THE REVEAL - Angelica Larsson

12 sep 2020
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yes it's time! time to let go and start something new 😃
big new adventures in life 😊 can't wait to share everything with you 😄

Kristina Maria - Let's play
Marin Hoxha - With You
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  • That's a shame you have to change your life because of some creeps following your and bothering you. Hope it works out for you.

    Andy BurianekAndy Burianek2 timmar sedan
  • Take care, love. Keep up the good work. People can be very weird, sometimes. Stay safe.

    Constantin ChifanConstantin Chifan9 timmar sedan
  • soooo sorry that people wont respect your privacy and security!! Sad that you have to move to protect yourself from nut cases...but those of us who are your faithful fans welcome your postings and the effort you put out to educate us about where you live, and how enjoyable your life is!! We are all curious about your personal life, have you had several relationships that didnt work out, are you in a great one now, are you headed in that direction? What do you see as your long term goals, where do you want travel to, or what plans do you have for a home and permanent city to live in. Or maybe you plan to be a traveler all your life? Id like to know are you married, were you, will you be, do you want to be. Just as a curiosity. You have lots to offer the world and you are doing so, and we appreciate it greatly. As time goes, we all have opportunities, dreams, wishes, and plans, and we would like to know some you have had that worked out or choices that you were presented and why you made the choices as you did. I hope you have time to take us on these many adventures and let us experience your fun and the wonderful places that you visit while working or on your off time. Take care,,,we are all excited to experience the next adventure you take us on!----- I still think you should be in the movies...

    bill45coltbill45colt17 timmar sedan
  • Good evening from Chicago!!! Just got hip to your channel. From one trucker to another, thank you for helping keep the world moving and please stay safe!!! Hammer down girl!!!

    jim Fieldsjim FieldsDag sedan
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    Тимур ФёдоровТимур Фёдоров2 dagar sedan
  • Hi, just came across your vids, it’s a shame that you have to change your identity to keep yourself safe from weirdos because of the way the Swedish Government works, with personal information, I’m from the UK, so things are more data protected over here, so it’s harder for other people to gain that information, I have worked with a security company that does crowd control at large festivals and events around the UK, I have had to deal with weirdos putting young women in vulnerable situations, so that’s one of my most annoying things that I feel strongly against, Maybe think of taking up self defence classes if you haven’t done already, Just stay safe and take good care of yourself, 👍🏼

    Steel PantherSteel Panther2 dagar sedan
  • Whats the name of the remix ”lets play”?????? need to know 😍

    RodieRodie3 dagar sedan
  • nice plate number lol

    FxNexFxNex5 dagar sedan
  • Hello, this is Russia. I constantly watch your videos. You are a beautiful beautiful girl.

    Damir.Damir.5 dagar sedan
  • What the hell is wrong with you weirdos. Let this young lady live her life. She is kind enough to share her adventures with you on this channel. Keep your distance and respect people’s space. Be well and stay safe young lady. Much respect for your adventurous life style. Takes courage to step outside of your comfort zone and then excell at what you attempt. Keep up the great work. 🇨🇦

    Dan O'BrienDan O'Brien6 dagar sedan
  • Love u angel

    Bong de leonBong de leon6 dagar sedan
  • 🌹😉🌹💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🇺🇸💖👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌💕👋💕👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💖👍👍👍👍👍💖👍👍🌹👋🌹🌹🌹😉👍👍

    Relu StanculescuRelu Stanculescu7 dagar sedan
  • I miss her

    Steve RhineSteve Rhine7 dagar sedan
  • Well you are so capable that you can do what you want--I admit that you are more capable than most people I know - even me---and you really thrilled me today through the videos i see

    Dejan ProkicDejan Prokic8 dagar sedan
  • but what can't you do??!! You're super strong!

    armando dellavallearmando dellavalle8 dagar sedan
  • Simplemente belleza natural saludos cordiales

    omar franceschyomar franceschy9 dagar sedan
  • Clear explanation about trucks. Tq

    joseph prabakaranjoseph prabakaran9 dagar sedan
  • 我的天啊,这姑娘应该是我见过最可爱最全能的女司机,很棒!

    布衣行者布衣行者10 dagar sedan
  • По русски . ТАКАЯ ЖЕНЩИНА и ГОРЯЩИЮ в ИЗБУ зайдет И КОНЯ на скоку ОСТОНОВИ

    Александр ТАРАНЕНКОАлександр ТАРАНЕНКО10 dagar sedan
  • Yeah I agree the police always ask for my details. Whats all that about?

    Joseph BainbridgeJoseph Bainbridge11 dagar sedan
  • Very best of luck Angeleka in your new adventure, stay safe stay warm and keep smiling and looking beautiful 😊👍

    Francis oreillyFrancis oreilly12 dagar sedan
  • Great video it touches everything, soon masonry? I watch the videos I find them superb even if does not understand everything she says because I use a translator. Videos of good quality what material does it use?

    Jonathan RousseauJonathan Rousseau12 dagar sedan
  • she has done many videos she has a cute profile some people can fall in love with that profile untile become an obsesion exposing life like that means some risk

    Alin DutaAlin Duta15 dagar sedan
  • Your superpower is to make ppl happy and your doing it, keep on trucking Grl . Love always conquers hate.. peace and happiness in the new year

    Wayne McKenzieWayne McKenzie16 dagar sedan
  • 👌✌🤞😉✔✔✔✔

    Fernando acero iglesiasFernando acero iglesias17 dagar sedan
  • Vilka jäkla muppar. 😂🤯

    Stefan JohanssonStefan Johansson17 dagar sedan
  • Sorry to here your privacy has been invaded. Stay safe

    mark burkdollmark burkdoll17 dagar sedan
  • It so sad that you've had to be uprooted from your comfort and passion because of some sick followers!!? It's seems to me from your voice that you were getting upset talking about it all and so sorry for that but you're strong and have started again with new horizons which will burst with even more sunlight. Take care God bless on new journeys x

    Michael SutherlandMichael Sutherland17 dagar sedan
  • Wow something happened too me many time's.. I know how that feels took me 3yrs to stop one of my stalkers to stop..

    Delow USMCDelow USMC18 dagar sedan
  • Wow baby nice and are a baby doll

    Doug FlanaginDoug Flanagin18 dagar sedan
  • I am Understand and you Water Croootttt 💦 😵 Awwwwww.... and I know ~> you Water Cruuuttttt 💦💧💦 😵Ahhhhhhhhhhhh..... And SORRY so SORRY

    Agus HariyonoAgus Hariyono19 dagar sedan
  • Hope u douing well BUT these tric shots bruh wtf how

    markkus leppikmarkkus leppik19 dagar sedan
  • Анжелика! Порой кажется что на тракторе ездить нравится больше чем на грузовике.🤗😏😉

    Алексей НазаренкоАлексей Назаренко21 dag sedan
  • You are on the fools' channel, acting follishly and revaeling yourself to complete loonatics. So don't be surprised when some inmates from the asylum turn up at your porch and demand their medication!

    McDoulghamMcDoulgham21 dag sedan
  • Unfortunately the simps and stalkers will target her, it’s the harsh reality of being a SEworldr and even a streamer like on “Twitch” just ask Sweet_Anita. Like many have said her be safe and put steps in place to protect yourself. New fan, from Australia 😎 🇦🇺 . Love the content, bright and sparkly personality, many skill sets, keep up the good work and looking forward to the many adventures to come.

    Aaron WattAaron Watt22 dagar sedan
  • I DRIVE an international prostar in north america with a a26 ( basicly a man block with the rest from international ! out of the assembly line isa it bof . but once cable are properly managed ( airgapped and the cable holder in diff replaced with silicon strap ! wow ! that mechanic is nice ! variable turbo going all the way to 39 pound of boost wow ! and the rumble that engine makes ! i wish international was explaining their assembly line how to properly install wire and make sure nothing touch each other or metal ! aside from this awsome truck . before my number 1 engine choice was the detroit diesel serie 60 430 470 but if this puppy engine keep going this good i might have to put it has my favorite engine of all time

    appr ovedappr oved22 dagar sedan
  • I´m Pepsi Junkee too...

    Thorsten PannwitzThorsten Pannwitz23 dagar sedan
  • Yay congratulations for a new place. And that’s really weird having a law where people can find out where you live etc? That would freak me out! I hope your safe. Ignore the wierdos. You made me laugh with your awesome Pepsi bottle forklift skills. Lol!

    marksapollomarksapollo23 dagar sedan
  • I wish a girl like you...😢

    RobertRobert25 dagar sedan
  • big fan from the Philippines your skills is just wow

    ClarkClark25 dagar sedan
  • Stanislaw GagatekStanislaw Gagatek26 dagar sedan
  • Ty nie jesteś taka.

  • That's just really sad to hear that people are so messed up in their heads that they have forced you to change your job you loved to something else and also forced you to move out of town to somewhere else from a place where you liked to live and also forced you to get secret identity and make your life a lot more harder. Like how fkc'd people can be in their heads to come up at someone's place and start harrashing them like that and violating their privacy like that. Her house, her job and her parents' place is not a public place where you can just go as you please. It's her personal life, not a public event you can come in and out as you please. People are really fkcd in their heads to do stuff like that. Go see a shrink or something. Get some help... Like seriously. Stop ruining peoples lives with your own ruined lives.

    MrBranderMrBrander27 dagar sedan
    • And to those people who kept doing this: If you wanted to have a girlfriend or even talk to her or whatever, it doesn't work like that. That's not the way how you get to know people you creeps. The interest must be mutual and not just one sided.

      MrBranderMrBrander26 dagar sedan
  • It's not right to have people doing what they are doing. Stay safe.

    Curtis ClarkCurtis Clark27 dagar sedan
  • Very goot 🚩🇲🇦🚩🇲🇦🚩

    Saad GbSaad Gb27 dagar sedan
  • Умница молодец )))) классная девочка

    Оксана ЧерноваОксана Чернова28 dagar sedan
  • Jag förstår varför du skaffat hemlig identitet. Jag tröffar i mitt arbete många som av oliika anledningar fått skaffa sig en hemlig identitet. Men jag hoppas du får det bra dit du flyttat och får vara ifred. Och fortsätta det du älskar. Ligga ute på vägarna. Jag gör inte det. Men halva min släkt gör det. Så jag har hört av dem varför dem älskar göra det. Är lite avundsjuk på er som får göra det istället för att ratta ett skrivbord hela dan.

    Leif AnderssonLeif Andersson28 dagar sedan
  • That really sucks that Sweden does not protects it's peoples privacy. I see other SEworldrs going through the same thing. Almost all of them have gotten cameras around their home to help add that extra protection. Also it people are interested in meeting you, you should be the one in control of that and setup a meet and greet so they can get their energy out of them.

    David EstateDavid Estate29 dagar sedan
  • Hello!! 🇸🇪🇲🇽 You are a great woman and very beautiful, an excellent truck driver from Sweden, I am proud that a woman drives those trucks, I am also a truck driver in Mexico and I love my job ... good luck in your work and lots of kisses and hugs, and upload more videos yours..

    Frank StaufferbergFrank Staufferberg29 dagar sedan
  • Some people need a good ol fashion ass beatin' Bless you Angelica!🌹

  • lindissima esta caminhoneira!..

    Jorge Fernando malaJorge Fernando malaMånad sedan

    504 Owner official504 Owner officialMånad sedan
  • Oh wow thats crazy that all your personal info is publicly available

    YabachaaaYabachaaaMånad sedan
  • Dang this girl has more raw skills than alot us men. Is this normal swedish woman?

    YabachaaaYabachaaaMånad sedan
  • Please be safe and keep your head on a swivel. Sick people everywhere. 😳😡

    BD NewtBD NewtMånad sedan
  • Kör ba kör och hoppas du slipper trassel med skumt folk framöver, ✌

    Åke ÅkeÅke ÅkeMånad sedan
  • Why can't these perverts leave this lovely lady alone... damn, they know they have no chance with a gorgeous woman like this... Hope Angelica stays safe!

    DC8FDDC8FDMånad sedan
  • Old video suck 3 months 4 months 1year were the next new ones were were

    Ruben GonzalezRuben GonzalezMånad sedan
  • it is like a donkey that can fly

    Andrei KhassanovAndrei KhassanovMånad sedan
  • You are such a beautiful person inside and out. So sorry you were subjected to a few inconsiderate people that forced you into hiding. Just glad you have found a way to return to us. We love you Angelica !

    Skip HavenerSkip HavenerMånad sedan
  • Only mentally unstable people who can't get laid will stalk women like this. smfh! i mean how pathetic can their lives be?.

    FallenxFreaKFallenxFreaKMånad sedan
  • I've raised five daughters to adulthood all of whom are older than you dear and I'm so very sorry for your bad experience and think more people in Sweden need mental health services! It doesnt matter who you choose in your life but it is always your chose and no one elses. I've always sensed the true vulnerability inside you and that's because of the true heart you possess. It's something to be proud of and never compromised for anyone or anything Kido. God Bless !

    Wesley SmithWesley SmithMånad sedan
  • That's sad that you have a stalker and they made you uproot where you live. That's really surprising that there is such bad personal security in your country. You would think now a days that such policies would be changed. Not very secure. I hope things are going well and things get back to normal for you. Be safe. Keep up the good work on the videos.

    Bryan KerrBryan KerrMånad sedan
  • The only way to get someone's number is to ask for it and pray the lovely lady gives it to u but keep safe and love ur videos love ur enthusiasm for ur job and ur bloody gorgeous take care stay safe

    Russell priceRussell priceMånad sedan
  • so sad that you have to hide from stalkers just because you are a young girl and have a channel on youtube. I like your channel and your way of working, took care of you and work smart as you usually do

    Fredrik GustafssonFredrik GustafssonMånad sedan
  • You should have a dog with you!! A big dog to watch you back!! Good luck and safe travels

    Antonio DiasAntonio DiasMånad sedan
  • Keep it between the ditches and rubber side down.

    Aaron SanbornAaron SanbornMånad sedan
  • Sweet

    adai kuladai kulMånad sedan
  • Sorry to hear this kind of harassing towards you and you family:(. IT IS WRONG BY ANY MEANS!! You are a real pro!!! You know all the tricks how to load piece goods properly and how to work with a forklift!! I really appreciate that!! In Finland, we do pretty much the same work. God Bless You Angelica!!! Greetings from your neighbor country!!!

    Hannu KoistinenHannu KoistinenMånad sedan
  • ผมชอบคุณ​มาก​ๆ​เลย​คับ

    บุญเทิด แก้วธานีบุญเทิด แก้วธานีMånad sedan
  • Amazing vids... Big love from Tromsø, Norge 😉😎

    ErnisErnisMånad sedan
  • Great video 🤙🤙

    Pauri CPauri CMånad sedan
  • Sweet Child! Your smile, and your personality is infectious! I apologize for my race of men for following you, and trolling you, and showing up at your place! Something is seriously wrong with people like that, and I hope you reported them to the police for them stalking you! Over here in America, that carries a huge penalty, and time in prison! I feel honored having known you! There's nothing that you can't do, and you're one of the best truck drivers I've known! I just wish that you would come to America, find you a good job like Loira-Na-Estrada has! I think it would be good for you! You can always check out her SEworld channel, just punch im "Loira-Na-Estrada", or "Blondie On The Road." She's a tall beautiful blonde from Brazil! Now most of her videos are done in Portuguese, but she does know English very well! Sweetheart I know you do a lot of modeling on the side, and why not! You're a beautiful girl, and I truly believe that there isn't anything that you can't do! You have a natural talent, and I hope to see more of your videos! God has certainly bless you, and may he continue to watch over you! All my love, Gramps Ft. Worth, Texas USA

  • Good to have you back ... cool song :

    Livet på to hjulLivet på to hjulMånad sedan
  • Thanks for sharing, Lord-Jesus-Christ com

    Moses ExodusMoses ExodusMånad sedan
  • är människor verkligen så j-vla sjuka i huvudet.... varför stalka folk...jisses.... keep on the good stuff Angelica....

    Richard LeppäniemiRichard LeppäniemiMånad sedan
  • I totally agree with the last comment, its very weird showing up at someone's privet place like that people should know not to cross boundary's. Good luck on your new job Angelica.

    Emanuel GaleaEmanuel GaleaMånad sedan
  • from australia ,we r watch buy not as bad as you guy's.

    John WelchJohn WelchMånad sedan
  • Stay safe and stay healthy theres nutters everywhere so take care of ur self love ur videos

    Russell priceRussell priceMånad sedan
  • Tragic that Swedish laws have no regard for privacy

    Ed KonstantellisEd KonstantellisMånad sedan
  • I'm not tryna b an ass but that is why you dont post videos of your apt and parents house and where u work. It makes it easy for creeps 2 follow u home from work even if u didnt show where u live. Also dont even go on youcommietube if your a gorgeous young lady or man. So many creeps out there that's just my opinion. Get a concealed carry permit. We can open carry in U.S.A without permit. Some states u need 2 apply for concealed carry of a gun permit. It's no problem 2 get one here in The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

    Brian OzanichBrian OzanichMånad sedan
  • have mom buy for you

    matthew mendatmatthew mendatMånad sedan
  • that's fudge up if you want to do your thing and then you notice stalker...that's just...WHY!? why people want to do something like that!? in finland you can hide your phone number and that way you can hide your home address too :O if you know my name you can't find me :) you can choose is it public or private

    Tallguy203Tallguy203Månad sedan
  • Stay safe, your the most talented person I’ve ever seen! From Vancouver, Canada

    Brian LeeBrian LeeMånad sedan
  • Hi dear it is a nice to meet you and your long bars in your trailer we call in us load locks an keep video coming an you rock love seeing female in big truck

    Randy LevesqueRandy LevesqueMånad sedan
  • i'm japanese registering your chance  Please drive safely and do your best😊

    kenjikenjiMånad sedan
  • Hope you are ok, as this video was a bit worrying!

    Florian OprescuFlorian OprescuMånad sedan
  • Hi how are you what you are doing when we can see your video Love you

    Samir Al BalushiSamir Al BalushiMånad sedan
  • DONT Make Me Come Over There ? LOL

    joe petersjoe petersMånad sedan
  • I keep watching all her old vids lol waiting for her to come back it's like I lost a family member sheesh

    joe petersjoe petersMånad sedan
  • Hi there. When will the next vid post up. We miss you so much ❤

    dimasdimasMånad sedan
  • Yep me too i hope she is well..missing you like crazey

    Arfan ZamanArfan ZamanMånad sedan
  • Please Be careful!! Protect yourself!! People coming to your home / work and stalking you / family is not ok!!

    Jon HanJon HanMånad sedan
  • OMG stay safe I can't believe this has happened u hav got me through some low times in my life recently watching ur videos and then u hav weird people doing stupid things like stalking u. Stay safe and weirdos stay away for God's sake.

    Russ!!Russ!!Månad sedan
  • You are a strong woman, i admire you.

    Petronilo LadabanPetronilo LadabanMånad sedan
  • On ihan oikein elää omaa elämää ja se ei kuulu minusta yhtään kellekkään ja minusta koti on yksityinen alue joka pitää olla koskematon sekä vanhempien ym myötä ja itse rakastan olla siinä tilassa ja yritä pärjätä ja toivon voimia sinulle joka olet sievä ja osaava tyttö joita monesti kiusataan netissä ,,,, mutta Nyt Joulu lähestyy ja kiitos videoista sekä Hyvää Joulun Odotusta sinulle sekä vanhemmillesi :)

    Sasku siskuSasku siskuMånad sedan

    Ken DosanjhKen DosanjhMånad sedan
  • Angelica can you do a video review on your scania please

    Tim FlahertyTim FlahertyMånad sedan
  • I hope you and your family are ok.

    BethBethMånad sedan
  • Hello beautiful come to the states and I would put a ring on your finger

    Dale DollDale DollMånad sedan