FAIL TUTORIAL, side doors - Angelica Larsson

13 apr 2020
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I was trying to show and explain to you how easy and awesome it is to have side doors on your truck/trailer, buuut the doors didn't want to work with me today 😂🛠
and this day I only had this wagon available, but it was fun tho, and we all have to remember that it can't be easy every time 😉
🚜💨 But it when stuff fails we learn 🤠😎
I also have to say that, when it works it's awesome 😄👌
Nightcore - be with you
Different heaven - pentakill

  • I think it was a good video! You easily fixed the problem with no problem...about your car wow that’s sad to hear,thank goodness you were not in the car...did they take anything?

    Shawn WallisShawn Wallis2 dagar sedan
  • Hermosa mi amor

    Julio PerezJulio Perez5 dagar sedan
  • In the U.S. long cargo is loaded on open trailers and tarped. (Sometimes called "skateboards") Generally only standard pallets are loaded on enclosed trailers. We don't used enclosed boxes on the tractor when pulling a trailer, or as you call them, "wagons". If a trailer has a side door there is only one and it is only 5 feet wide. "Box Trucks", as they are called in the states, are only used for local city hauling. And they are of lower capacity, no more that 10 tons. Whereas tractor-trailer combinations are up to 80 tons.

    Jordan SnowhookJordan Snowhook25 dagar sedan
  • When confronting complex equations the simplest solution is most often the correct. & your critical thinking is on point.. You would have been great with my unit in the U.S. Marine's.. By the way your name is like mine is De'Angelo, stay safe out there.. Your manifesting everything positive in your life you must be an air sign like me im Libra the balance sign..

    Delow USMCDelow USMC26 dagar sedan
  • И😍

    Норл НрлтНорл НрлтMånad sedan
  • Do you have someone help you with your camera, when your doing videos when you are doing parking lot shots or warehouses shots?

    David GirouxDavid GirouxMånad sedan
  • there is walking floor trailers that move the cargo. dunno if theyre still in use.

    lars kristensenlars kristensenMånad sedan
  • Those trailers would be nice here. We can only rear load here in the states unless it is a flatbed trailer.

    Bryan KerrBryan KerrMånad sedan
  • Not a fail, you done it

    andrew Jamesandrew JamesMånad sedan
  • This way it would be so much easier to load and unload

    Winston c RyanWinston c Ryan2 månader sedan
  • I love the way she says ya

    Winston c RyanWinston c Ryan2 månader sedan
  • We only can only load and unload from the end no side doors

    Winston c RyanWinston c Ryan2 månader sedan
  • Wee loader lol so cute

    Winston c RyanWinston c Ryan2 månader sedan
  • The truck don’t open on the side if any at all

    Wayne AshfordWayne Ashford2 månader sedan
  • So we load straight from the back

    Winston c RyanWinston c Ryan2 månader sedan
  • I have never seen trailer's over here like u have

    Winston c RyanWinston c Ryan2 månader sedan
  • Excellent wheel loader skills 👍😎

    cslhansencslhansen3 månader sedan
  • Du är otroligt skicklig Angelica 💛💙

    Bo NilssonBo Nilsson3 månader sedan
  • Nice colors 👌 I like ur car....😎✌😘

    Adam FormanAdam Forman3 månader sedan
  • Moßt here in north america (US,Canada) most trailers have only the back door so we have to get a pallet jack if we're not backed into a dock. Few daily trailers and body jobs have smaller side doors but not many. Also you mentioned that your doors may have issues due to the load and makes your unit unbalanced try dropping your air if your on level ground sometimes evens the unit out :)

    Robert StanleyRobert Stanley4 månader sedan
  • With long pallets we have flatbed trailers...and use tarps,or covered wagon... WHERES your gloves???

    Gregory GonzalesGregory Gonzales4 månader sedan
  • AWESOME VIDEO as always i like those trailers the way the sides open up

    Richard OliveiraRichard Oliveira4 månader sedan
  • I believe use loading dock with a fork lift ps I like how she calls the trailer a wagon

    Richard OliveiraRichard Oliveira4 månader sedan
  • YES it is loader in the states

    Richard OliveiraRichard Oliveira4 månader sedan
  • You know Spätzle Hobel? It's a piece of Heavy Metal. Keep on truckin'

    Michael NuberMichael Nuber4 månader sedan
  • We either use a flat bed. Or a trailer with curtain sides for long loads.

    David DeanDavid Dean5 månader sedan
  • Cute

    Grave DiggerGrave Digger5 månader sedan
  • Most trailers are curtain siders in the UK, so pulling the curtain back gives full side access. Some are pillar less, others require a pillar or two to be moved. Box trailers tend to be used for refrigeration or standard 48" x 48" pallets, and frequently the CHEP pallet, loaded through the back doors. Wagon and drag aren't as popular here as they are in the rest of Europe, they can be most frequently seen moving demountable bodies. Side doors are very rare here!

    Sarge084Sarge0845 månader sedan
  • 😊😊👍

    El Ghali HachmaouiEl Ghali Hachmaoui5 månader sedan
  • how about you wear some shiny leggins?

    Alex NedelcuAlex Nedelcu6 månader sedan
  • Hi Angelica, am from Zimbabwe and I do watch your videos whenever you post new ones, am impressed and still love to see your videos

    Zondai ZuzeZondai Zuze6 månader sedan
  • For long cargo, I get 7 dwarfs to push it in while they sing the "Heigh-Ho" song.

    The CerberusThe Cerberus6 månader sedan
  • You are so nice very talented pretty always watching your video im a truck driver to in philippines.i have many idea to apply to my driving skills keep it up pretty girl

    makie travel vlogmakie travel vlog6 månader sedan
  • love it all

    keith herbertkeith herbert6 månader sedan
  • All I have is two doors on the rear of my trailer.....I just push the long loads in from the back.

    Michael UmsteadMichael Umstead7 månader sedan
  • Ciai la telecamera a due mesi fa lagiusti

    Roberto RadoRoberto Rado7 månader sedan
  • That is the true purpose of wheee loader! Awesome idea!

    Harold PhoenixHarold Phoenix7 månader sedan
  • In North America most long freight is shipped on a flat deck trailer that can be up to 53 feet long. If it needs to stay clean and dry it gets tarpped.

    Fred StoneFred Stone7 månader sedan
  • Some trucks have side curtains and some have solid sides in u.k

    leslie Croweleslie Crowe7 månader sedan
  • The docks are the height of the truck

    Tyler FishTyler Fish7 månader sedan
  • Нет, я не навязываюсь, просто, может Механик нужен? .... А Штурман?

    Владимир КиселёвВладимир Киселёв7 månader sedan
  • Usually Dry-cargo-Boxes are only used to transport freight on pallets. For big and long pieces of freight we use tarpaulin trailers.

    MichaelMichael7 månader sedan
  • I love you and your GTI

    Luis MendezLuis Mendez7 månader sedan
  • Love the episode very unique way to shut the door love it LOL you're very good with machinery keep it up girl

    Joseph ParkerJoseph Parker7 månader sedan
  • I love your energy so positive so what beat you were definitely a special person keep smiling

    Joseph ParkerJoseph Parker7 månader sedan
  • How many trucks you have?????

    Aahil AhmedAahil Ahmed8 månader sedan
  • Really sad to hear ur car got a damage.

    Murali RamachandranMurali Ramachandran8 månader sedan
  • Where your gloves at girl, your hands are very important. Trust me I lost the use of my right hand.

    DC8CombiDC8Combi8 månader sedan
  • Love your face after your comment about getting this video done. I would have been cussing a few times. Good job of keeping your cool.

    Sean EhmkeSean Ehmke8 månader sedan
  • You did it perfect. But when there is no wheelloader. Use a strap like in you're 'strap lesson' video to close the door. Then the handle will close easy.

    Guido BeertenGuido Beerten8 månader sedan
  • Cute

    Leandro RiosLeandro Rios8 månader sedan
  • 9:00 hit it like you mean it, girl! get mean...put your body into it, like an american football player!! 💪💪

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  • I watch some pretty girls on YT. That's the only such channel with content though;) I love that you're capitalizing on your personality and interesting job Angelica!

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  • Favolosa💪🏻

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  • ms angelica larsson can i helf u if the doors not open,,,..

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  • Vc é mt linda ;)

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  • Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee1😍😍😍😍😍wwwwwwwwwwww

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  • use 2kg hammer ...fix everything...or broke everything.

    Rait LiivassaarRait Liivassaar8 månader sedan
  • Your funny

    david Cookdavid Cook8 månader sedan
  • Angelia you are a hard worker and you know how to drive the truck pretty good and you know how to back a double trailer that is good not many people can back a double trailer as good as you good job

    david Cookdavid Cook8 månader sedan
  • Again you are a straight badass

    Joel PridgenJoel Pridgen8 månader sedan
  • I like that you have a wheel loader in your toolbox Angelica

    Corin SchickCorin Schick8 månader sedan
  • The use a fork lift with long forks, or they pick the pallet up from one end and slide it into the trailer. If that won't work they have to use a flat bed.

    nospam3001nospam30018 månader sedan
  • She can make videos even about nails still everybody would watch,you are adorable

    Marko PavlovicMarko Pavlovic8 månader sedan
  • I'm jealous of whoever the lucky guy who gets to marry you. You are a real catch.

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  • I pull a flat bed. It's just oversized if it's a certain length past the back of the trailer. Then you have to get permits for each state you go through. It's a headache but it pays a little better. If it's pallets going on a flatbed it depends on if you have a 96 inch or a 102. The 96 is just harder to get your straps down in the rub rail. Keep up the good work driver.

    Chris RoseChris Rose8 månader sedan
  • In the U.S. If a load is on a long pallet, they use super long pallet jacks, or if it's too long, they'll probably use a flat bed trailer with tarps,

    Paul RiversPaul Rivers8 månader sedan
  • Hai..😊

    Frem FodikarFrem Fodikar8 månader sedan
  • I'm the USA we have standard square pallets for food trucks. And we either use a pallet jack or fork lift to go in and offload the pallets onto the warehouse floor. We also have really long forks on some of the pallet jacks that can offload the longer 15' pallets. I hope this I do helps! 🤗🙂

    Lucus ASMR2.0Lucus ASMR2.08 månader sedan
  • Open trailer with tarps, or railcar. I'm on the Canadian border in Washington. That's our standard. Keep up the good work.

    Dennis RadonskiDennis Radonski8 månader sedan
  • 👌👍😉

    Azali KhamisAzali Khamis8 månader sedan
    • 😊👍

      Azali KhamisAzali Khamis8 månader sedan
  • Hi Anjelica, in the UK we would use either a curtain sided trailer or a flatbed, great videos, stay safe x

    Simon DerrySimon Derry8 månader sedan
  • I think,if someone will ask Angelica to bake a cake, front loader will be used any way to take it out of the owen.💪😀

    Aleksei SergejevAleksei Sergejev8 månader sedan
  • You're great at loading and offloading doesn't surprise me of your skills. 👌 job!!

    Robert WilliamsRobert Williams8 månader sedan
  • In the USA we use open flat bed trailer to haul larger cargo that may be unloaded by a crane or larger all terrain forklift.

    Rex HorningRex Horning8 månader sedan
  • Your contents are always so real.. loved it..

    Rakesh SinghRakesh Singh8 månader sedan
  • Not sure if this helps but when our rear doors won’t shut, sometimes it helps to just move the truck and trailer even just a few feet to relive the bind that gets put on the trailer when loading.

    brian hilligossbrian hilligoss8 månader sedan
  • Long pallets we just push them in with the forklift. Usually the forklifts have long forks at places that ship long pallets here in the USA.

    brian hilligossbrian hilligoss8 månader sedan
  • Hi Angelica! In US, we typically use 48ft open flatbed trailers which can be loaded from either side, usually with non-palletized freight...lumber, steel, coils, etc and then strapped. Pallet freight usually goes in a 53ft dry van trailer and loaded from the back. Pallets are typically 3.5x4ft. You do a great job with your videos and your a skilled driver! Enjoy and be safe!

    Dave FitzgeraldDave Fitzgerald8 månader sedan
  • Someone might’ve already answered your question. But typically with dry van or reefer trailers, the cargo doesn’t extend the length of the trailer. But in the case with longer or wider pallets, the forklift has extensions on the forks of the forklift, or simply just bigger forks affixed to the machine or they adjust the width of the forks for the pallets that are wider.

    SensationalWisdomSensationalWisdom8 månader sedan
  • You are a very sexy woman. Great stuff, I'm also a fan of VW Regards;)

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  • Eres muy guapa.. Un saludo desde España

    casyano casyanocasyano casyano9 månader sedan
  • Open trailer for long pallet/large items.

    Viewer19Viewer199 månader sedan
  • We use a trailer called a Tautliner , soft sided with internal gates , they open up the full length of the trailer on both sides in Australia. Also use vans for loading through the back doors on loading docks. It just depends on the freight. photos-------> , , , ,

    Wally FordWally Ford9 månader sedan
  • 💐💐💐💓💘💖💞😘😘

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  • How many driving license for machines you have ? 3 ? 4 ?

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  • Hye..😁 I'm from Malaysia and I love watching your videos. Feel in love too ..heheh

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  • Maybe you should use some oil for doors))

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  • 👍💕

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  • Some trailer doors are hard to close keep making videos you're awesome anjelica I enjoy rolling you on your driving adventures

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  • i like to join with you you

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  • Ever since this virus happened , we are all at home here in Canada. Many out of work and we have noticed are checking our cars at night . I emptied all my cd's from my car and leather jacket from rear floor , even face from my stereo . I will be installing an alarm I have here and a camera out front , that will be tied into my phone. Sorry to see they broke into your car .

    Peter MachekPeter Machek9 månader sedan
  • i really like your video

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  • We have sidecurtains in Dutch. We just make them open and load long stuff.

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  • 😎

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  • I think with enough people here that like and watch out for you would be able to find the jerk who broke into you car and they will give him a little adjustment.

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  • Operated the loader better than most people

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  • Love your videos

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  • Hi angelica I have been watching your Chanel all weekend and I think you are amazing keep up the good work

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  • awesome

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