#3 Angelica Larsson Hooking off my wagon

11 aug 2019
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Showing how to hook- and unhook my dolly wagon. Almost got deaf from the air pressure..
Music: Bluelight - Good Time

  • Весёлая и жизнерадостная девушка!! Смотреть её видео одно удовольствие!! ;-)

    Виталий ЧудаковВиталий Чудаков5 dagar sedan
  • Весёлая и жизнерадостная девушка!! Смотреть её видео одно удовольствие!! ;-)

    Виталий ЧудаковВиталий Чудаков5 dagar sedan
  • you are a beautiful cute doll! :))

    armando dellavallearmando dellavalle8 dagar sedan
  • Her videos are awesome, she's always smiling talking softly quiet that chnage of some videos of hysterical lol.cool woman

    Jonathan RousseauJonathan Rousseau13 dagar sedan
  • 😘lovely,best truck driver,kisses😘😘😘😘

    Kari MoilanenKari Moilanen23 dagar sedan
  • Jag har hört att det finns något som heter avgasbroms på lastbilar och bussar. Hur fungerar det?

    Neo StratospeyNeo Stratospey24 dagar sedan
  • You're too cute to be driving a truck!!!!

    Rodger JamesRodger James26 dagar sedan
  • I’m on a binge watching her

    Robert HerrmannRobert Herrmann26 dagar sedan
  • Tyre checker also good if u get into trouble god forbid u do

    Russell priceRussell priceMånad sedan
  • Truck driving women are 🔥

    Steve RhineSteve RhineMånad sedan
  • Really beautiful..

    Petronilo LadabanPetronilo LadabanMånad sedan
  • Really beautiful..

    Petronilo LadabanPetronilo LadabanMånad sedan
  • I’d love to marry her omg she’s fire

    Bradley GarberBradley GarberMånad sedan
  • I would have thought they would have designed that remote to raise the truck , fitted in the back so you could see the right height without having to guess the height.

    Clint MoultrieClint Moultrie2 månader sedan
  • Sou do Brasil e acompanho seu canal muito perfeito

    Carlos CabralCarlos Cabral2 månader sedan
  • I am guessing your age 26 ?????

    Wayne AshfordWayne Ashford2 månader sedan
  • Wow he not helping by putter those pallet in he a hinder not a help and noticed you don’t scull drag pallet out of the truck

    Wayne AshfordWayne Ashford2 månader sedan
  • Love the new base ball bat suits you nice light pink nice pant what dose say on there ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ok later babe you doing great

    Wayne AshfordWayne Ashford2 månader sedan
  • I love watching all your videos you are so beautiful and sexy

    Scarface LewisScarface Lewis2 månader sedan
  • U are a Dork but we still Love You........

    Leroy KeesLeroy Kees2 månader sedan
  • The truck changed from a Volvo to a Scania, or at least the seat did

    Alan WhiteAlan White2 månader sedan
  • Hello if you read this it already 1 year ago

    Syaiful NazrySyaiful Nazry3 månader sedan
  • Meravigliosa aaaaaaaaaa 😘😘😘😘😘

    Giorgio FelicitiGiorgio Feliciti3 månader sedan
  • Is there no damn fiifthwheels in Sweden?

    Kevin WatsonKevin Watson3 månader sedan
  • No te entiendo pero me encanta verte cómo trabajas , eres trabajadora y muy inteligente, felicidades

    pepe cruzpepe cruz3 månader sedan
  • Lol I thought so I was like WTF lol

    Quincy MasonQuincy Mason3 månader sedan
  • Thank you for taking us along on all those trips you have taken. Love the European countryside.

    Paul MarkerPaul Marker4 månader sedan
  • Babygirl you need a bat about half that length made of heavy solid oak! That way you can tap every tire, which you didn't do in this video, and when you tap a tire, and you hear a sharp thud, then you not the tire has plenty of air, but if you hear a dull thud, you'll know the tire is flat!...

  • Loved your video stay safe n be blessed 💗🙏

    Dave LeeDave Lee4 månader sedan
  • The truth is, I like your videos, it's very cute and you're not very beautiful at all, you have a beautiful body that sings me too much greetings. from Argentina Buenos Aires.

    Cristian VarelaCristian Varela5 månader sedan
  • Hi, I'm from Argentina, when did you start driving a truck?

    Cristian VarelaCristian Varela5 månader sedan
  • She is pretty even in green to

    Chris TrivettChris Trivett5 månader sedan
  • Boa tarde tudo bem que Deus proteja voces 🥰😻🥰💖💝

    Miguel Antônio de SiqueiraMiguel Antônio de Siqueira5 månader sedan
  • 👏👏👏👍👍🚴🚴🏄🏄

    pepe cruzpepe cruz6 månader sedan
  • hi Angelica, can you talk about the Swedish HGV license test / training exam ?.....xxx

    Dino DeanDino Dean6 månader sedan
  • සරලයි සුන්දරයි❤

    n E o l o a D නී_ලෝn E o l o a D නී_ලෝ6 månader sedan
  • Dont hit tyres cuz can blow up and hit U like 1 tone

    Wojciech MichalakWojciech Michalak6 månader sedan
  • Angelica nice to see you again. You are brilliant.philip thinks you would make a good teacher.philip just wishes you could teach him from learning the cockpit attaching the wagons and unattaching the wagons.and to teach me for class one and pass.you would make a good instructor and a good examiner.i love you and I hope to see you soon.you are brilliant. Take care phil.

    Philip GledhillPhilip Gledhill6 månader sedan
  • She has the right name,she is an angel

    Stan MyersStan Myers6 månader sedan
  • Varför är det bara killar som skriver varför inga tjejer som tycker du är grym på att köra lastbil

    Tomas BlomqvistTomas Blomqvist6 månader sedan
  • It's nice to hear your real voice.

    dragon 64dragon 646 månader sedan
  • Who was filming you when you were checking the tyres? Great work by the way sweetheart, love your videos. xx

    Jeff CornwallJeff Cornwall6 månader sedan
  • 💪🙏👊❤

    Dave LeeDave Lee6 månader sedan
  • If you love something that you would do it for free and you get paid for it, its a dream! > I love the fact she acknowledges the camera is there. It's like she's taking the viewers along the journey. Love it!!!

    Harold PhoenixHarold Phoenix6 månader sedan
  • i am a freight forwarder from Romania. Please marry me!!!

    attiyattiy6 månader sedan
  • One beautiful woman

    charles wolzcharles wolz6 månader sedan
  • Can't wait for another knowledge that you share with us. 😉

    Tares lifeTares life7 månader sedan
  • Power woman 🌹👍😘

    Mario Annaloro ZisaMario Annaloro Zisa7 månader sedan
  • I thought she said Penis, but she she said pin is.

    Chris SlackChris Slack7 månader sedan
  • Seems like a perfect situation for a back-up camera.

    TomTom7 månader sedan
  • I love your hands move.

    Luis MendezLuis Mendez7 månader sedan
  • Nice job

    Bobbie LaytonBobbie Layton7 månader sedan
  • I LOVE your videos I think you for sharing

    amalia de antonisamalia de antonis7 månader sedan
  • You Are nice😉❤️😉❤️❤️

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  • Meeeeeeeeeeeeeloooooowwwwwwwwwww

    Tadeusz PolskiTadeusz Polski8 månader sedan
  • A baseball bat to check the tires, sorry hun, that might be in fun, but use the hammer or a tire knocker which is about the length of the handle on that bat you had. I drive dump trucks with a pony set up. Same ideas as yours, but more manual than what you have. I do wish our trucks were that easy to hook up. I will show you mine when i can get the chance. Drive safe always. And I know your New to Trucking, so Please for the love of anything, don't get complacent with it. Treat it as a New Day of learning, because in this industry you never stop. I've been trucking since 1976, and I still learn something at some point. Thanks for sharing Angelica, I appreciate your efforts to show me your rig and country trips. Keep On Truckin'

    Stephen D JamesStephen D James8 månader sedan
  • 7:18 That's for beating of the men or not

    Derek TurnerDerek Turner8 månader sedan
  • Hi! I have a guess that maybe your father was a good trucker and teached you. It would be so nice. Anyway you are doing well! Safe roads and shiny weather!

    Annette BlackAnnette Black8 månader sedan
  • In Italy they use this system too, especially driving schools so they can use the same truck for both classes C and CE.

    FEcciargentoFEcciargento9 månader sedan
  • We call our air connection a "Glad Hand" in the US

    Ray ZavorkaRay Zavorka9 månader sedan
  • Love you Angelica

    Tam nguyanTam nguyan9 månader sedan
  • Tack.

    Eric Meech Global NetworkEric Meech Global Network9 månader sedan
  • I was tricked!!!! I saw no air attack!!!

    topshelftotherighttopshelftotheright9 månader sedan
  • You are a total sweetheart!

    Rob RelevantRob Relevant9 månader sedan
  • So pretty

    Kevin NewKevin New9 månader sedan
  • gool

    Damien MoiDamien Moi9 månader sedan
  • 👍👍👍🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪

  • Have to say she drives better than some ppl over here👍

    Mario VillarrealMario Villarreal9 månader sedan
  • This girl knows her $hit very good.and hot.

    mark Huffstetlermark Huffstetler9 månader sedan
  • Your awesome. I use to drive 25yr.for the same company, still wth them 37yrs later.getting home at 3am.i look foreword to seeing ur videos every night.

    Darrel HarryDarrel Harry9 månader sedan
  • To the 109 thumbs down REALLY???

    Jonathan LindsayJonathan Lindsay9 månader sedan
  • Awesome job very good detail and a excellent truck driver u know wats going on .......God bless

    Berni BullardBerni Bullard9 månader sedan
  • You do a awesome job

    Howard WilliamsHoward Williams9 månader sedan
  • I believe I'm confident now after watching all your great videos, that I will definitely pass the CDL drivers test.

    Br CcBr Cc9 månader sedan
  • Loved the Jump Scare!! 😂🤣

    KsChikKsChik10 månader sedan
  • Wow literally the most beautiful woman ever!

    Lucus ASMR2.0Lucus ASMR2.010 månader sedan
  • I want more and more and more and more :D :D :D

    Péter MaksayPéter Maksay10 månader sedan
  • You are anice lady

    Bill O'ConnelBill O'Connel10 månader sedan
  • You asked About how we call you truck here in Germany or netherland!!! ? we call them MEGA-Liner

    Edgar WalgerEdgar Walger10 månader sedan
  • Красивая Angelica

    Александр ГригорьевАлександр Григорьев10 månader sedan
  • I'm definitely here for trucking advice lol

    The DirectorThe Director10 månader sedan
  • Nice video, I see you have an axle lifted. Did you do that or the truck?

    John SullivanJohn Sullivan10 månader sedan
  • You are such an amazing truck driver and you’re very very beautiful I love your accent! I think you know more about truck driving and most of the truck drivers I know LOL I love how your videos are very detailed

    Joseph HayesJoseph Hayes10 månader sedan
  • I'm in love haha

    Davin JefferyDavin Jeffery10 månader sedan
  • Yep is a hard driving truk but if liked why no😁😁😁😁😁

    Secoban IoanSecoban Ioan10 månader sedan
  • I will see your all videos I like it an I am like truking an I trying come in Canada

    Harish KumarHarish Kumar10 månader sedan
  • You are so sweet an beautiful girl I love you

    Harish KumarHarish Kumar10 månader sedan
  • Really like your videos and your personality.. I live in Canada where our weather is just harsh as where you live and watching you drive in a snow storm makes me so scared because I am so scared driving here during winter time....

    EniceEnice10 månader sedan
  • So Who is following you around with the camera?

    Jack PittsJack Pitts10 månader sedan
  • No tug test?

    L.R. ParkerL.R. Parker10 månader sedan
  • Whos your Camera assistant we want pic ..!

    Allen Barclay AllenAllen Barclay Allen10 månader sedan
  • Yep, that's a multi purpose "tire checker."

    Ordinary GuyOrdinary Guy10 månader sedan
  • Funny how different from trucks in usa

    Donald MaymireDonald Maymire10 månader sedan
  • Hi! I really like your videos (and you) !!!

    Tibor KalavéTibor Kalavé10 månader sedan
  • Angelica, I have noticed that you have a filming partner. Obviously, you do a pretrip and your hands are not free. So, who is this person, if you dont mind me asking? Between the 2 of you, you make great vids.

    Dave SmithDave Smith10 månader sedan
  • You are so darn cute! I love your mannerisms, you make me smile from the beginning to the end of your videos. Thank you and God bless. Be safe.

    Bill RogersBill Rogers10 månader sedan
  • LIKES 🇧🇷 Brazil 👏🚛👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍

    Cristiano FerreiraCristiano Ferreira11 månader sedan
  • A bit different set up than in the USA 🇺🇸 I like it though, it makes sense 😎👍✅

    Rob FraleyRob Fraley11 månader sedan
  • You're a committed truck driver amongst other things and well done.. but don't be an instructor, men and some women will not focus.. YOU ARE a dream to follow. Keep it going cutie..

    Jesus CarrascoJesus Carrasco11 månader sedan
  • Lovely girl

    Mart Van nieuwburgMart Van nieuwburg11 månader sedan