e.p 1 | SWEDISH with subtitles - Svenska truckers, Angelica Larsson

7 apr 2020
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So I promised you that I was going to upload the footage from swedish TV, and now I've got it 😄
not so much in this first episode 😅 but we'll see what comes up next I guess 🙏

This is a TV program that is made for SÅ

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See the rest of the participants and the whole program in swedish for free at Viafree:

  • If you don't have subtitles, press the 3 dots in the right corner of the video 😄🤗

    Angelica LarssonAngelica Larsson9 månader sedan
    • you will be my wife

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    • what are you doing there

      Норл НрлтНорл Нрлт23 dagar sedan
    • miss you

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    • you are my Love

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    • Любовь ты моя

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  • Мне её речь больше на Шведском нравится)

    MsTermitosMsTermitosDag sedan
  • Thank you for the great video with very good driving tips and great driving in conditions a lot would struggle with and the combination of Swedish and English is great keep up the great videos and entertainment and total respect and even though you was tired you are still bubbly and smiling

    Anthony watsonAnthony watson2 dagar sedan
  • The subtitles go by to fast for me to read,other then that I love the idea,I love anything you do,your a very good driver,love from Canada !!!

    George JAMESGeorge JAMES2 dagar sedan
  • Love your trucking videos 👍😘

    Francis oreillyFrancis oreilly12 dagar sedan
  • Hello; I have a question if possible, I sent you also e-mail about another video. My question is, and probably many people also, wich truck did you drove most? Scania or Volvo? If you can tell in percentage or km it would be eaven more helpfull. I tell you this also cuz you appeared 3 weeks ago in maybe the best motor journal from ROmania and said you drive Scania bla bla, and I said I think is not that true, cuz you also drive alott Volvo. :) Good work at the TV show. Best regards and thank you if you will answer :) @);----

    Ion ComanIon Coman12 dagar sedan
  • It was interesting to see what the weather is like in Sweden. From what you said the response time of the emergency workers was pretty fast in comparison to here in the US. I am guessing your age to be around 26 or 27 years of age. Let me know if my guess was close. Your language is rather what some would call a romantic language. Are all Swedish gals so sweet and charming as you? I have always been captivated with the Language. Being an English speaking I know a little Jewish and Spanish but had not taken the time to learn any of the Scandinavian languages though I have met several here in the US. I must find out what it is like to learn the language so to speak it to others who are Swedish.

    Dean MooreDean Moore15 dagar sedan
  • You are amazing, there is nothing you could do to make it any better. Thanks a million and God bless you.

    Robert LRobert L15 dagar sedan
  • Swedish language is much more pleasant to listen for me, than English! I am Russian and I don't understood no one word in Swedish, of corse, but I liked it so much!!!!! Well done video!!! Angelica, my best regards and great respect for you from Krasnodar, South Russia!

    vlad2enginevlad2engine17 dagar sedan
  • I didn’t understand only your coment

    Fernando VelezFernando Velez22 dagar sedan

    Lisa WilhelmLisa Wilhelm22 dagar sedan
  • Loving your videos love your language and your English is excellent where did you learn english? Take care x

    Michael SutherlandMichael Sutherland22 dagar sedan
  • you sound so different when you speek in swedish

    K CK C22 dagar sedan
  • Please play the other episodes

    David GirouxDavid Giroux24 dagar sedan
  • 3:28 Song name?

    Ashtree81Ashtree8128 dagar sedan
  • you are a Legend!!! your english is really good, you are super funny in English!!!but most of all you have incredible work skills and ethic! amazing!!!

    barnabe adriaensbarnabe adriaensMånad sedan
  • Pretty cool. I’m sure it was an interesting experience.

    Bryan KerrBryan KerrMånad sedan
  • She is very educated and her english language is very good.

    Will RallWill RallMånad sedan
  • Love the socks. Do you drive only in socks? Haha

    mrcarscrankingmrcarscrankingMånad sedan
  • There is nothing boring with you in it.

    Roy MartinRoy MartinMånad sedan
  • You are awesome and very pretty GOD bless

    Rick HappsRick HappsMånad sedan
  • Awe, too bad on your pancake. You should really see my pancakes I make, I think you will love them. You are a wonderful person as a truck driver. Love the way you speak your language. Big hugs.. Tony

    Anthony ZebeauAnthony Zebeau2 månader sedan
  • You are very pretty woman

    Henry mintonHenry minton2 månader sedan
  • Totally Cool!

    Al La RoccaAl La Rocca2 månader sedan
  • so cute when you speak Sweden

    John YoussefJohn Youssef2 månader sedan
  • She is so beautiful

    Winston c RyanWinston c Ryan2 månader sedan
  • Yes, this was wonderful.....there is great opportunity in the trucking/freight industry. What are you doing for work in October 2920?

    John DoeJohn Doe2 månader sedan
  • Yes, boobs are vitamins of joys and spirit calm

    John DoeJohn Doe2 månader sedan
  • Seem like your whole demeanor changes when you speak Swedish. Interesting 🤔. I prefer you talk (American) English. You rock girl, you really do.

    cristian cristeacristian cristea2 månader sedan
  • You are so prity ND so beautyful

    Inam InamInam Inam2 månader sedan
  • Do you mean Olja “oil” or “lubricant” almost the same lubricant is more general (slippery) Oil or Olga is made from fossil fuel like diesel

    Martin BenoitMartin Benoit3 månader sedan
  • Timoteij : seworld.info/will/d7LTt9rHp4yX16M/video

    Bo NilssonBo Nilsson3 månader sedan
  • Swedish Language is So Romantic to the Ears! I'm Intrigued How ya Talk Swedish to English and English to Swedish! You Swedish Gals Rock! The American Gals Of Marilyn Monroe Era to the 80's Were Much Better Quality! From the 90's to Present The Gals Lost there Selves to being Self Centered Gold Diggers! 😳

    Pastorwill Albrecht Sr.Pastorwill Albrecht Sr.3 månader sedan
  • Your Funny ( Boobs Make Ya Happy) Marilyn Monroe was an Icon! Bat Woman Swedish ❤

    Pastorwill Albrecht Sr.Pastorwill Albrecht Sr.3 månader sedan
  • Will there be a second season of Svenska Truckers. You got after all the prize for best tv realety show 2019. I think it was you and that guy from Piteå who was got it. He for his luange. And you for your wonderful personalety that charms everybody. Tack för en bra show, jag såg alla avsnitt. Killen från Pitä han svor ju t o m mer än jag. Säger myckeet. Gillar verkligen dig och din stil. Du är rena charmtrollet!

    Leif AnderssonLeif Andersson3 månader sedan
  • Its nice to hear you speak Swedish, so long as its translated into English, you make very lnteresting videos...

    tommi dunntommi dunn3 månader sedan
  • I've lived with a swedish speaker for 20 years, hearing it day in day out, and I still struggle to understand some regional dialects (jag talar Helsingfors-dialekt finlandssvenska). Yours I can manage if I concentrate. I guess I'm glad you're not from Skåne :D Keep up with the videos, loving them! (yeah I'm quite a way behind...)

    Andy FawcettAndy Fawcett3 månader sedan
  • I thought it was great

    Wayne CalveleyWayne Calveley3 månader sedan
  • I love it I wish we could watch in America

    Quincy MasonQuincy Mason3 månader sedan
  • hehe we in Finland must study basic Swedish, so Swedish language sounds like Swedish. Except we talk more like Momin Svenska

    Arto KallioArto Kallio4 månader sedan
  • pfff English pfff Swedish...I Want it in Swenglish :P

    MrZombieMrZombie4 månader sedan
  • I really liked it you are so good at it what you do I wanted to go and drive through Europe I think it is so awesome keep doing this I am really enjoying it Godbless you always and forever ✝️

    Rudy ResendezRudy Resendez4 månader sedan
  • You are amazing 😊

    Mar del plata LimosMar del plata Limos4 månader sedan
  • 107 People don't seem to like boobs. (forgot the s last time)

    Andy MainwaringAndy Mainwaring4 månader sedan
  • 107 People don't seem to like boob.

    Andy MainwaringAndy Mainwaring4 månader sedan
  • Translate all. Show us examples of cat-lick head

    Randy KennedyRandy Kennedy4 månader sedan
  • Looking good girl👍🏾👍🏾

    Dennis McsweeneyDennis Mcsweeney4 månader sedan
  • I really like the fact that you chose Muse to start the video! Your channel is way better than tv. Keep up the good work, sweetie.

    Michael Jay GamacheMichael Jay Gamache4 månader sedan
  • Love the Swedish language. We’ve had very similar tv programs here in the UK and continue to get new ones

    tdimactdimac4 månader sedan
  • This girl must have fifty million offers of marriage every day she is a dream girl so sweet so sexy so beautiful so cute kinda girl I would love to be this women's man friend !!!!

    chucky 1timechucky 1time5 månader sedan
  • Какая прекрасная скандинавка а ведь совсем не давно мы были одним народом Светлой Руси .

    Alexsander MelkozerovAlexsander Melkozerov5 månader sedan
  • Your language is so beautiful and you are so precious🙌🏻❤️

    Robert PickettRobert Pickett5 månader sedan
  • Love it sweet girl!

    Carmelo CaralianCarmelo Caralian5 månader sedan
  • nice to hear you in your native language

    Robbie HannaRobbie Hanna5 månader sedan
  • It is amazing how passionate you are! Love people who are passionate about their thing. Big respect!

    VasyaBambukVasyaBambuk5 månader sedan
  • Wish my KW T680 had all those lights.

    PetePete5 månader sedan
  • Nothing with you in it is boring.

    Robert VRobert V5 månader sedan
  • angelica i look at all your videos and i think your a great woman i use to be a driver in uk and u put a lot of drivers to shame keep up the videos i love them be safe dennis ..

    Dennis ReedDennis Reed5 månader sedan
  • That was great!!! Thank you!

    Dan LindbergDan Lindberg5 månader sedan
  • Honey i loved it

    Wayne CarswellWayne Carswell6 månader sedan
  • You are so adorable. 😍. The world needs a lot more women like you. Well people in general with better attitudes with bubbly personalitys. You did great on TV! I loved it. I would never been able to do that. It looked nerve racking to have someone record you while you were driving and doing everything at work. Good job.

    Sam SSam S6 månader sedan
  • You are an amazing woman Angelica. You are always smiling and positive. I am a UK 🇬🇧 trucker and I live watching your videos. Thank you

    david faragdavid farag6 månader sedan
  • Your voice is much nicer when you speak Swedish, even though I don't know a single word of Swedish. All in all a great video.

    Риле80Риле806 månader sedan
  • Your voice is much sweeter when you speak english than when you speak swedish.. I don't know why but I sounds like It...

    Georgia AntzaGeorgia Antza6 månader sedan
  • your winter driving and loading of the truck your a real good truck driver

    max rodriguezmax rodriguez6 månader sedan
  • English subtitles don't work for me Pulling a heavy trailer with a ligh truck is quite dangeorous

    Andres GonzalezAndres Gonzalez6 månader sedan
  • Not boring, I enjoyed it.parts of it really funny.

    Marja HarrisMarja Harris6 månader sedan
  • Being a Swede stuck in California, your videos provide a 'comfortable' atmosphere!

    Dan LindbergDan Lindberg6 månader sedan
  • Wish you could teach me how too speak your language it's so pretty when you say it Angelica.

    Robert HoggsRobert Hoggs6 månader sedan
  • Really blessed by watching your video loved it stay safe out on them roads

    Dave LeeDave Lee6 månader sedan
  • would love to see the other episodes

    bent andrebent andre6 månader sedan
  • I love the style of your video. I know just a one-person thing but it's very unique and it offer a very good perspective. I love it!

    Harold PhoenixHarold Phoenix6 månader sedan
  • I like to watch your videos!

    Олег УваровОлег Уваров7 månader sedan
  • I loved it

    Luis MendezLuis Mendez7 månader sedan
  • I would like to see the rest of them. Would like to learn the language.

    Rex HorningRex Horning7 månader sedan
  • That video was awesome all your videos are very entertaining

    azglockmaniacazglockmaniac7 månader sedan
  • You have a very dangerous job , in winter especially .

    Tom RobardsTom Robards7 månader sedan
  • Another awesome video MsAngelica

    Robert Connell HigginsRobert Connell Higgins7 månader sedan
  • Hi Angee..Congrats Great work 🥰

    Frank z1000 MedeirosFrank z1000 Medeiros7 månader sedan
  • Suíça?

    Natanaelribeiro NatanNatanaelribeiro Natan7 månader sedan
  • Sorry, I forgot to add that the suicide knob was outlawed in California to force people to have to drive with both hands on the wheel, I guess that makes more sense now at least I hope it does again, take good care. See you!!!

    Leonard HerrmannLeonard Herrmann7 månader sedan
  • The steering knob on the wheel was always called a Suicide knob in California ever since I was a teenager the reasoning is that the state wanted you to have both hands on the steering wheel, I just think it’s interesting that so many vehicles in Sweden use the suicide knob. I also think it’s interesting that in Sweden the driver loads and unloads the truck in the United States the driver only drives I think it’s a union rule that you have separate people loading and unloading just interesting differences that struck me. All that aside I really enjoy watching you maneuver that large truck and how well you do it and of course how pretty you are when you’re doing it. Have fun and take good care . A fan!!!

    Leonard HerrmannLeonard Herrmann7 månader sedan
  • It was great.

    Luckky7Luckky77 månader sedan
  • I think you are the best thing to come out of Sweden since 'Agnetha Folkskog'. Enjoy your videos very much, glad you stopped with the tongue sticking out. Stay safe! Oh and the seventh April is my birthday.

    chewbear22chewbear227 månader sedan
  • If I could speak swedish I would watch it! Im from England and we used to have something called Eddie Stobart Trucks and Trailers and it was great but the show ended so we dont really have anything like this anymore

    MattMatt8 månader sedan
  • I LOVE your Videos you are awesome keep it up Angelina

    amalia de antonisamalia de antonis8 månader sedan
  • Bra video som vanligt 😀 har tillverkat delar till både handtruckar, och tuckarna du kör som packats ihop och körts till BT där de byggdes 😀

    gebbisgebbis8 månader sedan
  • Your doin awesome on the program bc I would love to see the whole season and listen to swedish language is awesome 🤟🤟👌👌😁😁😁

    Ronald ThompsonRonald Thompson8 månader sedan
  • Fy fan va fett. Dubstep kan vara riktigt nice att köra till. Skulle starkt rekommendera drum n bass dock! Finns med sång också. Melodic och liquid dnb är min favorit att köra till

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  • Haha 🤣 Boob make do make people happy 😃 Love your videos. Yes, please make more videos about Swedish trucking with English subtitles. I like that you’re so humble 👍 Very cool.

    Loi BiLoi Bi8 månader sedan
  • Who does your cameras? I'm totally free because of this lockdown but willing to travel! ( P.s im not a cameraman)😜

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  • Oh the head lights on that truck makes me think the Criswalds of Chicago Illinois designed it..!

    Allen Barclay AllenAllen Barclay Allen8 månader sedan
  • it's weird to listen to you on your native language, idk if it was because of the mics or because you are a bit more confident but your voice sonds a bit deeper

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  • Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee1😍wwwwwwwwww

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  • wow id like to kiss thy sweetness for sure!!!!

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  • I think it's time you'll have to get a publicist or agent because Hollywood will be come knocking on your door

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  • Amazing

    Joel PridgenJoel Pridgen8 månader sedan
  • The Swedish/English mix is a great tribute to how smart and determined you are Angelica. Your abilities are addicting! Each time I watch, I'm amazed , because what you do is very hard and your 5 foot blonde energy prevails. CNC was not your calling. because your an outside person and don't want to be in a box. Your dad and mom did a great job and I hope you share them with us.

    Marty LostMarty Lost8 månader sedan