Truck brake system, wintertime ❄ - Angelica Larsson

1 jan 2020
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Happy new year 🥳🥳 first video 2020! 😍
Explaining a little bit of how you can prevent your wagon/trailer to freeze.
I'm putting alcohol in the brake system.
Showing how to loosen "locked" tires, and some tips on how to see if the tires are locked or not.
Talking too fast for my own good 😂 but I hope you understand.
(All the brakes runs on air, but it's 2 different systems, it's combined with the catastrophic brake, and the "foot break". Sorry for the bad explanation 😅😝)
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  • I haul up into the far north of Canada year round and Ive never seen alcohol put in the system like this....

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  • When I pulled trailer in Canada 🇨🇦 during the winter I'd sqirt a little alcohol down the gladhands to my trailer. Brakes always worked with no freeze ups.

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  • _"The winter is coming",_ not just in the Great Houses of Westeros...

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  • Angélica I love your videos, and I learned about disc brake , álcool we used in Canada when the weather is bad to but I never had disc brakes in my trailer or truck ok beautiful, so life is leaving and learning.

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  • Like your video . And you’re so beautiful. Stay safe.

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  • Larrson 👋 hi... Please make a video on truck transmission gear ⚙️ ...


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  • She knows more about trucks than most of the EU truck drivers. EU trucking companies dream about hiring drivers with such knowledge and experience.

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  • Hi Angelica 👋👋 great snapshot of truck brakes and what to do in the winter should they freeze.. interesting . You’re very hands on & clearly know your way around trucks 🚚🚚 question do you intend to make trucking a long term career would love to know ? ..I think your destined for better things in the future though I’m sure..wish you loads of luck either way.. keep safe & happy trucking..👍

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  • I always dump 2 quarts of methol alcohol in the truck air tanks and let it work its way thru the system , never had any problems ..

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  • This means that your Volvo doesn't have dehydration working filters! I believe they are on the passenger side near the engine. Two of them.

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  • How do you stop air brakes from freezing? When possible, park inside, and leave your drain valves open overnight. Keep your evaporator filled with air brake anti-freeze. The alcohol vapor will mix with any remaining moisture, reducing its tendency to freeze. Always keep a bottle of air brake anti-freeze on hand in the truck. That is a 2016 research answer I got from searching it, I hope that it is the right call because the alcohol method will work temporarily but will end up evaporating and freezing up again is what I also read before finding this so again the method you are using in this upload is a temporary solution to the air breaks from freezing up again and another thing to do is to have the air line heater checked if your air lines on your wagon and trailer air lines are freezing up and locking up the air lines for the trailer breaks if a trailer sits idle for too long in cold weather without being used I am not trying to tell you what to do I am just giving you the needed advice to prevent your wagon and trailer breaks from freezing up and are useless until you are able to unlock the wagon and trailer breaks, I mean no disrespect by any means I am just giving you advice because I enjoy watching your uploads Angelica

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