🚔 TRUCK POLICE + BAD WEATHER - Angelica Larsson 👮🏼‍♀️👮🏻‍♂️

7 feb 2020
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Pulled over by the truck police in the bad weather ❄ no ticket for me 😍 very friendly and kind officers 👮‍♂️👮‍♀️🚔
needed to clean my wipers from ice several times during this trip, and it came a looooot of snow 🤗❄❄
what do you think of the digital logbook (ELD)? good or bad? 😄

business contact: Angelica.Larsson.ab@hotmail.com

  • Always drive safely on snowy roads. And the female driver is wonderful. Just drive like this and have a relationship anytime ^^

    i coni con11 timmar sedan
  • Always drive safely!

    박정태박정태3 dagar sedan
  • 🧟‍♀️

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  • Pow tt

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  • You

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  • 😁

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  • 🥶

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  • J I hate snow driving..very dangerous, and hypnotic looking at it coming at you..

    baldheaddriver5baldheaddriver58 dagar sedan
  • Gestapo. I have no love for cops. Jack boots. Digital surveillance about speed time place. How 1984. A brave new world. Brakes on an ice covered hill. You are for too generous That tiny little bit of ice on the bottom of the windshiel is a problem? I stop to clean the shmegma off of my headlights when they light up as much as a candle would. Drive er McIvor LOL. WE run spot beam driving lights to see the moose deer elk.

    Mr. Know ItallMr. Know Itall9 dagar sedan
  • That’s what you call “a police state!”

    Otagunma 86Otagunma 8617 dagar sedan
  • Always nice to see your clips 🥰

    Mario PachecoMario Pacheco19 dagar sedan
  • Difficult to see the road markings when it's snowing

    Francis oreillyFrancis oreilly21 dag sedan
  • Question I have is the amount of hours you’re allow to drive and taking a break from driving is recorded so how does that work when you get pulled over by the police does your drive time continue or you start over on the amount of hours to drive?

    travis huttontravis hutton24 dagar sedan
  • Police patrol Checkpoint 35:00 minutes for Truck and for Driver

    Agus HariyonoAgus Hariyono26 dagar sedan
  • I don't understand why some people advocate for more gov control. Tracking her going 6kph over? geez...

    Truth StarTruth Star27 dagar sedan
  • ELD good or Bad? I worked as a Coordinator for a trucking company and lets just say I heard some stuff. I also had to get help for them when they get stuck on black ice. As well as accidents and so forth. Okay, I would like to have an ELD system here in the USA. Unless we already have some comparable. I know it will not prevent accidents and so forth but maybe makes the driver more aware of that you are let's say watched. I really don't like getting called in the middle of the night with a truck flipped over where the diesel fuel was sprayed up on top of the trees. Driver survived. Truck and trailer and cargo completely destroyed. Truck driving is a very serious job which is both physically and mentally exhausting. Truck drivers are heroes otherwise no items for the rest of us. Angelica please stay safe and take your breaks. One question I have...what keeps your mind fresh while driving long distance or bad weather? Fyi I am new to your channel so you may answered that question already😊🚛

    Carl BarkerCarl Barker27 dagar sedan
  • You are beautiful, marry me !

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  • Hi..! From Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

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  • 😀

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  • They just wanted to check you out, cause of how beautiful you're.

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  • A.C.A.B Angelica x

    Paul BrodiePaul BrodieMånad sedan
  • I am disgusted with the comments you guys are DOGS!!!! Angelica Is a driving working girl who puts out awesome videos Keep up the great work.

    walter pedersenwalter pedersenMånad sedan
  • I would like to know why do you feel the need to clean the snow that builds below your wiper blades. In my truck I put the windshield defrost and that helps but in your video it looks like it’s out of the way that’s why I don’t understand, thanks!

    Tango54thTango54thMånad sedan
  • Keep safe .god bless u beautiful truck driver

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  • Good job on your vedios. Do you have to manually log when you take a break?

    Benito GonzalezBenito GonzalezMånad sedan
  • Speedy ah

    Melad HenesMelad HenesMånad sedan
  • You will be in trouble naughty girl

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  • Var glad att du inte körde till Kiruna i feb. Vi hade än värre snöväder och fick totalt över 3 meter snö. Be glad you did not drive to Kiruna in Feb. We had even worse snow weather and got a total of over 3 meters of snow.

    Ingvar TörmäIngvar TörmäMånad sedan
  • That’s a lot of snow ❄️ Angelica

    Kevin ChristiansenKevin ChristiansenMånad sedan
  • Beautiful lady awesome driving

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  • can you really speak english

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  • Need help I will help you

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  • is your windshield cracked again???

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  • cold on cold ,,,so you don"t get ice on windshield

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  • cuore like

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  • Wow sexy😍💫🌈😎

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  • My 4th Amendment Is Pretty Nice Here In The United States.

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  • pretty Angelica....Im in love whit you ))))))

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  • At 5:40 Lol, simply just say "explain your shit." No, but seriously, I enjoy your videos. Please keep up the good work!

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  • 👍👍👍👍

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  • 😃💞💞

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  • She so awesome!!

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  • My dear Angelica, the trucking industry is the most over-regulated profession. The traffic authorities have made it hard for everyone to make a living nowadays. Digital tachographs and logbooks make us legally liable for everything, even a few kilometres over the speed limiter downhills or 10 minutes extra driving time in order to get a safe spot to pull up for a break or sleep overnight can be an issue to get the driver in trouble. It's not about safety, it's about the money grab. Sadly.

    Europdrive driving schoolEuropdrive driving school2 månader sedan
  • I drove trucks for 22yrs here in the USA so I know all about getting pulled over by the cops for "routine spot checks". Good job driving in the snow. Safety first!

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  • 96k is high speed?😂

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  • 👍😁

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  • I think you need to come to the U.S. and drive for me and load coal trucks with the 988H Cat front end loader. I’ve got some nice equipment. I think you would be a great addition to any work place with your positive attitude and out look on life.

    Josh SingletonJosh Singleton2 månader sedan
  • Б л я плечевые уже пересели ...

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  • Do you have cruise control in the trucks ?

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  • You're just like the song playing your a perfect 10

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  • How many tests you take for your driver license

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  • Rods are dangerous

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  • Are dangers

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  • A little tip from someone who lives in the mountains. When there is a lot of snow falling in the air, don't use your bright lights. Keep headlights on dim so you won't be blinded by the snow falling

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  • She's just sooo 💯 sweet & Amazing!! #StayBlessed

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  • I thought the "truck police" over here in the states were bad, but they can monitor your speed 24/7 over there? Law enforcement is one of the MANY reason I quit driving trucks.

    Josh AinsworthJosh Ainsworth2 månader sedan
  • Your Amazing ❤️💖 💖 Scotland

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  • you will be ok al good luck. kh

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  • So beautiful ❤

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  • Po-lice are just thieving road pirates issuing extra taxes for their corporation! No victim, No crime!

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  • Depends where you are. In some countries police are pigs and should be fired they dont do any task to help and secure people all they do is charge speeding tickets some even work with big criminals. In other countries like north of europe they are endeed ok and will gladly help you if you ask them for something.

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  • You are quite the admirable woman. Wish more women were like you.

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  • It’s an intrusion, that’s what it is.

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  • You are stunning ! You could definitely be a model but you are way sexier driving a truck!

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  • There’s no way they could book supergirl even if she did something a little bit not quite right😂

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  • I hope maybe one day you can come to Oklahoma.

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  • Be hornist be polite and like you said have good adtude

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  • Det är en aning 1984-aktigt, med digitala färdskrivare..

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  • How many hours can you drive in a day? and how many breaks do you have to take? And how long are the breaks?

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  • seworld.info/will/prClrMe3hIqkyX0/video

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  • Did it ever occur to you that you had to pee really badly and you couldn't find a parking space?

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  • Oh, my Gosh, are you serious??? They pull your SPEEDING HISYORY”???? Forget it , sweet girl, I would rather keep driving in US a wheelbarrow. Seriously!!! Europe is not fun

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  • Hello angelica

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  • Would you like to drive in USA ?). Kenworth or Peterbilt ?)

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  • Yes sir 😀

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  • The Super Woman 👕 Shirt Rocks on Ya! ❤🙏

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  • Super Brava

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  • love forever al take care al.

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  • Nordiska Hjältar! :) It was snowy hard day :)

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  • AL you the boss...

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  • How may kilometres you travel in 1 day...

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  • Lindo día que Dios te bendiga siempre

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  • Babygirl I see this was 7 months ago, and while I've driven in worse snow storms, please be careful out there!...❤

  • Use gloves , please. Save your nice hands and fingers . I think , i have see you on the road . Good luck to you.

    Andrejs PupolsAndrejs Pupols4 månader sedan
  • I can say say I have a truck driver friend from Sweden now,it's interesting the stuff you share with us from a different perspective.

    Ruben BejaranoRuben Bejarano4 månader sedan
  • Truck drivers work very hard to get goods delivered. But authorities treat us like criminals, watching every move we do, ELDs and what not.

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  • Vc é uma gata bonita e lindona

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  • Hello Angelica: Please... be safe. NEXT time use rain-X to clean and keep the snow out of the windshield. Also, try rub wet cloth with alcohol into the glass where th snow accumulate, will prevent the snow to stick into windshield. 👌 Well, XOXO. Your friend, Mr. Jaime V. 😎🇵🇷

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  • The highways you guys have over there Is so claustrophobic

    Vito LucciVito Lucci4 månader sedan
  • I know we got it bad over here more than FAA..... but DAMN it's strict over there!

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  • Say super Diesel Babe and move basso

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  • 👋👍☺️

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  • music.seworld.info/will/Y221ybCXgYWfqZ8/video&feature=share

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  • Hello dear, really anxious to hit the truck driving jobs ..will "" hopefully "" do that soon ... Be safe always ! 🤎🤎🙏🙏

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  • so many eye's on you..... yeah.... more than 400K ;-)

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  • You are very cute in this "Situation"!!! ❤️

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