first black ice - Angelica Larsson

6 dec 2019
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One day on the road while the black ice came sneaking on.
a little boring video, but I wanted to share it anyways 😊 be safe out there on the roads 💙
I really have to stop saying "so" all the time 🤣
Be with you (feat. grant dawson) nightcore
Amadeus - Dominance

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  • A year ago! Seriously?...😲

  • Black ice is a bear to drive in. I can only imagine how hard it is in a semi.

    Joel DavisJoel Davis21 dag sedan
  • Happy Christmas Day

    Fernando VelezFernando Velez21 dag sedan
  • As a new member of the tribe these icy roads have me in fear for your safety. stay chill angel

    Henry LarHenry Lar29 dagar sedan
  • Cant get enough of ur videos hun such a hard working young lady

    Russell priceRussell priceMånad sedan
  • Wat is your favorite truck

    Rowmario SoomaruRowmario SoomaruMånad sedan
  • you drive safe and be careful ... winter on the door ... be safe ... big fan of you

    John YoussefJohn Youssef2 månader sedan
  • I hate driving in the winter. Only go out when neccessary. I'd also like to point out that you are beautiful in any light condition. Your smile is uplifting.

    William CatchpoleWilliam Catchpole2 månader sedan
  • I can’t tell but you look marvellous with the extra curves you have. :)😈🇨🇦😜

    jerry morinjerry morin3 månader sedan
  • Can skate on the road yei..

    Syaiful NazrySyaiful Nazry3 månader sedan
  • Hello ::😎

    rccagamer 1111rccagamer 11114 månader sedan
  • You have a special charm when you're a little under stress. Please take care of yourself while driving.

    Husam AlhmaidiHusam Alhmaidi6 månader sedan
  • Be careful when you are out thier brushing , ❄❄❄off the truck while on the road. you can't really trust too meny people. Especially pretty WOMEN like you being all by yourself.

    Robert HoggsRobert Hoggs6 månader sedan
  • hello angelica you're not afraid to ride when its sliding pays attention to you i don't want anything to happen to you i admire you

    david proisydavid proisy6 månader sedan
  • I enjoy watching your videos thank you for taking the time to make them

    Jesus FigueroaJesus Figueroa6 månader sedan
  • de Venezuela...eres agradable....acá no hay mujeres así...

    A. G.CA. G.C6 månader sedan
  • ❤🙏

    Dave LeeDave Lee6 månader sedan
  • Going outside and see what the road is like. "Went outside then sliding on the black ice LOL.. love it" Never change!

    Harold PhoenixHarold Phoenix6 månader sedan
  • Halo-Halo anyone?

    Harold PhoenixHarold Phoenix6 månader sedan
  • yup,,. i see you always say yup and yup,

    LatinRiderLatinRider7 månader sedan
  • is your dad a driver also

    Jefferson UyJefferson Uy8 månader sedan
  • why r u operating also the forklift

    Jefferson UyJefferson Uy8 månader sedan
  • what is the safest speed usually for driving in the ice

    Jefferson UyJefferson Uy8 månader sedan
  • How long have you had your cdl and where is your boyfriend

    Lee ArmstrongLee Armstrong8 månader sedan
  • Loved the first song on this video worked well

    B.P.Cap LockB.P.Cap Lock8 månader sedan
  • sei brava e bellissima complimenti angelica larsson

    Vincenzo ToscanoVincenzo Toscano8 månader sedan
  • Hello i m a semi -driver You're professional and l enjoy watching your videos . l work with a refrigerated car in lsrael

    אילן בוזגלואילן בוזגלו8 månader sedan
  • Though I absolutely don't care for driving in traffic none and it's more pleasant in the night for that. I tend to much prefer driving in the day, in the night I get easily blinded by others headlights and such and it get really uncomfortable if there are others going the other way for a long time. That and I do feel quite a bit nervous about hitting some random animal come out of nowhere when it gets really dark on the more country road style less city like areas! So I'll stick to day travel when possible! XP

    Za11oyZa11oy9 månader sedan
  • Pink is your second favorite color

    Wayne St.croixWayne St.croix9 månader sedan
  • Angelica I don't see any pounds you gained what you talking about you look gorgeous

    Wayne St.croixWayne St.croix9 månader sedan
  • Hi Angelica, do you have a radio in any of the trucks, hf?

    katmanclancykatmanclancy9 månader sedan
  • u are the best!

    Steven FateSteven Fate9 månader sedan
  • The god with you Angelica in any pleac

  • 👍👍👍🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪

  • You are my new favorite youtuber, ma'am

    Kenneth TomlinsonKenneth Tomlinson9 månader sedan
  • hai angelica.. can i know the remix song..

    Newbies KubisNewbies Kubis9 månader sedan
  • Do you use tire chains in Sweden for snow and ice conditions?

    Matt PowerMatt Power9 månader sedan
  • You know you would look good in a potato sack. Please

    Tommy LambertTommy Lambert9 månader sedan
  • You're doing a great job with your English. For us Americans. Keep On Truckin

    Tommy LambertTommy Lambert9 månader sedan
  • I know it's hard to eat right Angelica but you hold your weight good even with some weight! You look like you could be a body builder too with those guns for arms. My Grandfather was a truck driver and was in good shape! I'm praying for you out there and to come home safe! God bless you!

    Lucus ASMR2.0Lucus ASMR2.09 månader sedan
  • Ur eyes color is so nyc.. be safe

    Prince LivePrince Live10 månader sedan
  • And you like driving at night. Wow you "ROCK""!!!

    mike raymike ray10 månader sedan
  • If you ever want to see what it takes to clean up a semi truck crash check out Ron Pratt SEworld channel seworld.infovideos He only makes videos of Non-Death accidents and is one of the nicest guys.

    JOHN-OKCJOHN-OKC10 månader sedan
  • Привет моя красавица как ты все же прекрасна но болтаеш много

    Arnold HanharovArnold Hanharov10 månader sedan
  • If you ever need some company on your travel through the long and snowy Swedish nights just gimme a call and I'll be there 😉😀

    Fab FuntyFab Funty10 månader sedan
  • Love your vids A.💛 What speed do you travel at, when the conditions are bad like in your video.? We don’t have these problems in Australia on our roads. Did u have enough time in your shift for these delays.?

    Marcus WallerMarcus Waller10 månader sedan
  • you have a good shape body your hot , i enjoy driving at night to

    Spirit WarriorSpirit Warrior10 månader sedan
  • I want to follow you on Instagram but I don't know what you go by do you go by the same name that's on here? I'm a truck driver in the US you seem like a really cool person

    Russell HornRussell Horn10 månader sedan
  • Спасибо за видео Angelica

    Александр ГригорьевАлександр Григорьев10 månader sedan
  • are you ever getting tired of that much snow and cold weather and want to move some warm ?

    klaiden moradklaiden morad10 månader sedan
  • Sweetdreams

    Donald MaymireDonald Maymire10 månader sedan
  • Beautiful I like start early in morning

    Donald MaymireDonald Maymire10 månader sedan
  • You don't have to lose any pounds Bubbles💕You're the perfect combination of brains, beauty, and brawn.

    Ronald NesbitRonald Nesbit11 månader sedan
  • I drive in denver Colorado and I 70 vail pass gets black ice and this is how I got my name driveskid, I'm good at it. Lol drive safe beautiful.

  • Glad you made it home safe. Night night. 😴😴

    dragon69221dragon6922111 månader sedan
  • Im also prefer driving at night but....when weather is bad night driving become very difficult, plus all the animals that cross the roads at night looking for food. And people that are falling asleep at the wheel. Just be careful. Cheers I have my protein shake too.😁👍

    dragon69221dragon6922111 månader sedan
  • What you she height

    Minecraft SurvivalMinecraft Survival11 månader sedan
  • Hi Angelica I prefer day only because my vision is stay safe and be careful out there. Cover up and stay warm and stay blessed!!

    MR AGKMR AGK11 månader sedan
  • Wow,amazing young lady,she can do it all Be careful out there

    Dwayne MarshallDwayne Marshall11 månader sedan
  • ilove you Angelica I am cahrlie

  • You were born to drive no matter what kind of weather they put you on. You can do it. Just take your time you will get there safe.🌬😬😉👍.

    Jessie AguilarJessie Aguilar11 månader sedan
  • Have you thought about moving to Canada ?

    Malik FahadMalik Fahad11 månader sedan
  • 🚛🤘

    Johan EkstavJohan Ekstav11 månader sedan
  • I am a night trucker in the UK and fortunately we don't have many extreme weather conditions very often, mostly we have rain and fog and wind. I love how Very Professional you are.

    BenGunnsBenGunns11 månader sedan
  • I salute you of being an all around lady driver. God bless you always.

    Francis PastiasFrancis Pastias11 månader sedan
  • I drive Allways night to woodtruck

    Riuttan PvyRiuttan Pvy11 månader sedan
  • Good job

    Jovan JonesJovan Jones11 månader sedan
  • Best girl on Sweden road. I see lots of girl.but this is winer...

    art maxart max11 månader sedan
  • Moro no Brasil cidade de Fortaleza Ceará 🇧🇷

    Andre GlaucoAndre Glauco11 månader sedan
  • Oi boa noite gatinha linda que Deus te abençoe sempre amém 😉 beijão 😘😘 sou do Brasil cidade de Fortaleza Ceará André Glauco manda um alô para mim gatinha linda

    Andre GlaucoAndre Glauco11 månader sedan
  • I prefer night time as well because traffic is quiet Special I driving from Scotland and traffic is very quiet down to England where is busy all day But I don’t have choose because I have to catch both to France in the morning Also you make very good video Thanks

    Dariusz Cyp2Dariusz Cyp211 månader sedan
  • I don't miss that part of driving truck

    William KeehnWilliam KeehnÅr sedan
  • If u could have ur own truck what would it be ? Make Model ? Parts (Bull bar, led, colors...)

    Arthur DuquesnoyArthur DuquesnoyÅr sedan
  • Roll on summer eh angelica

    Barrie PayneBarrie PayneÅr sedan
  • you are truly amazing and gorgeous :)

    UnderGround EntertainmentUnderGround EntertainmentÅr sedan
  • Great Job Angelica, Be Safe.

    Paul YoungPaul YoungÅr sedan
  • Good nignt to you too..and be carefull on roads..!! 👋👋

    Massimo C.Massimo C.År sedan
  • Why wasent she got a guy to do all that.she's cute.unless....thats right folks shes the guy in the relationship.

    BigwuBigwuÅr sedan
  • With a tall load on the forklift, you should drive backwards, better visibility, that's I was taught, always worked good for me, and I was a professional forklift operator

    Michael StrattonMichael StrattonÅr sedan
  • ....Worried about your're fine just as you are! Drive safe..

    Earnie BEarnie BÅr sedan
  • What do you do when you are on the road?

    WhoAmI -WhoAmI -År sedan
  • There is something so awesome about a STRONG and CAPABLE woman breaking all the normal stereotypes and grabbing the bull by the horns and getting’ er done. Excellent excellent! I normally do not comment on physical looks and I don’t want to sound shallow but you look and sound so darn beautiful/adorable that I find myself watching your videos one after another and I subscribed. Great videos 👍 PS....I like your Swedish accent.

    PotrvlbPotrvlbÅr sedan
  • omg you are awesome 👌🏻😂

    Mick GribbleMick GribbleÅr sedan
  • Why not a bristles brush to clean the lights...keeps you from having to actually touch them

    Luis GLuis GÅr sedan
  • I wish I could encounter a a woman like you you are so caring and respectful for the lives of other unknown people. You are so sincerely care for other people. As many wives as if I had and ex girlfriends that are all evil witches. Iabsolutely do not want anything to do with any woman as of 2012 but just in the two days that I've been watching your videos. You make the female racewilling to give them a second or a million chance again. Only problem isout here in the United States and in California and the West coast or in Denver Colorado or in Mexico. I am no way going to find a woman and a beautiful attractive female like you. With such a caring and loving heart. You make me so sincerely caring to be kind and nice which is almost physically impossiblebut today on January 3rd 2020 I definitely want to be a nicer kinder person out here is it semi truck driver on the western 13 states of the United States. Just your personality I just want to be nicer out here on the road.🤩🥰😇😇❤️❤️🎅🌹☀️☃️⛄❄️🍭🍭

    Walter McLeanWalter McLeanÅr sedan
  • B carefull

    shebeedh shebeeshebeedh shebeeÅr sedan
  • I’ve lived in the tropics all my life , never even seen snow, only heard of black ice.

    Darryll SpaldingDarryll SpaldingÅr sedan
  • its not bad talking about your driving but why o why you speed up the up load when your driving.

    peter roffpeter roffÅr sedan

    Anthony GonzalesAnthony GonzalesÅr sedan
  • 3:15 angelica in Colombia I drive a truck mercedez actros but with 5 trailers transporting cane to produce sugar .. it is a bit difficult for the length 58 meters, but not in those weather conditions I admire your capacites very much 😙😙😍😍

    Jesus Benjumea R.Jesus Benjumea R.År sedan
  • You are perfect 🥰

    JohnnyJohnnyÅr sedan
  • hmmm your eyes were blue in other videos now they are brown hmm contacts

    megaartdmegaartdÅr sedan
  • Чет лапочет на своем.но приятная девушка и с такой серьезной работой и все сама делает

    Денис ПивоваровДенис ПивоваровÅr sedan
  • Happy Holidays lovely Angelica. Be safe out on those icy roads

    qwest 4oneqwest 4oneÅr sedan
  • 😍😍😘😘🎅🎅❤🇧🇪👍👌👊

    Alain RosselAlain RosselÅr sedan

    Hüseyin YıldırımHüseyin YıldırımÅr sedan
  • Hi Angelica 😍 ~ I love the music on this Video infact in all of your Videos the music you choose to use is great. God Bless you 🌲🎅🌲 Glad you got home safe and sound.

    AJ - KW T909 TRUCKIN 31AJ - KW T909 TRUCKIN 31År sedan
  • I am sure there are many who tells to you, you are the most beautiful trucker in the world....but I am in the need to tell it to you too - so: YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL TRUCKER IN THE WORLD!

    Burny BurnsBurny BurnsÅr sedan