Svenska Truckers (SWEDISH)

17 jan 2020
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A trailer of the tv show that I will participate in this spring 🤩 Swedish channel Tv3
(yes I'm super-very-short) 😂

  • I'm going to try my best to make this watchable in other countries when it releases ⭐⭐

    Angelica LarssonAngelica LarssonÅr sedan
    • Hi Angelica Larsson

      Kun KunkunKun Kunkun4 månader sedan
    • Just be yourself 😉

      Jonathan LindsayJonathan Lindsay10 månader sedan
    • Its always watchable as long as you do it. Shine on!!!!

      Jonathan LindsayJonathan Lindsay10 månader sedan
    • Клевоя

      тимур ефимовтимур ефимов11 månader sedan
    • Hey Doll, waiting for it. Have a blessed week ahead.

      Alvin ParksAlvin Parks11 månader sedan
  • ❤🙏

    Dave LeeDave Lee5 månader sedan
  • wow well done

    JamesfromMaltaJamesfromMalta6 månader sedan
  • 😍💕

    As Aventuras de TarzanAs Aventuras de Tarzan7 månader sedan
  • Vi vet hur man ändrar lastbilar.

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  • love this!!!!

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  • 🙆‍♂

    Mey HaqimMey Haqim9 månader sedan
  • How awesome for you!!

    KsChikKsChik9 månader sedan

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  • Great things come in super-very short packages!

    Hotrod HogHotrod Hog11 månader sedan
  • Are you going to be a tv star?

    Dick HansenDick Hansen11 månader sedan
  • VAD!

    j cj c11 månader sedan
  • congrats Angelica, you are going to kick ass!

    Art LifeArt Life11 månader sedan
  • I just understand one word, sex xD

    haraitharait11 månader sedan
  • Lovely Beauty Awesome Vids,Gorgeous People ❤❤❤❤

    redzie52redzie5211 månader sedan
  • Congratulations, i wasn't aware you were going to be in a t.v program, that's awesome :)

  • An Elvish LUL

    KKona ClapKKona Clap11 månader sedan
  • Coooool😛

    David AndradeDavid Andrade11 månader sedan
  • You're maybe super-very-short, but you're super-very-cute too.

    Guy SGuy S11 månader sedan
  • Hello beautiful

    javi almazanjavi almazan11 månader sedan
  • May be short , but very beautiful with a great personality !

    Peter MachekPeter Machek11 månader sedan
  • I think I need to start taking Swedish language lessons.

    ray shearay sheaÅr sedan
  • What!!😁👍💯😜 you on TV !!😁 you rock!!🤟

    Terrell RoyalTerrell RoyalÅr sedan
  • Wishing you all the best for your future. I enjoy your vids and look forward to your next adventure.

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  • 🌹😊

    István DanyiIstván DanyiÅr sedan
  • Ja tack så mycket!

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  • jag ska titta på det 😊

    Joakim WiklundJoakim WiklundÅr sedan
  • Congratulations to the TV show. Wish you all the best! In Germany we have a similar show, but devided into male and female truckers ("Asphalt Cowboys" and "Trucker Babes")

    Henning StummerHenning StummerÅr sedan
  • Hola cómo estás 🤗

    Alan RamirezAlan RamirezÅr sedan
  • Congratulations from the state's. Very awesome indeed.

    Josh MJosh MÅr sedan
  • You have great natural talent and a charismatic personality Angelica. I bet you 100 Krona to 1, you will be the hit of the show. Greetings from Canada.

    Water WalkerWater WalkerÅr sedan
    • Sweet, thank you 🙏😊

      Angelica LarssonAngelica LarssonÅr sedan
  • Congratulations and be safe out their

    MutationBuilderMutationBuilderÅr sedan
  • Are we really surprised, actor.

    Ran CatRan CatÅr sedan
  • Man i wish i could watch this in the USA reminds me of the other trucking shows I've watched This looks very interesting.

    MrRottenTreatsMrRottenTreatsÅr sedan
  • *wants to visit Sweden again .... great country

    Ross KuipersRoss KuipersÅr sedan
  • Yeah let us know of how it’ll be available and when. If it won’t be available in English, it may be time to learn Svenska. Have a great week!

    Anthony TrevinoAnthony TrevinoÅr sedan
  • It was the gingerbread wheel loader that got you on the show wasn't it ;)

    Darren VanderleeDarren VanderleeÅr sedan
  • Woow, såå spännande att följa 😃👍

    andreas89olssonandreas89olssonÅr sedan
  • Awesome! By the way, any chance to add the open caption as well as English?

    Jack DanielJack DanielÅr sedan
  • Congratulations Angelica! You are an amazing youtuber. Thanks so much

    Dread the TruckerDread the TruckerÅr sedan
  • Morgen hübsches medchen😍

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  • Wow awesome!!!👌👌🙏✌️😊

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  • Angelina make Russian subtitles. ))

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  • Prettiest of them all

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  • Congratulations Driver!

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  • Just famous are you now!! ✌🏽 All the best from 🇨🇦

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  • nice vid/start of the movie/ idk xD

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  • Peterbilt, Mack Trucks. MADE IN USA, EARTH, & EHLSWAR. Use at your risk. Do not use abusively. Copyright 2020 a.d. ATZE-TM b. Perhaps we will do a video comment response to the "Svenska Truckers (SWEDISH)" Angelica Larsson video published at youtube January 17, 2020 with 39,922 views and 379 comments and 115K subscribed alledgedly. The Renault Trucking company, and the Fiat, Porsche, BMW, and now Royal Enfield Himalaya Trucking company, plus the Mercedes Benz auto pilot trucks. Seriously, some play games competitively seriously Svenska. Wimbledon. Did you subscribe to XDXSXZ?

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  • No Idea what was said. But like it already.

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  • Fan va roligt

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  • Lol lol. I knew it!!! I knew you would be famous. Lol lol.

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  • Sincerity, honesty, hard work, and being one of the most talented and beautiful women on SEworld has paid off!! Congrats dear Angelica. You deserve it!! 🥳

    Spike 99Spike 99År sedan
  • The size of those tires wtf

    Video StopVideo StopÅr sedan
  • Haha , you are on your way , I knew you would be , good luck with everything that comes your way xx

    WonderingtruckerWonderingtruckerÅr sedan
  • have swedish channel tv3 a yt channel, when yes, i hope they upload it there like DMAX

    Jan DapprichJan DapprichÅr sedan
  • You will do amazing angelica I cant wait to watch no idea what anyone saying as I'm from UK lol 😂

    Mark LevesonMark LevesonÅr sedan
  • it only makes sense to have you on this tv show. you already represent your industry to the world through this platform. good luck!

    handyhippie65handyhippie65År sedan
  • You gotta upload every single episode onto your channel, so we can watch it all over the world! Man..., I´m chatting with a movie star now... :D All the best for the show, sweetheart, and don´t let them rip you off, I know them TV-phonies. Take care!

  • Hope you can make it watchable for us single language Americans,

    exracer 27exracer 27År sedan
  • Kul! Det måste Man kika på 😄🚛

    Roger 650Roger 650År sedan
  • I love that language!

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  • Rock on baby!!!

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  • Wish you a lot of fun and i hope these TV Show makes you to the most popular Female Truck Driver in Sverige 😉😊

    Fabian HerzbergFabian HerzbergÅr sedan
  • it's fun to hear you speak Swedish

    junge garagejunge garageÅr sedan
  • I think every lorry driver in Sweden have big respect for ya Angelica stay safe on these icy roads 👍

    Ian BriggsIan BriggsÅr sedan
  • we whant all this show on your YT chanel

    Aleksandar ĐorđevićAleksandar ĐorđevićÅr sedan
  • I'm just waiting for it! Mammmaa Mia! ABBA Thank you, Angelica!

    Sorin PetreSorin PetreÅr sedan
  • Kul att höra dig prata svenska :)

    Erik HägglundErik HägglundÅr sedan
  • Very cool!!! I hope we can see it in Holland (Tv/online)

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  • 👍👏👏👍

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  • Wow amazing. congratulations for your work

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  • Well done

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  • I don't understand the language but it sounds sexy as all hell

  • I didn’t need to understand a single word to like this.

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  • Awesome. Sadly my Swedish isn't any good. Hope someone will be translating is. Nice to see and hear you speak Swedish!!

    Kor MiedemaKor MiedemaÅr sedan
  • Happy for you even if i don't understand what you guys say lol

    Free GamesFree GamesÅr sedan
  • are you very very short? or is he a GIANT? ha ha

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  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! Hope I will see this in Austria.... "And the oscar goes to...."

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  • Oooh you going to be in a TV show, awesome 👍😎💕😍💐

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  • Thumbs up! I really want to see this show. Must reload my sat to Swedish location. Angie the best!

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  • Famous, again not only on You Tube now also on Tv, Angelica, 💟

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  • Very nice

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  • yes, super-very-HOT

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  • You speak Swedish - Who Knew lol HELL YEAH

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  • Woah 😳 big ups der guy 😱👏 lately you've been ice road trucking eh? 😁

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  • Very kool

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  • yayyy such surprise on my B-day ! hope you get more and more popular ! !!

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  • Wow that's amazing Angelica . well done 👏🤩

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  • Fucking eh girl.. rock that show like a hurricane

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  • Men kul :)

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  • 😀💖💖💖💖💖💖💌

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  • Can't wait to see this tv show, maybe it will subtitled🙏

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  • I congratulate you on such a great success! I wish you success in your work and do not forget about us! More videos with your participation!

    ОлегОлегÅr sedan
    • It seems that the Swedes are not responding to Russian comments

      Алексей КудрявцевАлексей КудрявцевÅr sedan
  • Fame at last.

    Edward DunneEdward DunneÅr sedan
  • Please give a like for the show. I love shows about truck driving. Plus your on it. Makes me wanna watch even more. Lol. Such a talented beauty you are. God really took his time in creating you.

  • Good for you Ms Larsson! Just when you become a famous tv star don't forget about or leave all your fans on the you tube please

    Evan SpencerEvan SpencerÅr sedan
  • Ice Road truckers all over again. Don’t forget about us little people on the bottom lol have a great time but don’t let tv take the fun out of what you enjoy. They have been known to do that in reality TV. Have fun and don’t let the fame get the best of you..

    The WatchManThe WatchManÅr sedan
  • Kiss from Portugal, I love you so much sweetheart ❤️ 😍 😘

    NilsonBMNilsonBMÅr sedan
  • Wow you are going to be a big TV star

    Martin LavoieMartin LavoieÅr sedan
  • Awesome. Just translate the part for us that you’re in it.

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