Boring Q and A - Angelica Larsson

2 nov 2019
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you've been warned! 😅 a really (my opinion) boring vlog when I'm just talking.
I'm answering some of your questions you gave me on Instagram 🙂

  • what kind of engine in the truck you drive

    valarie brelsfordvalarie brelsford2 dagar sedan
  • Labas! Gražuolė miela tave matyti! Gausi ir man viena veržlė pri sukti 😉! Patinka gražios panos nieko ne galiu padaryti 😉! Gražus kačiukas 🤗🐈! Ačiu kad pasidalinote! 🤗❤️💃🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹👍👍👍

    genute vadeikytegenute vadeikyte4 dagar sedan
  • What kind of music do you listen to?

    patrick wadepatrick wade4 dagar sedan
  • In the USA 1 truck=single vehicle 2 truck and trailer= truck pulling a separate trailer, connected by a draw bar, or with steering hitch bar. It trails behind but its weight is totally on its own wheels, it can have single or more axles at the center,,,or wheels at the front that steer and another set at the rear, but its weight is not on the truck. 3 Truck and semi trailer=truck with a trailer attached where the trailer front is atop the truck rear wheels and front weight is supported by the truck,,,it has another set of wheels at the rear. So,,it is not a complete trailer, its a semi trailer, part of it is carried aboard the truck. Great video,,,you teach us lots with every one!!

    bill45coltbill45colt6 dagar sedan
  • 😘🥰😍💝

    Robert PickettRobert Pickett8 dagar sedan
  • I think I would call what you haul a Train. Looks similar to what we call a B Train Only different. LoL

    Mr. Know ItallMr. Know Itall9 dagar sedan
  • The way I understand it here in the USA a wagon front axle is not removable so if that front dolly is removable then its a trailer but if that front dolly isn't removable and is fixed to it then its a wagon

    Zean DroidZean Droid11 dagar sedan
  • Such sweetheart ;)

    DaringBeefcakeDaringBeefcake14 dagar sedan
  • hey the type of truck that you drive its (wag and drag)

    Eryk HawrylakEryk Hawrylak19 dagar sedan
  • Are you ever going to be driving in the USA

    David IngrahamDavid Ingraham19 dagar sedan
  • 25,25 truck because have 25,25m long.

    Radu GheorgheRadu Gheorghe19 dagar sedan
  • Now I found your anser. No bother to answer me there, so you drive/drove mostly a Volvo:). I am also Volvo fan :D. Nice, so the article from Romania ( didn t was too acurate when said about Scania.

    Ion ComanIon Coman20 dagar sedan
  • How old are you

    William Reed JrWilliam Reed Jr20 dagar sedan
  • In the U.S. your wagon is classified as a Full Trailer. A Full Trailer has front axles and a draw bar. A Semi Trailer does not have front axle and the Tractor (Truck) bears part of the trailers weight. A Semi Trailer can become a Full Trailer with the use of a Dolly. This is use if they are pulling double or triple trailers. Very much like the Australian road train except with shorter trailers. Triple's can only be use on certain highways. This is regulated by the State the truck is being operating in. In my State only the Turnpike (toll road) are Triples allowed to be operated on.

    Timothy HaysTimothy Hays20 dagar sedan
  • Your the most sexyest truck driver I've ever seen..,..

    DDM slots MarquezDDM slots Marquez23 dagar sedan
  • That was crude to ask if you were a witch thing. Very crude. I was told the double trailer is called tandem load. If there is another name for it I know not.

    Dean MooreDean Moore24 dagar sedan
  • Has a boyfriend ever broken up with you and if so, where can his "Most stupidest guy on Earth" award be mailed too?

    Truth StarTruth Star25 dagar sedan
  • You are a positive example for me and I follow your vlogs with pleasure and interest! Good thoughts from here in Romania! : - *

    Ionel CristeaIonel Cristea26 dagar sedan
  • It seems a little odd that you would be freezing. I thought Sweden was a cold country. You seem very cheerful and upbeat . Much like a happy child. I like cats as well. Nice to see someone so obviously happy with their life. 😀

    Joel DavisJoel Davis29 dagar sedan
  • I am from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 my first language is Spanish an secondary language is English. You ever have think of forming a family.

    Fernando VelezFernando VelezMånad sedan
  • Hello. My advice, try if you have time to play a simulator Euro Truck and American Truck. Amazing games :). I think you will be fascinated. Many real truckers use the game.

    Ion ComanIon ComanMånad sedan
  • Hello. Sweet, so we both born in the 90 and both born in the middle(me Romania you Sweden) cute. Also please never say y ou are ugly, black hair is also nice on you. :)

    Ion ComanIon ComanMånad sedan
  • What you call a wagon in Sweden , we call it a PUP here in Canada atleast on the west coast of Canada 😉

    Leo cudmoreLeo cudmoreMånad sedan
  • te felicito por tu canal me colgue mirando tus videos porque sos perfecta

  • In England we call this a drawbar outfit

    Anthony watsonAnthony watsonMånad sedan
  • Some people, like flowers, give pleasure, just by being. When you love someone, you love the person as they are, and not as you'd like them to be.

    Robert LRobert LMånad sedan
  • I have a question: With your passion for engines and vehicles, have you ever considered being a pilot - airlines? Charter? Freight? Please answer in one of your videos.

    Bob EarlBob EarlMånad sedan
  • Why do you think Sweden will go under?

    B WB WMånad sedan
  • What city do you live in? I live in California but I hate it. I want to move to Europe but not sure what country?

    B WB WMånad sedan
  • I Angelica your wagons are called trailer and drags.i think.when you used to work for them. Take care phil.

    Philip GledhillPhilip GledhillMånad sedan
  • I love you

    chandresh. C.Kchandresh. C.KMånad sedan
  • In the UK its a trailer and drag

    Russell priceRussell priceMånad sedan
  • ❤️🙋

    Jesus UriarteJesus UriarteMånad sedan
  • Felicidades para anjelika la Larson d , parte un colega mexicano

    Jesus UriarteJesus UriarteMånad sedan
  • I work on a offshore platform.... I've been there for years...I work on the drilling side... Love you and your videos

    Christopher WoodleChristopher WoodleMånad sedan
  • Are you a Christian?

    Robert LRobert LMånad sedan
  • They call it piggy back here in the states.

    Bryan KerrBryan KerrMånad sedan
  • Baby that truck you asked about, that you no longer drive, here in America that would be referred to as a straight truck with a trailer, or a combination truck n trailer!...💖🤗👍 And while I'm on here, I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas!...🤗⛄🎅🎄🎁

  • I'm in love but can she drive my 18 speed and do a thousand miles a day. She's hired

    Martin CurrieMartin CurrieMånad sedan
  • First thing we see...a cat & a Pepsi...Oh my what a Shock 🤪

    soonersdevilsoonersdevilMånad sedan
  • Love you beautiful face 😊😍😍😘

    Super Funny !!Super Funny !!Månad sedan
  • i allways called it straight truck and trailer

    Apache1220Apache12202 månader sedan
  • Hey Jesus loves you GOD bless

    Rick HappsRick Happs2 månader sedan
  • it's a hct trailer...,-) by the way, i really do like your videos...:-) Greetings from Flemming Adler...:-) ;-)

    Flemming HansenFlemming Hansen2 månader sedan

    tapi0tapi02 månader sedan
  • I like your q&a😁

    Jacco TomassenJacco Tomassen2 månader sedan
  • Double and triple trailers.

    REPSDirectREPSDirect2 månader sedan
  • It is called a BOX truck and trailer from Tom

    Tom SpellTom Spell2 månader sedan
  • Hello miss Angelica how can I meet you in person can you please send me a text message please thank you

    Tom SpellTom Spell2 månader sedan
  • I knew I should have taken a trip to Sweden to find her exact double my god we need more women like this in the US.

    Tt SsTt Ss2 månader sedan
  • Nice

    Jeovani SandovalJeovani Sandoval2 månader sedan
  • I love watching your videos, only drawback is that there are not enough of them and would love to see more of you

    Robert JohnsonRobert Johnson2 månader sedan
  • yes do more.......Oklahomaa......USA

    GARY MORRISGARY MORRIS2 månader sedan
  • Pepsi max eh lol;);)

    razzzorrazzzor2 månader sedan
  • You are just so beautiful and cute

    razzzorrazzzor2 månader sedan
  • I want to see the cat that you take with you every where you go.

    Tom HodgeTom Hodge2 månader sedan
  • I would call that very road train or what we call a double double or truck and boaggy

    Wayne AshfordWayne Ashford2 månader sedan
  • Hi boobby girl how much do you pay a week for rent

    Wayne AshfordWayne Ashford2 månader sedan
  • 💟

    Zbigniew NowyZbigniew Nowy2 månader sedan
  • I like to be short coz I can hide and fit anywhere ...... 😂 priceless.

    mcccld73mcccld733 månader sedan
  • Did anybody asked you to go on a date ? 😃🤪....

    just knotjust knot3 månader sedan
  • We would call that a rigid truck and drawbar trailer over here, but I guess each country (continent?) calls it something else? That combination is not as popular over here, though.

    Riaan VenterRiaan Venter3 månader sedan
  • are you going to do any new videos on you tube let your fan know what you are going to do xoxoxo keep safe

    Raymond rakesRaymond rakes3 månader sedan
  • To będziemy jeździć czy nie.Ja będę piwo pił a Ty kierować i będę ładować a wszystko 😉

    Zbigniew NowyZbigniew Nowy3 månader sedan
  • I have an question. I saw an norviedan trucker (reidun) who was driving along the fjords and over hardanger viddan. Have you driven in the north of norway and what is you oppion about it. Scary of fun.

    Leif AnderssonLeif Andersson3 månader sedan
  • Jag hoppas verkligen du ska vara med i den nya säsongen av Svenska Truckers. Och grattis till att ni vann Kristallen för bästa tv program (eller om det var reallety show) i hope yuo will take part in the new season of swedish truckers. there would be more footage for you to post on youtube then.

    Leif AnderssonLeif Andersson3 månader sedan
  • I am come your job please

    Nidurshan Nidurshan NidurshanNidurshan Nidurshan Nidurshan3 månader sedan
  • _"See the problem, solve the problem.."_ I really like that. Wish our politicians would think like that 🙂

    robert4yourobert4you3 månader sedan
  • Kubeczek zostawiłaś u mnie.Będe z niego korzystał

    Zbigniew NowyZbigniew Nowy3 månader sedan
  • @Angelica Larsson Here in the states we call the truck a “Cab Chassis” and the trailer is a “A-TRAIN PUP”

    Mason NavaratnasingamMason Navaratnasingam3 månader sedan
    • The trailer could also be called a Quad axle pull pup in the states

      Mason NavaratnasingamMason Navaratnasingam3 månader sedan
  • U R such a beautiful woman. An Angel from heaven. I would love to go to Sweden an have u show me around and spend time with u and get 2 know u.

    Lee KetnerLee Ketner3 månader sedan
  • Have a fabulous day Angel.

    Lee KetnerLee Ketner3 månader sedan
  • Anyone who loves cats is pretty cool in my book :)

    sledger2003sledger20033 månader sedan
  • rigid truck and dog trailer here in Australia

    robin cokerrobin coker3 månader sedan
  • your so pretty

    loyd andrew sanchezloyd andrew sanchez4 månader sedan
  • YOU ARE SO CUTE.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Reid VathyReid Vathy4 månader sedan

    Reid VathyReid Vathy4 månader sedan
  • Hi Angelica, That combination I would call an HGV with Dolly & Trailer. ( HGV trailer)!!! ☺️☺️ What a good question to ask! I have driven Mast type Rough Terrain Forklift with Dolly & Trailer, when I worked at another place. You Cats are lovely, great names for them !! 👌👌👍👍😉😉 Martin ;-)

    Martin CoulterMartin Coulter4 månader sedan
  • Muy bonita tu casa.

    Marco RivasMarco Rivas4 månader sedan
  • Truck and wagon

    Quincy MasonQuincy Mason4 månader sedan
  • lolz, I never got why people get so upset if someone on social media doesn't answer their DM's hahahahahaha!! If it's not a personal friend I don't expect anything, if they do answer it's good but I'm not going to worry if they don't. And when you ask them straight out why they didn't answer you it sounds kinda creepy to me, because there are weirdos out in the world.

  • Hola What kind of 🐈 do you have ?

    Hobo George A SanchezHobo George A Sanchez4 månader sedan
  • 😀 hey i like ur cat so much 🤗🤩🤗

    cast welsoncast welson4 månader sedan
  • just wondered if you have a boyfriend or ever want to marry in future ?

    Wayne ThompsonWayne Thompson4 månader sedan
  • A train

    jason Cogginsjason Coggins4 månader sedan
  • Hello Gorgeous Angel its great to see a new video from you, and its just great to see you full stop Ron.

    Ron WallRon Wall5 månader sedan
  • Your combo..Is Wagon and Drag in England

    Charlie GoodyCharlie Goody5 månader sedan
  • That combination is called a dolly/gigaliner

    Lewis MartinLewis Martin5 månader sedan
  • Ești căsătorită? Și dacă nu Vei dori vre - o dată să te căsătorești?

    Costel UrsacheCostel Ursache5 månader sedan
  • Angel you're beautiful.

    Geti TimohaGeti Timoha5 månader sedan
  • For the Horde!

    ThePerfectTragicHeroThePerfectTragicHero5 månader sedan
  • Angelica you very sweet woman😍😚😚😚

    Ponty PinPonty Pin5 månader sedan
  • Hennger. Dolly trailer

    Boncho YordanovBoncho Yordanov5 månader sedan
  • Tobie tak tygryska bym kupił. Ja wiem kto chodził w takich. Już ona się na chodziła.

    Pawel ZielińskiPawel Zieliński5 månader sedan
  • It makes sense that its a wagon as it has its own self supporting axles just like any other wagon! ;)

    biker mikebiker mike5 månader sedan
  • Yip it’s a truck and trailer.

    Shady KiwiShady Kiwi5 månader sedan
  • A lorry aka wagon and drag

    garygary5 månader sedan
  • its a tandem in the U.S. kind, of with out the 5th wheel. more like a straight truck with a trailer for you. just call it a wagon, it sounds better. just like the Metric system. a pup is behind a dump truck with an extended tongue. when i tow a camper and a boat behind my truck its called a doubler or piggyback. most states its illegal only if they catch ya ;)

    Nicholas GibbNicholas Gibb5 månader sedan
  • Boa noite princesa Deus te ilumine sempre e proteja voces 🥰👍💝💖

    Miguel Antônio de SiqueiraMiguel Antônio de Siqueira6 månader sedan
  • ❤️❤️💐🌹💋

    Adrian BarracloughAdrian Barraclough6 månader sedan