HAPPY TRUCKING p1 - Angelica Larsson

15 jun 2020
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Hi friends!
a little late video, I've been celebrating my birthday way to long!
But here it is, atleast part 1, I will upload part 2 on Wednesday!
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  • Алексей, к слову к игре в онлайн казино желательно тоже подходить с умом. Само собой, например если вы играете в вулкане то вы ни разу не поднимите деньги, а если придти к вопросу умнее тогда можно представлять, что имеются такие как эльдорадо казино, придуманные мошенниками и не выводящие деньги, а имеются игорные заведения с выданной лицензией, где подстройка автоматов исключена. Так что не надо решать на основе мошеннических сайтов. Лист лицензионных казино можно посмотреть здесь: www.casireg.ru

    Дима РомановДима Романов2 dagar sedan
  • Red line song really sounds good when you driving.

    audriusmexxaudriusmexx2 dagar sedan
  • This one is just not so incredibly beautiful but also so charming and smart 🤭🤩

    Floyd ForwardFloyd Forward5 dagar sedan
  • Too much stupid music, gave up watching

    Khris AKhris A12 dagar sedan
  • I can watch this all day long !!! :-D

    Yarko SolowichYarko Solowich15 dagar sedan
  • Nice shirt

    Ricky NewnanRicky Newnan20 dagar sedan
  • After living in Los Angeles, Ca for 65 years I am amazed at how little highway traffic you have Sweden.

    Rodger JamesRodger James26 dagar sedan
  • She’s pretty but that accent tho lol 🙄

    bornrebel701bornrebel70127 dagar sedan
  • Godbless you always

    Archie BaltazarArchie Baltazar28 dagar sedan

    Andrei KhassanovAndrei Khassanov29 dagar sedan
  • Great Angelica. Congratulations !

    Rene GumielRene GumielMånad sedan
  • Cool camera work at 6.15 min , do you know happines by the mile ? seworld.info/will/rZu-mqa9mKVp3aM/video

    Old FarmerOld FarmerMånad sedan
  • respekt good job nice greetz from hamburg

    Uwe JaschkowitzUwe JaschkowitzMånad sedan
  • Love your vlogs. Such great energy and enthusiasm.

    Lorey BaumbachLorey BaumbachMånad sedan
  • Hi Angelica ! I'm a New Subscriber to you as of late November 2020. So it looks like I've got alot of catching up to do on your videos ! It looks like maybe your last one you made was about three months ago? I only do SEworld and don't see how i can ask you any questions currently since you've already answered earlier videos. Maybe never. Sad. So you probably won't see this... You have a beautiful Soul/ Heart. Free Bird, Single... I highly value my alone time it's Peaceful. Got my Boozy's (Birds). 🐦❤ Well God Bless! Be Careful...and it's ok to use more brake going down the hills 😥 don't worry to much ! 🤠 I'll keep watching, and looking for new one. You make new ones on weekends?? Bye!

  • I would of never believed you drive a truck and you do it so well it's hard to backup but you see. To have no problem 😁😉

    Tony RamosTony Ramos2 månader sedan
  • Today, I learned the definition of a Swedish Mile.....Thank you.

    Missile ManMissile Man2 månader sedan
  • Happy Birthday...real belated

    soonersdevilsoonersdevil2 månader sedan
  • Americana sp Brasil like e comentário

    Carlos CabralCarlos Cabral2 månader sedan
  • this pretty girl gets dusty hands everyday.

    dai yuhangdai yuhang2 månader sedan
  • нет слов красава)

    Александр ЛеонтьевАлександр Леонтьев2 månader sedan
  • very nice dubble video,....i see dubble nice chickkie

    mia fesarmia fesar2 månader sedan
  • If I was in your shoes, I would apply for a job with an MotoGP moto2 or moto3. Then Maybe formula 1. Your English is good. Spanish and or Italian might help, especially for MotoGP, English is plenty for formula 1. Don’t make the mistake of moving to the USA, my neighbors to the south and a now extremely poor and dangerous country. Why do you think other than covid why Canada prefer to keep the borders closed. They only show the good things on TV. Many SEworld video on why not move to the USA. Same rules for the vest in Canada 🇨🇦 call KTM Motorsports to start. Working with amazing people. Been there !

    Martin BenoitMartin Benoit3 månader sedan
  • Greetings from COSTA RICA. Excelente video, great views from your country. Congrats¡¡¡¡¡ I've never seen anybody backing a A-truck the way you do. A real pro¡¡¡¡¡

    Eugenio ArayaEugenio Araya3 månader sedan
  • seworld.info/will/oYKatJe-iJSqvGQ/video Driver dump truck cewe part

    official selff loaderofficial selff loader3 månader sedan
  • Careful with all stuff that might Injured you dear..

    Syaiful NazrySyaiful Nazry3 månader sedan
  • I like you i am a truckdriver lady in thailand

    P'Pimm ThailandP'Pimm Thailand3 månader sedan
  • Happy 🎂 Birthday ❤🙏🇺🇸 ✝

    Pastorwill Albrecht Sr.Pastorwill Albrecht Sr.3 månader sedan
  • olha vc e muito linda e muito divertida e muito trabalhadora adimiro muito vc

    Hudson OliveiraHudson Oliveira3 månader sedan
  • 😍😍😍😍😘

    Jamal Al MahdauiJamal Al Mahdaui4 månader sedan
  • 漂亮小姐姐

    电脑小飞侠电脑小飞侠4 månader sedan
  • Your beautiful and your so great driver I like u 😍😍😍 perfect.

    Jes TatumJes Tatum4 månader sedan
  • cdrdavidcollins@gmail.com Enjoyed your video on Happy Trucking and you performing your duties so well Never than later Happy Birthday

    David Collins JosephDavid Collins Joseph4 månader sedan
  • I like this job

    Mkoma TeeMkoma Tee4 månader sedan
  • Ahoj princezno, jak se dívám na tvé pěkné videa, tak před tebou smekám, jsi fakt dost dobrá...... Jsi šikovná holka, jak se vůbec nebojíš...krásně jsi odpřáhla tandem, pak s vysokozdvižným vozíkem vyložila náklad....no paráda😍😍👍👏👏👏👏👍👍👍... Jen tak dál.....

    Sharan 2008Sharan 20084 månader sedan
  • Wooou I love You baby 😍😍

    Josman HernaJosman Herna4 månader sedan
  • Guys are soooo desperate. They will even watch a boring post about driving a truck just to see a good looking chick... Thank God I live in fort Lauderdale where she would be average...

    B JvuB Jvu4 månader sedan
  • Wow beautiful

    famousfamous4 månader sedan
  • 💕💕😍😍

    Wawan SuhaimiWawan Suhaimi4 månader sedan
  • love allways

    keith herbertkeith herbert4 månader sedan
  • love seeing you again al .keep it going

    keith herbertkeith herbert4 månader sedan
  • I am NOT a young dumb man. I WILL treat U right ! Know that 2 B true. I will ALWAYS Bthere 4 U ! L.P.J.H.= Love , Peace , Joy , Happiness = 2 U ALWAYS and 4 ever , Love.

    Lee KetnerLee Ketner4 månader sedan

    Lee KetnerLee Ketner4 månader sedan
  • Happy late birthday send me some birthday cake too.

    Edwin NicholsEdwin Nichols4 månader sedan
  • I like

    Kun KunkunKun Kunkun4 månader sedan
  • Nice, what a beautiful trucker woman. 👌

    Damian M. Ronin38Damian M. Ronin384 månader sedan
  • Linda!!!

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  • девушка припарковалась с двойным прицепом )) ну это достойно уважения, молодец )0

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  • Angelica Hello you from Siberia. You video interesting for me. like and subscribed for you channel. Good luck for you hard job

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  • Привет из Россия🇷🇺

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  • Какая же она обалденная!!

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  • miss could you tell as how u start work on trucks ? ur dad was driver or ...

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  • 1:15 in put tespone of hemp hart seed on top EXELENT FLAFORING, zinc 5/to/1 over copper for vegan people, everybody really. And after I watch you work Sweety PeePaw has to take a nap shweeuu.!

    Allen Barclay AllenAllen Barclay Allen5 månader sedan
  • Watching you from Washington Court House, Ohio USA

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  • Great video ;)

    Ricardo Alonso Diazgranados BossioRicardo Alonso Diazgranados Bossio5 månader sedan
  • She looks so similar to the main character of the comic "Springtime for Blossom": toonily.com/webtoon/springtime-blossom-003/

    Ricardo Alonso Diazgranados BossioRicardo Alonso Diazgranados Bossio5 månader sedan
  • 😎

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  • seworld.info/will/rIzSzcjRq6JmzZM/video

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  • Angelica, beautiful and super-worker, I greet you from Colombia a more 😊😊😊 fan.

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  • Tienes novio

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  • Merciful Lord😍😍😍

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  • Subscribed! Love Sweden and love what you do, still have the Golf?

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  • Ur bad 😍

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  • Enjoy your meal as I enjoyed your video.

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  • i have only one question... is trucking really so easy? :P

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  • R.E.S.P.E.C.T 👍

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  • Да она троллит сто процентов!!!)))

    Владимир ЧистовВладимир Чистов5 månader sedan
  • Good morning Angelica! I'm attic truck driver from Ireland. How could I not see your channel before!! Subscribed, liked and will follow.

    Valeri ZakharovValeri Zakharov5 månader sedan
  • Лайк, подписка

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  • beautiful

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  • Ești Romancă

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  • Your long blond hairs are much more visible than any vest invented, just belive me :)

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  • Thumbs up from Australia

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  • Annyira cuki iiiii🤩

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  • Hello from the uk.. you make me feel so lazy watching you. I carry a container and I’m not allowed to load/unload sooo I get plenty of zzzzzzz haha. I wonder what camera you use ? Is one mounted outside 😳 how you do that miss 😳 great video and great driving 👍

  • Like from🇧🇷❤

    Paulo SPaulo S5 månader sedan
  • Please tell me, if there's difficult to reverse dolly NTM trailer or are you just so used to do that? I've tried many times on ETS2 and I never had it right. Such a shame that I don't have truck driver's licence IRL, cause these things are cool as hell. BTW I'm definetly going to follow your channel. Greetings from Estonia! :)

    Anti KoitAnti Koit5 månader sedan
  • Beautiful hard worker op girl

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  • Happy Birthday Angelica!

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  • Happy birthday and many more

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  • I love driving trucks.

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  • Hi i am from india I want to work with you

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  • This is ridiculous, seeing your cover photo is not the truck that you use every day to make money.

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  • Молодец 👍

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  • Angelica, ты молодчина, кто то может сказать, что это не женская работа а для мужчин и тут женщинам нечего делать, ты супер, так держать умничка!!! 👍

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