Up and down with air- Angelica Larsson

20 okt 2019
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Too low bridge that I couldn't get under, so I had to take a long reroute. Talking a little about raising and lower the truck with air 💨
ROY - Lost in sound
ROY - Breath me in

  • joke: Truck driver got his rig stuck under a low bridge. So, a smart ass state trooper comes up and rubs it in. He says "so you got stuck under a bridge, huh?" The driver says "no I`m delivering this bridge and ran out of gas."

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    • 🌷💋💖🍓👍

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    • That happen in my town

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    • I have to ask you to look up THE ENIGMA TNG SEworld...its synth light...dark...true...blessings ...everywhere all go... Peace...;- ( -:

      Step StoneStep Stone6 månader sedan
    • @Angelica Larsson You can start taking some advertisement you can promote on your video as well for extra revenue :)

      Harold PhoenixHarold Phoenix6 månader sedan
    • Greg Milner so he is a low life for pointing out who originally told the joke? I would say that a person that plagiarized the joke would be the lowlife.

      Mopar_ DudeMopar_ Dude9 månader sedan
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  • Hello Angelica hope you are having a nice day your smile just warms the heart first video I watch in the morning. Your smile is just special.

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  • 😍😍😍💌💌💌👍👍

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  • I wach you ar video from kosovo

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  • Very very sweet and cute women

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  • Verry nice!

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  • I learn a lot about trucks here.

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  • Is Ken you were calling cans they're called airbags

    Barry YocumBarry Yocum23 dagar sedan
  • Such a talented young lady

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  • Bom dia Angélica, garota fantástica, parabéns!

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  • Beautiful woman

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  • Love all of your vlogs. Admire your great spirit. Trust you will do more.

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  • We love you Angelica please keep up the great work...

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  • 2:53 Getting suspicious lol Awww

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  • You drive left and right hand trucks.

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  • Tak.Dobrze mówisz😉

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  • Hello, I love your upbeat personality. I drive in the USA and have been doing so since 1978 and I still love watching your videos. In the US, we call them “air bags”.I just watched one of your videos, where you moved, because of people coming to your place...That’s just Creepy! Please stay safe and keep doing a good job and enjoying life. Charles

    Charles WilkersonCharles Wilkerson2 månader sedan
  • Angelica, we call those air bags in the suspension bellows. An interesting demonstration of how they work would be to have the camera look at them as they fill with air and extend. Other than that, thank you so much for your positive energy!

  • 3:04 _"Sorry little guy"_ LOL 🙂🙂🙂

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  • Air sistem Okey then.. here off we goo

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  • Você é lindérrima belíssima simpática é melhor de tudo muito humilde..... Você é um grande exemplo para o mundo. Que Deus lhe Abençoe.... Vc é 10...... do Japão abraços......🇯🇵👍

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  • So in your country you drove on right side like us Americans. Ok nice 👌

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  • No probs in Texas. Drive that shit liike you’re stole it lmao

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  • wow I have learned so much about trucking! welcome to finland in case your boss suggests a trip, it is safe too in here. and drive carefully!

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  • Woah that is so cool I wish American trucks also had that

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  • Lumberjack work sucks too. If you'd ever truck some timber this would be a song for you ;-) seworld.info/will/hYHJkrqtjZx2qH0/video

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  • Are there traffic signals in Sweden?

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  • So nice. So beautiful. So perfect!

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  • Angelica du vet att du kan sänka bilen med siffrorna på luft dosa :)

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  • I’m not gonna lie. I was attracted by your beauty. But your content is so boring. Much luck and success. But see you later

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  • What a beautiful woman, that you are really incredibly beautiful, I hope you write me on instagram. Greetings from Argentina Buenos Aires.

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  • But the lights from the rear load mount is broken

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  • 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

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  • Enjoying some of your clips it's nice to see a pretty girl not afraid to get her hands dirty. Keep up the good work.

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  • Horrible music. What happened ?

    Michael HajipanayisMichael Hajipanayis5 månader sedan
  • I enjoy watching ur videos, I enjoy watching u drive. U r one heck of a driver.i used to drive a big rig in the states. I've had my CDLS for 21 yrs.the lb laws have changed..thanks for the videos..I've also learned alot from watching u..thanks

    Robert LucasRobert Lucas5 månader sedan
  • You are so impressive, you are totally a TRUCK. Your knowledge is about truck As Good As Any MEN Knows out... Keep It Up... Love You So Much..... 🙏👌✌👍💯❤🧚‍♂️🍫

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  • Boa tarde tudo bem que Deus proteja voces 🥰🙂🤗💝💖

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  • hello angelica she is the remote control to open the truck

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  • Cuando venga para españa me avisas

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  • Hi they, you are so interesting and very beautiful to watch your site so thankful.

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  • Thsts how low the mud flaps supposed to be I was told

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  • Hey y'all be careful out there there are scammers using Angelica Larson's name to scam people. Pretending it's her.

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  • I'm a truck driver in Vancouver BC Canada and I haul Hazardous Hospital garbage, I Love watching a very Pretty young woman like yourself

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  • These videos are really cool, fun & interesting to watch !!! I love all of the little details you include & how much you love your work. Greats skills too !!!

  • du är fantastisk på alla sätt och vis :D

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  • Im addicted to you😂 I was a heavy equipment operator for years in Chicago IL. Now I'm a owner operator with my own authority. I do 48' flatbed open deck. I work 1.5 weeks a month with this cvd19 stuff. Desire is not there. Be safe and I'll be keeping an eye in ya! 🥱🙂

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  • The air suspension made life easier for those of us who worked with tractor heads, with the old leaf spring suspensions we had to hand crank until much of the weight of the fifth wheel was unloaded. Today this system is very similar on buses and makes them more accessible by being able to lower the height at stops. By the way, why do you only use rigid trucks with trailers and not head trucks? Sorry for my English if is there any mistakes 🤪

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  • 8:44 Did you notice the damaged tyre when under the truck.

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  • Ciao sono Roberto che sei inglese o americana

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  • should have that airride on your golf....

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  • Being passionate and love about your work is greatest asset a company has.

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  • Sorry little guy 🤣😁🧚‍♀️this is angilica larsan in board track goo goo 🧚‍♀️🤩😁🏗

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  • Hey my love yuo drive nice 😘👍💯😎

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  • Very pretty 😉😉 When are you coming to America??

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  • Because people are different from Japan, it feels strange.

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  • Not only are you beautiful and sexy but, smart and talented as well. Stay sweet!

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  • Backing up a task! Just like ships!

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  • Angelica you are absolutely gorgeous but you are also willing to learn the industry of trucking I am very impressed you know your stuff stay safe stay healthy PS look forward kissing your next video have a great weekend

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    • Look forward to seeing your next video I know I can be using talk text it puts things in this not supposed to be there LOL

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  • those "air tanks " what you call it , its real name is air suspension

    Norberto GoncalvesNorberto Goncalves7 månader sedan
  • In United States they're called airbags. They are used in a lot of vehicles (of course there are different sizes).

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  • Nice Work,for how long u are Truck Driver..

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  • Du skal har skifte din forrude. Det se ud til af der er en flænge i den

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  • Wow! A remote control for the air suspension!

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  • Beautiful,hi from Florida USA

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  • I like you soooo much. Ok. Im single and so ..but big respectk for you. It is so good to wach your wideos. You like energy bomb. I love you and love you videos Drive safe and keep up good work

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  • Är du en Hollywood-konstnär eller är du en svensk skönhet naturligtvis? You are artist from Hollywood is a beauty only naturally.

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  • Angelica , how much does it cost to fly to sweden? lol love the vids...

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  • come to canada :)

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  • Angelica you so beautiful 😍 married me I’m in love with you 🌹🌹❤️❤️

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  • I have just started watching your videos Angelica. It is very interesting to see the differences between our big Canadian trucks and your cab over trucks in Sweden. They are very different. After driving all kinds of different trucks I bought my first one last week, a Kenworth T800B. You are very informative and great to watch. Keep up the awesome work!!!!

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  • You called the air bags tanks🤣 funny

    Jorge LlerenasJorge Llerenas8 månader sedan
  • 9:17 they're called airbags

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  • when you were under the wagon time, the time on video was @ 8:50 in I noticed an inner tire was showing a chunk of rubber missing and exposed steel cord.

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  • Hello! I have watched your videos, but it is difficult to follow the Brazilian and I understand very little English. put subtitles in Portuguese for us !!

    Tadeu EvangelistaTadeu Evangelista9 månader sedan
  • Great video , Angelica . I'm learning things I've always wanted to know about the operation and features of those big rigs. I'm also impressed with your video editing skills . When the heck do you find time to do it ?

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  • watched

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  • Looks a lot like some of Minnesota in the USA.

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  • Hay Angelica I want to ask you which camera do you use to make the videos, please reply me with the name of camera model and Company.

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  • Can you show the txt longer?

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  • just BORING????

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  • love this!

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  • Great driving skills...you drive way better than some do here in the US

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  • Angelica, I wonder if they teach about drift in your driving schools, I know they do not do so here in Canada. When you're on a narrow road with curves it's important to know. Drift, as it applies to tractor trailers is the principal that going faster in a curve makes your trailer track closer to the tractor's wheels. In other words if you go slow in a tight curve the trailer wheels will cross the center line in the road, but if you're going faster your trailer wheels will not cross that line. Stay safe.

    Doug FeverDoug Fever9 månader sedan
  • Awesome all good showing your driving and your country massive please send more videos i see trucks here no one give them space i back of let them in or out

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  • Very interesting sweetie!

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  • New subscriber! Who'd have thought truck driving could be so interesting

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  • Yeah one is ABS BREAKS AND THE OTHER IS HYDRAULIC BREAKS. BUT GOOD ENOUGH. I really do love you're Personality really do!!!

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  • 😘👏👏👍

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  • I love you, Angelica. Good job.

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  • 👍🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪

  • And if you're really stuck like an emergency where you can't turn around or back out you can let air out of the tires to lower it a few more inches !!! ô¿ô

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  • I'm going to look for Swedish girlfriend

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  • Ive learned a lot in this video

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  • They have many common sense things in Sweden. It seems the trucks are well thought out and designed. Do you ever drive a straight transmission?

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  • What else can the truck remote do besides raise and lower the air?

    Shane CampbellShane Campbell9 månader sedan
  • It's interesting to see the difference between Volvo trucks in the U.S. and Sweden. You have a lot of features that we don't have...you have a beautiful voice.

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  • You are unbelievable 👍👍

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  • We call them airbags in the US

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