpp29 dagar sedan
  • I love your car. The easiest way to change your tires is to loosen the bolt while the car is on the ground as the friction will help you to remove it. It's also great to see you doing this own your own.

    David EstateDavid EstateMånad sedan
  • 8:55 :P

    old12school3old12school3Månad sedan
  • Your beautiful and gorgeous

    Christopher barnesChristopher barnesMånad sedan
  • Tasts like nothing with a lot of spices hahaha

    Melad HenesMelad HenesMånad sedan
  • Buenas noches aki en México i ,k ora es en tu país

    Jesus UriarteJesus UriarteMånad sedan
  • I also have a GTI, and I rotate my tires every 5000 miles (8000km). But I use an all season tire because I only own one set of wheels at the moment, and we only get snow in Virginia for 2 months of the year. 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Josh MJosh MMånad sedan
  • Best tyre change in the history of tyre changes..

    P ROBP ROBMånad sedan
  • I want a burger w u 🍟

    johnson brajohnson braMånad sedan
  • Loosen the nuts before taking wheel off the ground lovely a breaker bar would help too.

    TuifitiTuifitiMånad sedan
  • More of a woman in her early 20's than 50 American girls put together.

    Richard AdamsRichard AdamsMånad sedan

    Norbert LukácsNorbert LukácsMånad sedan
  • I could watch all day...

    dawn symingtondawn symingtonMånad sedan
  • You prefer your coffee black like your preference in men..Nice..

    John CarpenterJohn CarpenterMånad sedan
  • I need a gf/wife like you..

    FadiCarterxxFadiCarterxxMånad sedan
  • it is so nice ti see that you are back making videos again xoxoxo keep safe

    Raymond rakesRaymond rakesMånad sedan
  • Love the fact that getting her hands dirty doesn’t matter to her nor does it slow her down one bit, she just keeps moving like a pro. Not to mention that she knows the difference between directional and non-directional tires. A lot of girls won’t even know that there is a difference. Plus to top it all off she is absolutely gorgeous. Simply beautiful, the girl next door look. She doesn’t wear tons of makeup and doesn’t look like a fake plastic doll. Amazing 😍😘🥰

    turbotony E-4turbotony E-4Månad sedan
    • @turbotony E-4 What's ironic is, "simp" is an age old abbreviation for "simpleton" or "simple minded", it had nothing to do with flirting, leering, or sexual harassment. So the guys acting all too cool for school, calling other guys simps, are the actual simps.

      Donell MunizDonell Muniz12 dagar sedan
    • @Tygo Bermind 👌🏻

      turbotony E-4turbotony E-412 dagar sedan
    • @Donell Muniz thank you. I wasn't trying sound like a sexist pig maybe that person took it the wrong way?. I have two daughters 22 and 17 yrs old. I have to up most respect for women. You were right all i was doing was simply complementing her. So glad there are people who know the difference.

      turbotony E-4turbotony E-412 dagar sedan
    • @Tygo Bermind oh, poop on you. There's nothing wrong with complimenting a girl. It's not like he said anything sexual.

      Donell MunizDonell Muniz12 dagar sedan
    • simp detected

      Tygo BermindTygo Bermind26 dagar sedan
  • U should get an impact wrench to take ur bolts out

    Russell priceRussell priceMånad sedan
  • Got the wrong burger, tastes like nothing with spices, gotta hate that.

    Arpad CsorbaArpad CsorbaMånad sedan
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    Олександр СтепанськийОлександр СтепанськийMånad sedan
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    radik ахмедовradik ахмедовMånad sedan
  • She has studded tires for winter and drives big rigs...this woman would be any man's dream.

    Shaun AShaun AMånad sedan
  • Angelica your awsome not just becauce your so pretty its because your a very good truck driver .You load and unload your truck and run wheel loader.You truly are an amazing women. I love your videos.thank you so much.I hope to see alot more vids of you.god bless you and thank you so much.

    Thomas KoshinskyThomas KoshinskyMånad sedan
  • Hi Kido when you were making this I just got home from the hospital with a badly broken foot and fractured ankle, then sitting on the back porch starting to feel sorry for myself a stray half starved cat came up on the porch. That changed everything gave her food, bath,flea treatment and a good brushing. I discovered she was pregnant so we became a team and she had four beautiful kittens two boys and two girls. I named the girls Gabriella & Angelica. Love and Blessings...

    Wesley SmithWesley SmithMånad sedan
    • 😊🐱 Bless your heart.

      Donell MunizDonell Muniz12 dagar sedan
  • You do not have a black soul. you seem very sweet.

    mqa1963mqa1963Månad sedan
  • Looks like a really good job you done 😮

    Kenny MorelockKenny MorelockMånad sedan
  • Ногой можно!!!,🤗

    Tolik BotvinkoTolik BotvinkoMånad sedan
  • We just don't want to see you becoming fat and ugly. That's why we worry about all that Pepsi. ;)

    RiziezRiziezMånad sedan
  • I love pepsi & would💞👸 love to change them for you👸😊

    Michael BrownMichael BrownMånad sedan
  • You are to Foxy 🌹👸❣️ 💞💞love from usa❣️

    Michael BrownMichael BrownMånad sedan
  • Girl your soul is far from black. Lol.

    24-7 Beast24-7 BeastMånad sedan
  • Ты супер 👍

    Андрей ЖильцовАндрей ЖильцовMånad sedan
  • Woow what a woman 😋

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