Angelica Larsson - 24 meter truck, strap lesson

22 sep 2019
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Another day out on the road, and a little strap lesson 🤗
One of my amazing followers did a supercool intro for me 🤩!
My absolute favourite music atm in this video.
Fatrat - No no no
Veorra - Nasty Freestyle
Veorra - The city
Veorra - Set Free
Kasger & Limitless - Miles away

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  • That little dance tho 😳😘 adorable you’re so damn cute

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  • Angelica, your amazing woman...😊🤗😚

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  • The intro to your videos is very very nice, good! And you're gorgeous. :)))))

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  • I am in Love with this girl! 😍❤ Sooo, yup! Lol!

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  • You are a talented and gorgeous woman. Keep doing what you do.

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  • I literally listen to Angelica's videos every night just to relax from the day. Women like her don't exist in Philadelphia.

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  • 😀supple cat 👍😘

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  • Strap hooker...? It's called a ratchet strap. The long piece is the STRAP, other short piece is called the RATCHET. Just trying to help with the terms.

    Robert HillyerRobert Hillyer20 dagar sedan
  • 😬 long hair near hazards, isn’t that an OH&S risk?

    Aaron WattAaron Watt20 dagar sedan
  • Hello. Here is a double question. Please answer if possible; how much gas does it goes in your Volvo truck? And how much time does it takes to make it full? Thank you in advance

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  • Awesome reverse :)

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  • Men åå vad bra. Tack för att du visade hur dessa spännband fungerar. Hade inte den blekaste aning om hur man gjorde innan du visade det. Thanks!

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  • You are very cute......Can i take you out for a coffee?

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  • They are called load bars

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  • Less driving and more walking around the trailer...

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  • Ojoj, nu ska jag fundera ut hur man enklast kan flytta till Sverige :-) Gärna kring Gävle trakten i så fall

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  • You are ninga savage gurl

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  • Got to be the prettiest woman I've ever seen my Lord.

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  • She's great on that pole!

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  • We call them load bars here in the States.

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  • You are very pretty and i like you and your work

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  • Hello from Seattle!!! I love you're channel and the content ... The world needs more women like you ❤ 💕.. smart,funny,hard working and adorable!!! Keep it up...

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  • Strap

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  • A locking bar

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  • What is a stripe locker

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  • I am

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  • You are such a pretty lady. I like your videos

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  • You are making these truck drivers hard lol

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  • The most perfect human on the planet.. Just saying..

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  • I"m moving to Sweden! :)

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  • You will school most drivers in the UK, great work

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  • Most beautiful girl

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  • Hope to meet you some day!!! It's amazing how you smoothly do everything :)

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  • Angelica is the most beautiful female trucker in the world. I bet she’s fun to be around. I wouldn’t mind spending just one day with her.

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  • Meri Jan kaishi ho I love you

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  • vc me deixa de queixo caido !!

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  • 06:15 ❤❤❤ OMG that eyes!! ❤❤❤ Angelica must be really tired of hearing that she's super cute, but I can't get enough of saying it. Sorry Angelica! You are extremely beautiful!!! ❤❤

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  • beautiful girl, beautiful eyes, i want be your husband

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  • Hermosa

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  • #AngelicaLarsson Cargo bars you call it

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  • Angelica , you are a sweet dream

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  • A little bit cheeky thats oke, i would think of an registered trademark angelica......succes for sure.

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  • Wow, you are absolutely gorgeous 😍

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  • How much i love this profession. Guys i need support. I want to be a truck driver. This dream started 2 months ago.

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  • Have to say iam impressed with your reversing a wagon and drag is not easy...

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  • Fit as a butchers dog.. 😘💋

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  • You speak very good English ? Have you been to USA ? Do you have any wedding plans in the future ?

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  • 😍😍

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  • Can you make longer videos I love watching your videos

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  • Super si Fasta4e

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  • Babygirl we call those bars "loadlocks" here in the US! Other than that, there's really not much I can teach you! You've been to Europe, the US, and no telling where else, you've driven just about everything on wheels, plus your net worth is in the $1000,000.00's, so I guess from now on, I'll just keep my mouth shut, and I promise I won't lust, or drool over you like some of your fans do! I'm too old, and you are way too young, like my granddaughter!...😳😊

  • your reversing is great. People don't realize how tedious reversing a trailer with a dolly infront of it can be, you're pretty much backing two trailers in theory, except the dolly jackknifes easily.

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  • I love you angelika

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  • Very beatifull girl 😉

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  • Hello Angelica Larsson, good job , congratulations for your ability

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  • The perfect teacher 👌🏽

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  • She’s awesome

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  • You are Angelical!

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  • Angelica you are so beautiful. Your job is hard. I like you very, very much.

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  • I could stare into those Eyes and have a new found appreciation for Life. Thank you for not being a Feminist hating men . You are beautiful and perfect the way you are. I’m grateful I found your channel. Stay safe

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  • Very impressed with your driving skills I have opperated many machines and can tell you have the ability for any of them.

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  • Hi, I see how you workint too much with rewind straps. Can I show you an idea for fast and easy rewind your straps? I use this about one year and I'm satisfied.

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  • Great vlog . Shame there's so many guys think you are "just" a peice of meat . Shame on you muvva fukkas . Angelica you are a multi-skilled knght of the road .. :-D

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  • you doing amazing job want you do as truckers. 😇🧚‍♂️i seen how you back truck trailer onto to dock.🥰👍

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  • She is a young and good truck driver😃😃😃👍👍👍

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  • Boa tarde tudo bem que Deus proteja voces 🥰💖💝🤗🥰

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  • how wide are your trailers

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  • i like your load locks better

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  • I love you babe, please marry me.

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  • Очеровательная девушка, хороший водитель.

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  • How’s your reversing with small car trailers? Love the vids 🇬🇧✊🏻

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  • I adore Her 100% Always ✔❤💯💖🙏🏻👍🏻

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  • Hej, jag skickar en hälsning från norra Mexiko.

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  • What is the song

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  • Can I work for the truck company

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  • Angelica you are beautiful 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

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  • Choose the sport shoes 👟

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  • Hi come to me...

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  • Hola buenas noches, no te entiendo, pero me encanta verte, eres una chica muy trabajadora, admiro tu forma ,eres muy organizada con tu trabajo, felicidades Angélica, saluditos mujer

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  • Es dificil maniobrar hacia atrás cuando llevas un remolque como ese, cundo giras pierdes la vision de los espejos retrovisores y tienes que usar tu intuición. Pero tu lo haces como una campeona

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  • I want married with you.

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  • "Make sure you don't have any curves " somehow I dont think this girl will ever succeed at having no curves!

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  • Yup. I was using my imagination the whole time she was talking about those straps. Holy moly.

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  • Here in the u.s.a. we call them load bars what part of Sweden u from

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