9 aug 2020
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Hi friends!
just a video with some tips for any new forklift operator. I hope this come handy, if you have any queationa or did I miss something important? let me know 🤗👇

Katalina Rusu - The Beast
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  • I like the video's from you. That you drive every machine from truck and vorklift and wheelloader. Every time you have beautiful video to watch angelica.

    Daniël Van MourikDaniël Van MourikDag sedan
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    Евгений ТарасенкоЕвгений Тарасенко2 dagar sedan
  • If I had this job id get a depression

    El AxelEl Axel3 dagar sedan
  • I have to use a Nissan forklift and apparently I’m not fast enough.. while being told not to use a seat belt and ignore the inspections. Glad to know mother ladies are driving forklifts.

    Candace SheltonCandace Shelton7 dagar sedan
  • Great video!!!

    Ford ManFord Man10 dagar sedan
  • Amazing , you are like wonder woman..🙏👍

    John RamboJohn Rambo14 dagar sedan
  • 💐💐💐💐💐💐🤣🤣💐🤣🤣🤣👫

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  • Youre good ,nice too see 😊

    David van BerkelDavid van Berkel19 dagar sedan
  • ur awesome

    hosseyn mehrabhosseyn mehrab20 dagar sedan
  • In America we call them fork trucks Then you have the power hand trucks then you have the manual and trucks that you have to push and pull

    rpickett1969rpickett196922 dagar sedan
  • So the European Fork trucks are better than the American ones really cool😎

    rpickett1969rpickett196922 dagar sedan
  • Very good knowledge.

    Paterson singhaPaterson singha23 dagar sedan
  • Okay, I've a complaint. See, where I work, we have crown lifts and the battery cable does not disconnect from the charger that easily. In fact, it takes an act of congress to get it to separate, but she just detached that one, one-handed. The hell?

    Randy FowlerRandy Fowler23 dagar sedan
  • Geile Sau❤️😍

    Markus H.Markus H.24 dagar sedan
  • The cutest accent

    delang65delang6526 dagar sedan
  • no helmet ? or seat belt ? 6 inches off of the ground ? i do like the forklift though 💯

    No one cares At allNo one cares At all27 dagar sedan
  • Ya I'v drive an extended forklift my former job in 2016 I guess we lifting 3 pallets on same time

    DJI SOESTDJI SOEST27 dagar sedan
  • Ive driving a lot of forklifts here in the US but never one with hydraulic fork split, always manuel. Ive never seen the power fork extender, ive only seen the ones you can slide on

    Lance LarsonLance Larson29 dagar sedan
  • I am learning to drive the forklift soon and I am very nervous thank you for this video it helped me a lot

    La CrayyLa CrayyMånad sedan
  • Czarująca jesteś.Czapkę z mikołajką Ci na głowę i dopiero bomba.

  • Mukavaa nähdä monitoimi tyttö joka osaa asiansa ja pidä pintas ja jatka videojen tekemistä ihmisistä huolimatta ja niiden puheista , sinä olet paras minusta ja toivon että elämäsi jatkuu onnellisena ,,,,,olet paras !

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  • froglift

    Mr11ESSE111Mr11ESSE111Månad sedan
  • Muchas felicidades por ser una excelente conductora,saludos desde Mexico

    Miguel Angel Ochoa AlonsoMiguel Angel Ochoa AlonsoMånad sedan
  • 😍👍

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  • Great Tutorial Angelica, you my not want to admit it but you are a natural born supervisor. That is something you need a lot of heart to do and you would be great in that role. Honest, caring, and personality for day's!!!

    Wesley SmithWesley SmithMånad sedan
  • 👍💖🌻💘🌹👏

    joya iskandarjoya iskandarMånad sedan
  • Great video - but sadly, you wouldn't pass a UK flt driver training course. Keep all parts of your body inside the safety cage, wear your seatbelt, don't drive and lift at the same time!

    River MerseyRiver MerseyMånad sedan
  • don't you need certification to drive forklifts in sweden or is that just a danish thing?

    FaithlessDeviantFaithlessDeviantMånad sedan
  • You are so beautiful and HOT!!!!

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  • No Angelica but Angel :-). That girl is lovely like an little teddy bear.

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  • Nice forklift.

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  • Очень милая 💐

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  • She should have checked the water levels after charge and also what about a daily inspection before use ?

    joshua lombardijoshua lombardiMånad sedan
  • Your awesome love watching your video’s

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  • Greetings from Chicago Illinois 🌸✌🏼

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  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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  • Ang- r you marry??

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  • "What The Fork"😂🤣..i thought this was only a saying we have in New Zealand. Hahaha

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  • How far you drive everyday?

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  • Ever happy.. Beautiful 😃

  • you should sell cars and trucks :) new selling records granted!

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  • Good gril ❤️❤️❤️💓

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  • Wow how wonderfull and smoothly you can touch the nuts 6:22

    Sense of HumorSense of Humor2 månader sedan
  • Spot on girl you have a gift with the forklift I enjoyed your skill nice and clean cut motion.

    Wayne AshfordWayne Ashford2 månader sedan
  • Love the trucking videos but love seeing the warehouse stuff more. Warehouse work changed my life. Lost a lot of weight and found teamwork and comradery I didn't think I'd see outside of the military or sports. It's a breath of fresh air seeing you and others from your generation doing work that moves the world. Can't blame ya for making a little side cash with the SEworld hustle. Stay safe and thanks for the videos :)

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  • cat. green light and good journey on the road

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  • DYLAN Richardin angelica Larsson

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  • 😎✌... yeah I like too,....🧜‍♀️

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  • You are so beautiful

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  • Nice video, just did a week in sorting at Lastbilsstationen (Gävle). So fun, hard work :)

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  • Hope your latest project is going well for you and hope to see more of your videos soon

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  • Well done, explained it very well and I'm impressed every time I see your video's. Curious though, can you do the splits also? :-)

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  • Det kan jag säga, startar jag åkeri så har du utan tvekan jobb när som helst!

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  • Always like your videos Angelica please throw up some more

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  • Are you american

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  • Your Really adorable and really cute god bless and take care

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  • Lovely information dear but please can you make video the 4k forklift Osha

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  • Good afternoon precious love your videos

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  • anime features

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  • Good Day Angelica....I just viewed your video and would like to know the model of the forklift you are demonstrating.......I would be very interested in one like it...thanks from Trinidad & Tobago (West Indies) in the Caribbean

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  • Beautiful..Love your accent

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  • 😎😍😘😎😍😘😎😍😘😎😍😘😎😍😘

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  • REVERSE mode not Rewind FFS...

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  • Tomorow?????????😉

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  • where are you?

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  • Where have you gone 😢😢

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  • You got a pretty chill workplace. They wouldn’t let anyone vlog at work anywhere that I’ve ever worked, especially with machinery running.

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  • Where are you????????????????🥺🥺🥺🥺

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  • greetings from Turkey you're so sweet 🤗🤗

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  • Hello gorgeous Angelica 🌹🌹🌹 Hope you are well..

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  • Thanks for the training on the Forklift it was awesome

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  • a jao what a girl yu are borrn for evriting.your vois is very sexi and you are sou beautifol.its beter tu pley in muvis for 18+

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  • Hi, from Canada, I love your channel and you are very beautiful, you are very much a professional it's a joy to watch.

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  • How things going young "ladies" miss yah 💪👆

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  • Great training video and orientation 👌

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  • Hey Angelica............haven't seen a video from you for a while.....................are you OK :) ??

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  • 👎👎👎👎👎

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  • hope to see more from you and your work as a truck driver👍😀

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  • Happy 200k!

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  • what a cute hello you are from Chechnya))

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  • Hi baby🥰🥰🥰

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  • Angelica do you have anybody in your lovely life to share it with you are such a sweet heart of a person???😉

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  • Men grattis till 200k subs!. Helvete vad du växer, vi började med youtube typ samtidigt men jag har bara kommit upp i 12k.

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  • How much truck driver salery in sweden

  • "Hi,Angelica"

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  • Hello

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  • Allegory of the Cave - actual real life here. If Plato could see her he would say; "Forget everything I just said. She just blew my 'cave' bullshit out of existence"

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  • Seeing how beautiful your country as well as the people are make me want to move their and drive a rig🤩🥰

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  • Love all your videos! I'm always surprised that you have to load your own truck. In the USA, drivers are usually not allowed to load the truck. There are dock workers (and a union) which specifies that THEY will load the truck. In some places, the driver is instructed to stay in the cab until the loading is complete. At no time does the driver have contact with the load. That being said, the companies I worked for had preloaded trailers, ready for pickup and delivery. I just needed to get it off the truck.

    Dennis LarsonDennis Larson4 månader sedan
  • seworld.info/will/kI3bt9OmnqeX23U/video Ken block in sweden

    gallaoued er maezgallaoued er maez4 månader sedan
  • Extends the forks for large pallets there is a potential risk of perforation From below the product From France kiss you have a good day

    gallaoued er maezgallaoued er maez4 månader sedan
  • It's risky what you do You have to stack in the trailer to take support on the wall

    gallaoued er maezgallaoued er maez4 månader sedan
  • you can work normally Angelica here in France and in Germany the losses generated because of the politicians are huge from France kiss

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  • Oh my god 3 weeks waiting for a new vid, where you gone, where all having withdrawals we need our fix Angelica :)

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  • Подписывайтесь на мой канал))

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  • Wow beautiful driver