BACK UP WITH 78 FEET - Angelica Larsson

28 apr 2020
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Up in the north with this yellow beauty once again. I wanted to see some reindeers, but unfortunately I didn't see a single one!
I'm having a lot of fun driving at this company, so much new things to see, I love it!
Roy Knox - Shadows
ROY - Breathe Me In
Veorra - The City
Alan Walker - Spectre
Unknown Brian - Perfect 10
Vosai - Love of My Life
Warriyo - Mortals
Veorra - Nasty Freestyle
Elestee - Beautiful Me

  • Soo, do you prefer longer or shorter versions of my videos? 😄 (10 vs 20)

    Angelica LarssonAngelica Larsson8 månader sedan
    • 20 or 30

      Rob WeverRob WeverTimme sedan
    • Longer

      Rob WeverRob WeverTimme sedan
    • 20

      Charlie QuincyCharlie QuincyDag sedan
    • All day long

      Ingvar LipsonIngvar Lipson3 dagar sedan
    • J'aimerais voyagé avec toi lol

      Claude ZammitClaude Zammit10 dagar sedan
  • Can you show me, how you do it with overnights on the road? By sleeping and keeping warm in your car.

    Rob WeverRob WeverTimme sedan
  • Wow, great!

    박정태박정태Timme sedan
  • WOW what a great video,,,lots to see and learn, done with great skill and planning!! I cant wait til i get to the next one. Longer ones are best because you have the time to tell us more. However, i know each one takes lots of planning and editing. Your description of what you see and feel of yourself and your situation gives us greater insight into the feel of the place and the time. You are a wonderful person and an inspiration to all who see these videos, as you can skillfully handle most any challenge. Id have never thought any one person could do as much as you do, and do it sooo well, with such a great attitude and spirit!! Its truly a great experience for us all in that you share with us!!! Take care,,the world is tough,,,be careful and safe....dont take any chances with situations or people!!

    bill45coltbill45colt16 timmar sedan
  • 😍 🥰 😘

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  • that thumbnail awesome :)

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    Рома БочаровРома Бочаров2 dagar sedan
  • After watching this video and how well you made the turn around the pile of dirt making it look easy. That turn was anything but easy,people that aren't familiar with operating a truck that big have no idea of all the factors that have to be considered. Not to mention the mess you can get in if every factor is not properly executed. Never the less,my honest opinion of your abilities to operate large and small vehicles would have to be that you are more professional in every way that has been shown in your video than almost every truck driver that drives truck where I am from.Here in B.C Canada we have allot of the worst in the industry. Almost every day in multiples sometimes there is broken down trucks blocking or impeding the flow of traffic.You wouldnt believe some of the crashes we get.One serious problem is that one person will go train to get their class one license.The instructor doing the training is not even a good driver to begin with,so we have bad training the new making the worst.Once a license is acquire, several other people will share that one license so more people can illegally drive.Or if they have enough money they bribe to get the license. If that's not bad enough,the run down state of disrepair their trucks are always in is alarming yet doesn't seem to bother them or even consider any other drivers safety that is being put in immediate danger if anywhere near them.Most can't even speak English never mind read it on almost all signage in Canada. Sorry,didn't mean to go off on a rant.Never the less,I'm now a sub and enjoy the content on your channel.Wish I could say that about driving anywhere over

    Gregg OGregg O2 dagar sedan
  • The most positive video in the world... a smoking hot girl operating a large excavator... I’m an American in Houston Texas who loves you. My job is called THE ALLEN. if you type that in (the Allen) your browser and click on DC partners you’ll find a live feed of the job. I only bring this up because you seem to like heavy equipment. We have multiple heavy equipment vehicles on the job every day

    William WinnWilliam Winn3 dagar sedan
  • Can you make video about how to get job as driver in your country?

    Fuji Andri JohandaFuji Andri Johanda4 dagar sedan
  • I like your videos so much, I think you should include recording from drone camera sometimes, just an idea. Keep rolling! :)

    Gjorgi GjorgievGjorgi Gjorgiev4 dagar sedan
  • Haven't watched your videos before, but you know your stuff, girl. You are cute and funny, so you certainly don't need all that makeup.

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  • Du är så himla skön 😄👍

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  • Iove you angel

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  • I enjoy your longer videos. They are all very interesting. You are a very hard worker and very good at backing up. Great videos!!!⛟

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  • Cant believe how you back up that trailer, amazing!

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  • 🙂💯

  • 2 think Beatiful God talented. Keep healthy

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  • #анальгин

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  • Oh You have sand bins , I was wondering if you had chains or Sand !

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  • youtube recommend me to this 2 excellent skill driver, Angelica Larson and Sheila Bellaver

    Rakyat JelataRakyat Jelata11 dagar sedan
  • You are funny, you are beautiful, you are intelligent, you are a hard working person, you are very kind! The right people can learn a lot from you! I’m not a truck driver but it’s nice to watch all that you do. Cheers!

    Oscar ZunigaOscar Zuniga11 dagar sedan
  • Nice. You're a very good personality 💁‍♂️

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  • Your videos could be a week long for me I could look at you forever I’m in love 😍 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • pretty girl truck driver

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  • Incredible

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  • Very interesting video, greetings from Lithuania. You are cool and very very beautiful ❤️😍

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  • you're Amazing....say hello to Markus Naslund!

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  • Angelica do you want to be my girlfriend????

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  • 🤗sugar baby 😘

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  • That truck is friggin huge!! Great skills Angelica.

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  • Keep up the great videos!

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  • I miss driving

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  • 😍😘😘

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  • All that time putting on makeup and absolutely no need for it. Very nice backing girl. I love your voice and the way you speak. Btw just subbed and love the video length.

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  • Молодец!

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  • It looks like a professional 👌

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  • Angelica you are very talented driver. Wow. Very impressed with your skills. Stay safe and keep on trucking! By the way like your videos with all the details you explain. Keep making videos.

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  • Loaded with wood......I catched the drift :D

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  • I am in love with you and want to marry you.. just so you know.

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  • Long videos 👍

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  • Very impressed on how good you can drive trucks there isn't anything you can't do Haha

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  • I can't explain u done ur all kind of work amaze videos all

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  • 20 min was good. The content was good as always.

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  • She's so cute That the truck comes alive and park itself

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  • Wow-

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  • I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍

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  • Amazing amazing talent :-)

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  • Vilket roligt jobb du har

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  • I really loved to see all your videos,. Great job☺️☺️ i am your no. 1 fan miss Angelica😍😍

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  • Impressive! Most women here in United States couldn't back a boat trailer down a ramp... Or look half as good as you. Lol

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  • Love this!

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  • Too short.... You forgot the shower scene.

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  • Love to see inside her sleeper!

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  • Liten detalje jeg liker .Er når du ruller opp stoppe bånd. Jeg gjør det samme men har hyssing og binder opp. spesielt når jeg vet at andre skal ta varene videre. bilen du kjørte har sand kasse. hva gjør du hvis ikke det er nok. har du kjetting til å legge på.

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  • synonym for load is cargo...

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  • You are a beautiful lady and I want to Marry you my darling

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  • Angelica this video was the best of both worlds. You feel free to do what makes you happy young lady and the rest of us will appreciate all your efforts. God Bless Kido !

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  • U could be on for hours id still watch ur videos ur one hard working lady

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  • When you made that turn I finally see how long your truck/trailer combo is.

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  • Angelica. No video of you is too long... And Damn! You drive a truck too? First time I've seen one of your shows. In my humble opinion, Best Looking Trucker on the planet. And you don't ramble on about only the truck. Very niice. Keep posting. Luv, Wolfie. Bristol, UK

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  • Hi, Angelica, I'm a Truck driver here in the USA. , and was very nice see your delivers not different do I do were, the truck that I drive is Freightliner W/ an 53 '' trailer

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  • That's a bad ass truck.. dont forget to wash your feet..😜😜😜

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  • Queen of the roads, Angie ❤️❤️❤️

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  • Moro no Brasil mais gosto muito de vê seu canal no SEworld você é muito bonita e uma grande caminhoneira que lindo olho você tem meu nome é José uma grande amiga que tem você parabéns pelo seu trabalho

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  • bonjour quel plaisir de vous revoir , je préfére les vidéos un peu plus longues bisous de france et a bientot pour d, autres vidéos sous la neige magnique paysage

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