#4 Angelica Larsson repairing the trailer/wagon

16 aug 2019
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A regular day at work. The handle was broken on my wagon, so I fixed that :)

  • Loved the video thank you for sharing it. I drive a truck in my city of Portland, Oregon USA. I'm excited to see that cargo moved and handled very much in the same way world wide. Your videos simply fascinate me.👍👍

    Brad LaVassaurBrad LaVassaurDag sedan
  • Hey beautiful I would like to ask you a question... do you do all the camera work on the outside of the truck or is there a camera crew waiting for you wherever you're delivering ?..do you set the cameras up all over the place so when you come into a place you drive towards the camera ,then you have to go back and get the camera ,then you have to put it in another place ,then you have to back up the truck towards the camera, then you have to move the camera 2 watch you unload the truck or trailer. then after you're done with the unloading, then you have to move the camera to watch you get back into the truck ,then you have a camera in the truck ,so we can see what you're talkin about..probably the easiest one but ,then when you leave a place ,you got to move the camera outside and drive the truck towards the camera... that to me is a lot a lot a lot a lot of work just to get on SEworld ..if they pay you 5 to $10,000 a month to be on SEworld I guess I would probably do it...unless you have a camera crew, that's what I'm asking..?

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  • Your cute as can be, I love your spirit.

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  • 'i got a crush o you

    Ron MeeksRon Meeks12 dagar sedan
  • How old are you, Angelica?

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  • 😍😍🦾🖐

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  • what is your favorite soda i think pepsi max is good

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  • girl gets hands dirty... finaly not a girl who is afraid to get hands dirty in the non sexual meaning. only met one other irl. cant compar as she is now in the office instead of getting hands on [plumber]

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  • Love watching your videos! So cute! So beautiful! Very talented truck driver! Mad respect for all you do! I'm calling the police because you stole my heart! 😉❤😁👍

    Gene MachineGene Machine24 dagar sedan
  • What a sweetie.1/2 of the drivers here in the states don’t have any tools with them OR would fix the door handle. She definitely showed the boys up.

    Kevin WorleyKevin Worley24 dagar sedan
  • Anyelica makes me believe in Intelligent Design....

    Peat MossPeat Moss25 dagar sedan
  • Im digging the shirt.

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  • From Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 787-484-5976

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  • You say old lady but you should have 34years

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  • I am curious why are you doing this hard ass job

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  • So that’s where that snippet cam from with using tools to tighten up lose bolts on ya, absolutely adorable. Abit of dirt ‘n’ grease on the hands is all in a days work of Angelica the supercool 😎 trucker.

    Aaron WattAaron WattMånad sedan
  • Love your personality and you are a great worker. Love the videos

    timothy gillistimothy gillisMånad sedan
  • You're one of the hardest working woman I've ever seen kudos to you

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  • I was wondering what you were doing in your intros with the wrenches up by your head. Just adjusting I see! Lolol 🤣

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  • Great bubbly personality and skilled driver and of course very good looking, keep up the good work and keep safe

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  • That was funny wrenching your head! Great video!

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  • Work with Manitou Telehandler ;) itp Nice machine.

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  • I think she’s the most beautiful us girl I’ve ever seen in my life too bad it wasn’t in real life and on SEworld only I think I’m gonna have to move to Sweden are all the girls that beautiful there

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  • Dear Angelica, there are no screws loose with you, but it shows that you have humor. By the way, I think it's cute how you say "wagon" and stick with it. Greetings from Hamburg

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  • Not only do I love ur videos but ur choice of music is banging

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  • Is good

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  • 12:56 I lost it. I laughed my ass off. This girl is so witty and spontaneous it’s hilarious. She’s very talented and I don’t think there’s anything she can’t do if she puts her mind to it. Keep truckin Angelica. Bill from California.

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  • More than a woman to me..

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  • Baaahaha!!! 😄😄🤣🤣😀😀😁😁🤪🤪🤪

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  • Angelica, hope all is well. That everything is working out ok.

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  • U should never travel forward in the warehouse with a load on ..safety hazard

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  • She can post anything she wants and it will be beautiful.

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  • Hi from Phoenix, AZ love your videos

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  • You are a beautiful woman

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  • Very good video

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  • Vc é vc muito linda

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  • You are just to talented and beautiful,

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  • Men are dreaming about such "old lady". Independ from age (10-110y).🥰

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  • de tres belle video ma grande tu et une tres belle femme je roule rez bien avec toi gros bisous regis

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  • I started watching Donald Trump coz i wanted to have a laugh and ended up here🤔 not complaining tho im actually quite thankful she is simply amazing wishing you all the best beautiful may god bless you... You know you just made my day so bubbly and positive personality

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  • 0:10 Can I go down south with you 🤣😅😂

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  • 📺I hadn't seen this video posted one year ago.😅But even so I'm enjoying seeing those eye-catching pearls shining on your face as if it were first time. You have come into my life so promptly, that I have decided to move the clocks toward your possibilities. Patience and silence : happiness does not happen by chance, but by choice. Just like your hands got the perfect tool to fix that handle, also you should have the tool that opens the door of dreams and closes the door of fear. 🤗Even if you disappear forever and the sun stops shining in my channel, I would still love your memories.📽️

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  • It's a bolt hun not a screw

    Winston c RyanWinston c Ryan2 månader sedan
  • I like how you can watch her videos without sound. Her flailing hands and arms tell their own storie. 👋👈👉🙌👐🙌💪🤏🖐️🤏✋🤲... Love you for it😆

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  • Just watched n watch another.. then know a little bit of trucker operator. It's already a year video but it interesting me I don't know. My heart 💖 on fire 🔥

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  • I'm sleepy right now.

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  • Never seen such beautiful eyes.....

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  • Angelica sei un fenomeno

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  • Angelicas tradesmark ,quality for the compagny Lasterb...... over Sweden ect ect

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  • Very beautiful girl white very hard job and wish you good luck👍👍🙏🙏❤️❤️

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  • I like what you do how to flip a spoon with a fork

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  • You are too good and so beautiful 😍🔥 hot how it's possible I can't believe but it's true you are amazing girl

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  • Hey kid throw in a gaming channel

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  • 🌹💕

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  • It was great

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  • I wonder if the other drivers takes care of the trucks too

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  • Hi Angelica I want to introduce to you e Brazilian driver na is Pakita 153br, she’s driving semis in Brazil from south to north of Brasil and I thinking you are going to love her videos in SEworld ok, I also going to introduce you to her because I think she going to love your videos like I love ok.

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  • Awesome video your awesome 👌 and funny 👋 I'm hobo George I'm a holistic life coach energy healer nomad.

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  • comecei a ver os seus video ontem estou curtindo muito vc e muito alegre

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  • The question is, are you single haha

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  • You are missing a horn and a flowing stream of rainbows behind you wherever you walk.

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  • Good stuff keep it up.x

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  • oh we have been loaded lol

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  • You are a good trucker

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  • Sooo! Five foot, bullet proof, a red flannel shirt, and. Peterbilt! So you've been to America afterall, and here I was thinking you'd never been over here! Shows you how stupid I am! So is that how you do it, huh? You get people, and worn out lonely old bastards like me who fall in love with your charm, to subscribe to your channel just so you can get the money 💰! I should have known, driving an expensive sports car, and living in a nice apartment! I'd be willing to bet your dad owns that warehouse, and all those trucks, doesn't he! GD, what a fool I've been, but I've been a fool my whole life! About the only good thing I had in my life, was the love of my life, but I buried her back in '97, along with all my dreams, and the dreams of my kids after 21 years of marriage! You know I was going to start out by saying how much you amaze me with all you know, but it's probably because your dad taught you everything you know, probably because he never had a son of his own, and so yo win his heart, you became the son he never had! I was also going to ask you if something was wasn't just right in the first part of this video, because you weren't your same perky little bundle of adorably cute smiles, but then you began to perk up! I was going to say how much you amaze me, because you act so carefree, and happy all the time, even when you're busy working, except for the first part of this video! I was going to tell you just how much I admire you, because you are so young, and because you know so much, but now I know why! Google says you're 30 years old! I was going to say around 25! Anyway, I guess you've probably been laughing at all the comments, and suggestions, and stories I've been telling you, and carrying on like the damn fool I am! You're probably married too, and to another truck driver, who probably works for your dad too, no doubt, and you probably have a kid, or two, or three, don't you! Anyhoo, you seem to be smart enough to take care of yourself! If not you have your dad, and you're probably a daddy's girl anyway, so you don't need someone like me hanging around! I'd only start to depress you! Sooo, take care, and stay safe!...😒

  • Angelica, you need oil? Horse saucer? It's awailable at Tankstelle ;-) Found a wonderful song for you, GAL :-* seworld.info/will/bG663K3JmYuqyXU/video

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  • I liked the figures you made in the video at 12:50 - 13:00. You're very pretty when you make that face.

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  • Hello Angelica you are like dreamgirl !!! Professional driver ,very good looking ,intresting videos for those who like trucks !!!!! Scania V8 !!!!!!

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  • Angelica, have to say I wish I had you on my crew when I was trucking, not only for you skills but also because you make trucking fun!! It was very cute the way you tighten the screw in your head. Keep up the great videos and the humour. Drive safe!

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  • Ренат КаримовРенат Каримов5 månader sedan

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  • Angelica have you finished with the original company now you have started your own business.hope to see you at Peterborough truck festival next week end.nice to see you take care and look after yourself philip.

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  • If you ever gave up lorry driver . Could easily be a model . Fashion

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  • Me at least i wanna see more of driving.... Also lot of greetings from greece... You are the best driver... Especially there in sweden you have very good truck drivers driving those HUGE machines🤙💪

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  • Darling... very nice...

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  • Awesome I love the scannia v8 S580

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  • You are so skilled driveing that truck . 🤘

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  • Angelica your eyes are divinely beautiful.

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  • i like those side loading -unloading

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  • Ślicznie jak aniołek wyglądasz. Można się zakochać.

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  • Hy! How long are you working as a truck driver, Angelica?

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  • What truck would you like to drive and your nice

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  • You are funny specially with the tools.

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  • She's purtier than a little speckled puppy-dog ...! LOL

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  • I love you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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  • Do you have a man in your live sexy

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  • Will you marry me my love?

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  • very hard working and brave girl

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  • Doing. A. Good

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  • You are beautiful inside and out funny out and great for building confidence in women to do the job that you do☺

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  • Great job! Great video!

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  • 12:54 Jag gillade sättet att sätta de två nycklarna på huvudet och göra skruvar i huvudet😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • 10:27 I liked how you reacted when the key fell😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • 8:56 Could the next time you clean the truck crystal from flies? It's disgusting🤢🤢🤢🤢

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  • 8:17Today it becomes better and better than taking off the handle😅😅😅😂😂😂

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