HOT BRAKE PADS - locked wheels, Angelica Larsson

19 jul 2020
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In my last video I talked about brake faults, and guess what.. on this wagon I got today the parking brake has been attached while it's been rolling, and unfortiunally the brakes are out..
Taking the wagon to the workshop while trying to keep up with the working hours and not be too late

Desmeon - Back from the dead
Jarico - Island
Topher Mohr and Alex Elena - Garage
Onlap - Everywhere
Niviro - Labyrinth
Aetherium - Magic
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  • It was awesome to do the premiere chat with you guys! We will definitely do that again 🤗!

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    • Do you have instagram

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    • subtitles Russian please add

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    • Good morning baby I love love driving very cute

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    • Bisou 🤩

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    • Hey. Not seen for a long time! Where has Angelica gone? I miss you

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    Александр ХабибуллинАлександр Хабибуллин2 dagar sedan
  • Angelica your a 'Beast Woman.' Don't put both your hands on the ground. They will have an Earthquake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wesley SmithWesley Smith2 dagar sedan
  • Hello again, about the Euro Truck or American Truck Simulators, there are like 1 way to have faults/errors and 2 ways to fix them. The way to have faults is only ifyou have accidents, if you drive normally, you can get only the gas red info-meaning you need to go and refuel. And if you have incidents, in base of the % of damage, you get more and more faults, in this matter is not that realistic but, the game is amazing. To fix is either to use in CHAT /Fix or to go to a garage repair place and to fix it. But keep in mind, if you damage the merchendise or trailer, you can't fix and you lose money and xp points in base of the % you damage it. For example if you keep it under 5%(I almost always do that) you always get EXCELENT at the delivery. I hope you l try the game and play, is nice but carefull at trolls, try to video record each time you do a trip cuz is insane like 5-10 % are brain damaged people or simply too small kids to understand the beauty of the sim. For example I reported 7 days ago 3 people with 2 different videos, and still no moderator took action.. They promissed after New Year they will be more active, they said they are 200 people working bla bla, is sad in this matter cuz they simply are ignorants, people need to be more commited with theyr jobs, if maixmum 20 people come 5 minutes x day I am 100% sure they can easly take care of all our website reports and ban the trolls and make the comunity much more cleaner... But again, is sweet that you comed up talking about this game, and sorry for writing so much.. :) @);-----

    Ion ComanIon Coman4 dagar sedan
  • Carefull about the camera, don't worry about you falling :D:D:P I got you covered with my arms:P :-" :) x_x

    Ion ComanIon Coman4 dagar sedan
  • Hello. I like the way you say WARM instead of HOT eaven if the term woulded be HOT but you unconscient knowing the truth, and that is that the only HOT lady on Youtbe is you:) :P :D

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  • I laughed so hard when you said I like to have my window down so I can hear the person scream when I run them over before they die 💀

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  • LOVE YOU,🤩

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  • Good job

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  • Hello Angellica did you know that your name has a meaning and that is this - messenger of God" or "angel. When watch you you always have a smile and are an inspiration to me to keep the joy and not let circumstances steal it away.. Bless your heart Angelica.

    Dean MooreDean Moore15 dagar sedan
  • Honey if you stop by the road, please never close your door or at least leave a window opend, cause i once stopped my truck got out and driver door handle broke out and the other door were closed and i couldnt get back in the truck wihtout my phone and wallet :)

    Bart ZiomsBart Zioms16 dagar sedan
  • Happy New Year From Washington Court House, Ohio USA

    Daniel HowaldDaniel Howald16 dagar sedan
  • Angelica, hi! At the end of you videos, you tell everyone watching, to stay safe. I am asking you to, please, use your gloves when touching anything you may think is too hot or cold?! You are a beautiful young lady and I would hate for you to injure yourself!

    Dwayne SieversDwayne Sievers19 dagar sedan
  • This beautiful lady is amazing....., She makes me feel differently about my days driving...,

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  • Кажется тормоз сломался😁

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  • I am playing euro truck simulator 2 on steering wheel with manual gear box (with clutch) And yes we need to go to the workshop

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  • You are working so hard...👍🏻👍🏻

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  • Анжелика! Ты просто молодец. Очень нравятся твои видео. У меня многие друзья тоже смотрят твои ролики. Удачи тебе на дорогах Швеции.

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  • What a totally delightful young lady!

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  • hello. saw the video and would recommend one of these in 19/21 in the toolbox. this way you can release jammed brakes like this or if a blowout damaged airlines to a wheel. should fit pretty much all trucks and trailers

    lars kristensenlars kristensen29 dagar sedan
  • Jak nie widzieliście Smerfetki to jedyny egzemplarz jaki został.

  • Where is this ?

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  • You make me want to visit Sweden 😊 Ever think of getting a go-pro you can strap to your head and a dashcam?

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  • wow in europe you must load and unload your own truck! that must be a pain...

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  • I have over 3000 hours in eurotrucksimulator2, and the question you asked in this video is yes, we get fails on our truck, then we have to go to a workshop, then you get towed to nearest city, you don't actually see the truck being towed to the workshop, you only get a message with estimated time to you arrive at the workshop, for those who don't play realistic there is a no damage mod, when you avtivate this mod, you will no longer have fails on you're truck, if you want to i cansend you a picture of some of my trucks,? If you want of course? If the answer is yes where do you want me to send them? facebook,instagram,snap?

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  • Eu. adoro. esse. Videos. Você. Muito. engraçado. angelica voce. e. linda.

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  • kissed from serbia :*

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  • are you related to Gjermund Larsen? :)

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  • En liten detalj... vagn kallas trailer på engelska :)

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  • This is savage girl.. whoaà idol

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  • You are absolutely the most beautiful, well built Tru k operator I have seen. That along with being smart and what seems to be a quality heavy truck and equipment operator. Love your videos. I would love to see more full body shots of you. Eye candy 🍭 for an older man. Thanks again from 🇨🇦 Canada.

    George TouzisGeorge TouzisMånad sedan
  • Hello Angelica do you have a snap chat or instagram facebook i'm from the united state tennessee and would love to chat you.

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  • Great video ❤

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  • For what it's worth, the most beautiful truck driver I've ever seen. Hammer Down 👍

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  • You are so beautiful ❤️🌹

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  • Шикарная дама

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  • 1000's of men willing to lay down their life for this blonde in a truck, not me though, I'll just lay underneath the truck.

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  • how often are you on the road

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  • Hi Angelica ! I'm Jamie from the USA , in the heart area. I'm a New Subscriber to you! Only seen maybe three of your videos so far and think that you are Wonderful !! I'm really impressed with your backing skills with the double trailers. Very ! I used to watch Ice Road Truckers on TV. a while back. You ever watch them? I'd say around 2012 I was going to go to Truck driving school myself to become a Trucker like you but my dream was shattered when I discovered that I had diabetes and they won't let you drive the Big Rigs in the U.S. with that kind of medical condition. So, I will just watch people on SEworld like you doing my dream job and that's ok. I think I need to check out your Q & A video because I have some basic questions for ya .Well, it's 8:15 pm here? So maybe 3 am ish there? Ok..I will watch some more of your experiences while you are in dream land ! Keep on Trucken ! Take Care ! Oh ! Saw your Cool Purple Wheels ! Nice ! Now ....where have I seen that Color/ Word before ??🤔 ✌Angelica !

  • Your so beautiful

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  • Hey from Seattle Little Lady.... in one of you're videos you said that you would go to Finland when Sweden goes down.... what do you mean when Sweden goes down???

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  • Красавица ты замужем?

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  • Just the best!!

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  • Your awesome!!! love from Iowa!!!🔥🔥🔥 plus you just earned a sub!!!👍👍

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  • SLOW DOWN. 😂🤣

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  • We always like your video's Angelica as we get to see what most men would not see in a female, under a truck for instance wearing shorts - blood pressure is rising again - down Boy !!

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  • Love your videos & you are so beautiful... Texas..

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  • Get your self some hand cleaner so you can take it with you

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  • Faults we call them codes here in America my truck will read the faults if you turn the key on and off quick three times . Some are minor others are serious

    Ken HeisnerKen HeisnerMånad sedan
  • You have to drive the forklift to ? Don't they have people working in shipping and receiving ? You very smart to do all that 👍🇨🇦

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  • You're a great woman.. My respect

  • Good job good luck from Morocco

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  • are those shorts, or did you cut off pants?

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  • She is beautiful sexy women beautiful women Truck driver woman and a good women I wish I could take a ride ❤️❤️

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  • you look so sweet baby !

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  • Euro truck simulator is just driving and scenery.. Nothing complicated.. I wish they allowed you to maintain your trucks and so on like tire changes and simple stuff like that ..

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  • How do you drive trucks and remain so feminine .. That's so commendable the lady truckers i know are hard like the guys..

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  • awesome job. they say when you love your job your never work again

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  • Just to add cannot believe you have to load yourself the guys in Australia are so lazy I think if I had to load myself I would be so rewarding as I drive a forklift in my line of work it’s great and some those loads you put in were so poorly pack for you to struggle with you go girl you are awesome your my wider women♥️

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  • Hello Angelica what kind of music do you like to listen to in or out if the truck also live your pale blue eyes ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • Why do you climb into the cockpit in your shoes and not leave them on the step?

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  • 8:49 "I guess the guys plugged the wrong whole" 😂 hahaha

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  • green light and good road

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  • Warm/Heated wheels mean broken wheel bearing, always get the new bearings

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  • DYLAN Richardin Angelica Larsson Richardin

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  • I'm shock that you dont have a partner or a lover how come?, your really gorgeous , pretty, attractive, and hot

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  • The company must be luckily to had a Driver patiently maintain the Truck like you.. and it save truck maintenance cost.. Awesome Angelica ..LOve from Indonesia

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  • Yes online you are required to have a fully functional truck in single player you don't have to but your truck will not run properly

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  • @Angelica Larsson yes you do I was online today driving my Scania and someone decided it was a good day to ram me while pulling glass panels

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  • Witam Księżniczkę.Ja Tobie tą malowanke przetłumacze na Polski i zobaczymy.A tak po za tym to naprawdę zasługujesz u mnie przynajmniej na szacun wielki.Nie za piękność ale właśnie za to że coś potrafisz i za delikatność taką 🌛🌜

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  • Wow. Angelica you are awesome. Incredible job and you are the best.

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  • new subscriber here.

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  • I watched the mechanic at the first shop. He did everything right. Judging by the position of the slack adjusters, I believe that this trailer has drum brakes, not disc. If the brakes had over-cammed, he would have found it instantly. I don't see how it could break a spring on both sides at once. Very strange.

    chatsworth777chatsworth7773 månader sedan
  • Love your videos....

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  • It's probably the Hub oil too low and if it had a problem it probably overheated The Hub oil and it's probably lower or needs to be changed

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  • Any one can be truckies and I'm going drive a road train with four trailers working for centurion transport in w.a Australia

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  • Hi! I love your channel...where did you learn to speak English??

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