e.p 2 | SWEDISH with subtitles - Svenska truckers, Angelica Larsson

19 apr 2020
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episode 2 of "Swedish truckers", nooot so much excitement, but maybe you'll learn a new swedish word or two 😄
enjoy 🤗


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  • Did you notice how smooth my doors worked this day compared to my last video 😂💔 👉seworld.info/will/aWWWsJfOeaNpyWQ/video

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  • you're very good at your job and you're very sweet as a candy

    armando dellavallearmando dellavalle14 dagar sedan
  • Hello; it seems SEworld banned your starting music, but it happens. About the swedish language I can say is weird but is similar to all scandinavian languages(denish and dutch also) eaven if they are different, and it sound something like elfish/elfs languages :D (probably it really is).

    Ion ComanIon Coman19 dagar sedan
  • The so-called control knob on the steering wheel is permitted in Sweden, as it makes it easier for the driver to steer more quickly in certain situations, such as when they have to reverse the truck, having to park. The same control knob is found on the Wheel Loader.

    Ingvar TörmäIngvar Törmä25 dagar sedan
  • Det svenske og danske sprog er næsten ens, dejligt at se sådan en energisk, smuk og arbejdsom pige. Glædelig Jul (Dec 20. 2020) fra Thomas i Danmark.

    Thomas LThomas LMånad sedan
  • In this episode ur as cute as ever I could listen to u all day

    Russell priceRussell priceMånad sedan
  • Swedish TV should borrow the camera man you use in your Vlogs, he doesn't just stand next to the truck filming, no, he jams himself in between the rear boogie and mudflap (great band name BTW)

    Christian BøgstedChristian BøgstedMånad sedan
  • The fork lift lic is much different therr

    Winston c RyanWinston c RyanMånad sedan
  • In north America the knob is illegal

    Winston c RyanWinston c RyanMånad sedan
  • Europe is different

    Winston c RyanWinston c RyanMånad sedan
  • Hej Angelica den knop på rattet er så vidt jeg ved lovlig i Sverige Men den er ikke lovlig i Danmark

    Kenneth MenkeKenneth Menke2 månader sedan
  • Like your league is kool

    Jeovani SandovalJeovani Sandoval2 månader sedan
  • Is GPS is tool that you have get or is company's

    Jeovani SandovalJeovani Sandoval2 månader sedan
  • It's more to do with north America

    Winston c RyanWinston c Ryan2 månader sedan
  • The sweed is very sexy language but you talk so fast in sweed lingo

    Wayne AshfordWayne Ashford2 månader sedan
  • Here in north America she would fail on the fork lift by going straight through a blind spot forward and not using the horn

    Winston c RyanWinston c Ryan2 månader sedan
  • It goes by country

    Winston c RyanWinston c Ryan2 månader sedan
  • Thank you PRECIOUS LADY

    John DoeJohn Doe2 månader sedan
  • Relax Angelica, you did a great job with the film crew

    John DoeJohn Doe2 månader sedan
  • Yes, suicide knob is the agricultural/construction feature for equipment. They are frowned on by vehicle inspectors on motor vehicles...trucks

    John DoeJohn Doe2 månader sedan
  • You are a true angel hard worker awesome girl what a inspiration stay safe and God bless you

    Richard OliveiraRichard Oliveira2 månader sedan
  • Beautifull

    Abel Ricardo Soto GomezAbel Ricardo Soto Gomez3 månader sedan
  • #AngelicaLarssonthat steering wheel helper is illegal is not allowed if you have an accident you are not insured and you get a high ticket

    Pietje DetillonPietje Detillon3 månader sedan
  • Well, it's fun to ear about you Angelica, Thk's and i dont mind at all about swedish language... take care of yourself ! Claude

    Eagles10Eagles103 månader sedan
  • Du kör inte nere på kontinenten. Släkting till mig har en rutt mellan Nyköping och Portugal. Har sett att du kör till polen men du har inte kört längre ner på kontinten, typ Italien. Eller kanske till England.

    Leif AnderssonLeif Andersson3 månader sedan
  • Nothing like the "world's finest truck" is it Bubbles, who's net worth is between 1-5 million dollars, isn't that right "Bubbles!"

  • By the way she is awesome love it

    Mehmood AwanMehmood Awan5 månader sedan
  • When she speak English it's so polite but when she speak Swedish she sound different. Notice? Or not?

    Mehmood AwanMehmood Awan5 månader sedan
  • Liked the video was wondering if you usually speak English or Swedish?

    David ButtressDavid Buttress5 månader sedan
  • I admire you, you are beautiful, hot and also very hard-working ... charming

    Dario TrinidadDario Trinidad5 månader sedan
  • you need to turn on your main headlights at night, not just DRL

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  • Her voice is lower when she’s speaking Swedish

    Ruben SilvaRuben Silva5 månader sedan
  • Great job

    Donovan DavidsonDonovan Davidson5 månader sedan
  • Another great adventure!

    Dan LindbergDan Lindberg6 månader sedan
  • We have circle K in Florida

    Scott McInnesScott McInnes6 månader sedan
  • Ur voice is cute. I enjoy ur video by watching 😊😊

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  • een leuke filmpje met knappe dame aan het woord ik vind altijd leuk om je te zien...................

    Marry PootjesMarry Pootjes6 månader sedan
  • you very inspiring , i remember when i could just jump on the trailer and off it like you , showing my wife your videos , trying to get her to get her cdl so we can go trucking together. you inspire her thanks

    max rodriguezmax rodriguez6 månader sedan
  • is that fuel stop a circle k ? We have them in usa but huge truck stop

    j ryderj ryder6 månader sedan
  • Angelica the knob on the steering is how you use it.put your hand round it not on top.the knob should be on the right hand and at 2 o'clock position. When the wheels are straight. Make sure your wheels straight before putting the knob on at 2 o'clock.take care phil.

    Philip GledhillPhilip Gledhill7 månader sedan
  • Angelica keep your eye on the back passenger side off your car wheel as to be off the ground when you tighten than drop your car than tighten again jumping on your nut tightner.to make sure they are really tight. Take care phil.

    Philip GledhillPhilip Gledhill7 månader sedan
  • The "Knob" on your steering wheel is forbidden in most states in the US! It's called a "Broody Knob"! The cup you are drinking from is very nice!

    Dan LindbergDan Lindberg7 månader sedan
  • Great job on your English speaking. Swiss sounds much different than I thought. 😊🇺🇸

    Brett BeckleyBrett Beckley7 månader sedan
  • Your videos are awesome! You cured some lifes stormy moments for sure. Now I am enjoying a rainbow! God bless

    Harold PhoenixHarold Phoenix7 månader sedan
  • Sorted video loved listening to it in swiss loved it

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  • I like ur voice in swedich langue 😍😍 very cool 🤩😍🤩

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  • Wow Angelica i wish you would come to america. You have a awesome personality. I would like to me you in person

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  • The poise is very remarkable, given the pressure this young lady is under, she is always very pleasant, graceful and kind.

    Tom DixonTom Dixon7 månader sedan
  • I love the ‘yep’ injections in your dialogue. It is so cool to see you talking Swedish.

    Tom DixonTom Dixon7 månader sedan
  • Wow how could you love big rigs. I'm glad you have enjoy to your life. And you should be a railroad engineer in a locomotive as I see most women operates locomotives as I love the train. And I've travelling on Amtrak train even before Amtrak merged private Railroad Company for over 52 years. I hopped once or twice a year acrossing in any part of USA as I love it and no matter if the train is delays or on time because trains travel is a blast with a wonderful socially different people from all over the world and a beauty by looking a view passing to different areas too. Also, at nightly while in the train I looked out from a train window to big rigs on highways as well.

    Kenneth McCannKenneth McCann7 månader sedan
  • you are just so cute,,,, i love how the hands are always moving,,how you talk with your hands...so cute...and gorgeous...

    Mike RochfordMike Rochford7 månader sedan
  • Swedish language is nice, it’s like singing lol, if you know what I mean. Keep up the great work. 👍🇦🇺

    David McGovernDavid McGovern7 månader sedan
  • honest i dont know why i love watch ur videos ..when i watch u i feel niceas u give power for do my duty ...how can i be ur friend will be super ..i wish to u all the best beauty

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  • thanks for the recap/ translation!

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  • İ am very happy to hear you speak Swedish ♥️♥️♥️

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  • That thing on the steering wheel we have that because it helps manovering the truck. But some burocrats morons who do not drive or work, made it illegal all over Europe except for disable people who needs to drive their car to go shopping or to see the doctor and in their drivers license must have the article/law in the back. In UK, the police doesn't care about it.

    Francisco MachadoFrancisco Machado8 månader sedan
  • I really love watching your videos... You are very beautiful, sexy woman... You are very professional and the most important thing that I like about you is the fact that you don't use your body to get more followers because you know you don't need this... please keep doing this great job on SEworld channel... love u... take care...

    Mauricio SoaresMauricio Soares8 månader sedan
  • Can you ppl focus on the work she does? Tired of all the comments that refeer to that she is cute and sweet.

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  • Vivis en europa o estado unido

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  • Do you know how beautiful you are and your accent love it

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  • Boa 😁

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  • Du är så duktig på ditt jobb,bra specialist

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  • Hej! Tack för videor,om du kan gör video svenska det blir mycket bra,eftersom skulle jag lära mig svenska

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  • When you kept referring to the forktruck were you thinking the word forktruck or were you referring to it as a wheeloader in your head?

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  • Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee1😍wwwwwwwww

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    • Swedish is cool

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  • Hey Angelica Larsson, i'll live in Sweden ^^

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  • The knob just gets in the way I call it a suicide knob because it could really dislocate your thumb while turning

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  • You are a badass

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  • Hello, Angelica I'm nazri from Malaysia..I adore you ,I think it's fun to see your video...can we friend

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  • Viva sweden viva beautyful Angelica!

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  • I'm here in Finland, are you ever on the Finnish side?

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  • I say play the rest of them eventually. It's good content.

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  • I like you not tattooed good girl!!🌷👍

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  • I like you miss angelica

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  • hur går din dag

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  • It is nice to watch you having fun doing what you love doing. I know there must be days when you laugh going I'm so glad no Video's was being shot today!! LOL. Have fun again be safe! Wish more Woman did what you are doing!

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  • I only noticed how beautiful you are , so sweet as well.. Please say hi to me .. Dan in sarasota fl... Jag är så förvånad över er talanger och skönhet. bara en önskan är om du kan säga att du är singel .. Tack ..

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  • 😍❤😍

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  • I would love to know if you would have ever thought of flying an aeroplane ? I could easily imagine you would make a good pilot.

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  • Hello

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  • 💚Angelica

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  • Good video thanks from East Tennessee

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  • Angelica ur so pretty gorgeous keep it up😊👍

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  • seworld.info/will/rY3Ox6rMp4Bz0Z8/video

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  • Big respect from Romania ! I love to drive in Sweden!

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  • OMG!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

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  • Hello Angelica how tall are you when you are driving you look so tiny.

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  • I used to hear Swedish all the time, my wife and I used to host exchange students. We have had two from Gothenburg.

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  • Me: Busts down the door. I want you!!! You stole my favorite pallet jack! Angelica: No worries! Rides off!!! 😆😂😘

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  • в начле видело как будто ща порно начнется думаешь!)))ахах Умничка

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  • Let me know if you need help with the subtitles. I'm an ESL teacher

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