A DAY AS A REAL TRUCKER - what we do - Angelica Larsson

26 jul 2020
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it's not all glamorous to just drive a truck, it's a lot of hard work and thinking as well. this is a typical day at work at my company, a lot of loading and unloading that we do ourselves, and I love it! 😍
hope you enjoy it even tho it's a lot of music and hard work 🤠💪
Electromania - Vision
ROY - Lost in sound
Janji - Heroes Tonight
Amadeus - Dominance
TSF & SYROX - Wasted Hearts
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  • Love the video! Keep up the hard work! >^..^

    Jay SkullJay Skull20 timmar sedan
  • How peaceful you are..

    Yash ShettyYash ShettyDag sedan
  • Really you are very talented and great lady..

    Yash ShettyYash ShettyDag sedan
  • Its called a pallet mule or pallet jack in the USA.

    Gwinnett LawnsGwinnett LawnsDag sedan
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    Иван БояринцевИван Бояринцев2 dagar sedan
  • Beuatiful video's from you angelica when you drive the truck ore wheelloader

    Daniël Van MourikDaniël Van Mourik2 dagar sedan
  • Hi good morning watching new video very Beautiful lady and today is Wednesday morning I watching your new video you're very pretty girl thanks great week be safe on the highway God bless you🙏🙏✌✌

    Ransom TesterRansom Tester3 dagar sedan
  • Damn its good to see a female driver that knows her stuff and how to make a proper load. Keep on trucking sister!

    HellHound4201HellHound42014 dagar sedan
  • In Tennessee, USA, “hand chasers” are called “pallet jacks”; very original! Hahaha 😂

    Lee StemLee Stem4 dagar sedan
  • Soy un tonto, pence que los angeles no existian.

    Pablo GodinezPablo Godinez5 dagar sedan
  • Angelica Superb!

    Андриан БогонькоАндриан Богонько5 dagar sedan
  • Super

    Андриан БогонькоАндриан Богонько5 dagar sedan
  • 😁😍🤩

    Андриан БогонькоАндриан Богонько5 dagar sedan
  • Cute

    Adi SlepsAdi Sleps7 dagar sedan
  • My wife!

    Adi SlepsAdi Sleps7 dagar sedan
  • Молодец👍🏻

    Михаил ГлебовМихаил Глебов7 dagar sedan
  • You should be modeling at the beach..😊

    Ned GreyNed Grey10 dagar sedan
  • A dolly ...😊

    Ned GreyNed Grey10 dagar sedan
  • Щось у ній є притягующейся не можу відірватись від її відосиків

    Сергей КозаченкоСергей Козаченко14 dagar sedan
  • Y com from you cabine essai this dormir and 1 days test

    Bernard HutherBernard Huther16 dagar sedan
  • You are an amazing young woman, and rather pretty too.

    Robert LRobert L16 dagar sedan
  • That uneasy pallet was full of disc golf discs. I speak for all the disc golfers I’m saying “thank you” for doing an awesome job!

    Casalina Disc GolfCasalina Disc Golf16 dagar sedan
  • heel mooi die timelaps,....echt geweldig gedaan topper

    mia fesarmia fesar16 dagar sedan
  • I LIKE LOOK women Janda single to Leggings, Bigini so Beautiful Style modern for fitnees and Jogging

    Agus HariyonoAgus Hariyono18 dagar sedan
  • In the US it's called a pallet jack. Hardworking women , awesome video

    dave lewisdave lewis19 dagar sedan
  • wowwwwww i like youuuuu 😍

    Nicolae BogdanNicolae Bogdan20 dagar sedan
  • Angelica 💘💘💘

    Afanasy GogolevAfanasy Gogolev21 dag sedan
  • I drive a forklift for a living. And i have to say u are really good on one girl.very hard worker.

    CENTER MASSCENTER MASS23 dagar sedan
  • Here in North America we call the (hand chaser) a (pallet jack) or (pump truck) depends on the region I suppose. I like your videos, I also work in logistics and I can tell by the way you do things you have a lot of experience and work smart not hard, well done. Keep up the good videos.

    EnigmaEnigma24 dagar sedan
  • Nice music selection.

    typhoonda2typhoonda224 dagar sedan
  • 4:14 Leruš. :*

    Jakub JankowskiJakub Jankowski25 dagar sedan
  • Good pilot u done ur work god bless u

    Davinder SinghDavinder Singh26 dagar sedan
  • Pallet Jack.... You did an Excellent job.

    Chris KleinChris Klein26 dagar sedan
  • From Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

    Fernando VelezFernando Velez27 dagar sedan
  • Next time use a strap to secure it before you unload it off the truck. This has worked for me while I was working for Swiss warehouse in san Francisco international Airport I hope this helps you next time you get into a situation like this again. Well glad everything worked out well for you and keep making your videos I'm always happy to see them 😊 😀

    frisco kidfrisco kid28 dagar sedan
  • How are your eyes , you little rascal . After second procedure . Your 200 year old , cousin . From the us . See all right , M . X - mass.

    walter whitmirewalter whitmire28 dagar sedan
  • МОЛОДЕЦ👍😆😇😈Bra gjort!Halsningar fran Russland💖👱🎅

    amaretto amarettoamaretto amaretto28 dagar sedan
  • She the type of girl a whole lotta married men would leave there wife for over ten years for!! Lol

    Trey BangaTrey Banga28 dagar sedan
  • A bahddie that works hard?? Any mans dream girl!!!!!!!

    Trey BangaTrey Banga28 dagar sedan
  • You put all theses women home collecting child support to shame, God Bless you.

    GU GamingGU GamingMånad sedan
  • Una ragazza veramente in gamba !! Oltre ad essere stupenda,un viso angelico bellissimo,peccato sia solo un pò bassina,fosse stata alta 1.75/1.80 cm sarebbe una bellezza da 10 e lode !!! E poi di una dolcezza unica !! Invece noi in Italia abbiamo una certa Elettra Lamborghini......tette pompate e cervello inesistente !!! Ciao, beautiful little girl !!❤❤❤

    Roberto SpagnuoloRoberto SpagnuoloMånad sedan
  • Прикольная ты девочка.

    Dimon FilDimon FilMånad sedan
  • I have one too but is bigger than that

    Arena POW3RArena POW3RMånad sedan
  • Is that an hidraulic spond

    Arena POW3RArena POW3RMånad sedan
  • Pallet jack is what we call them on the US.

    Mike DeckardMike DeckardMånad sedan
  • Is there anything you can’t do? 😉

    B WB WMånad sedan
  • Your company is lucky to have such good driver , and the know how to run other equipment......

    jim wadejim wadeMånad sedan
  • Genetic slightly patronising comment about what a good job she is doing for being a female What difference does it make? None

    Mantis TruckerMantis TruckerMånad sedan
  • Literally the most entertaining person in trucking. Love your attitude. Love your positive vibes. Love your work ethic and love your driving skills.

    DoucheJetDoucheJetMånad sedan
  • Hi AL...u must be paid a lot to be a trucker...doing A to Z...downhere trucker just drive from point A to B... loading/unloading done by shipper/terminal forklift operator...oh yeah we called it as Hand Pallet truck here...take care!

    matfozi64matfozi64Månad sedan
  • You do it all , amazing work ethics,

    Kurt RobertsonKurt RobertsonMånad sedan
  • Красивая девушка

    Алексей БелозеровАлексей БелозеровMånad sedan
  • 🌹💕🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 linda

    ANGELO 88ANGELO 88Månad sedan
  • You are a tremendous young lady but I must confess my favorite part of your videos are the language skills. I grew up with my grandparents and great grandparents sounding exactly the same. "Its Scary Kool" Kido !!! Little Godess My Love ...

    Wesley SmithWesley SmithMånad sedan
  • Excelente dama ejemplar en su profesión eres un estuche de moneria.

    Jesus UriarteJesus UriarteMånad sedan
  • Good girl trucker,with beautiful eyes

    Marco PeruzzettoMarco PeruzzettoMånad sedan
  • 無事故で がんばってー !!

    コンヤガヤマダコンヤガヤマダMånad sedan
  • pallet truck in australia.

    John WelchJohn WelchMånad sedan
  • Hand chasser, cure name. But here in the USA, it's known as a pallet jack. Your English is so good.

    Dean RoweDean RoweMånad sedan
  • You are incredibly resourceful and intelligent 🥰

    Ed KonstantellisEd KonstantellisMånad sedan
  • You are so cute . come by pick me up and give me a ride,, Smart hard working lady .

    mqa1963mqa1963Månad sedan
  • Why does she have to get a forklift to load and unload the loads?

    Dumb DumbDumb DumbMånad sedan
  • Real life tetris skills 😂 Hi I'm a driver in the states. Nice eyes 😍😊

    jovan ortizjovan ortizMånad sedan
  • 😍😍😍😍

    Angel AderssonAngel AderssonMånad sedan
  • In Germany we call it "Ameise"... It's "ant" in english

    Kramer 14Kramer 14Månad sedan
  • Well manage Angelica!!... Taugh and smart girl!!

    Aldo MoraAldo MoraMånad sedan
  • joder como te mueves bendita juventud , una sorpresa este canal

    Miguel FloresMiguel FloresMånad sedan
  • Pallet Jack

    h400ex412h400ex412Månad sedan
  • *_How do you spell 83 in Swedish??_* _lol, kidding-

    • 83 is åttio­tre

      Tom MeinerTom Meiner27 dagar sedan
  • I like your vidéos. When are you coming in France ?

    PierrePierreMånad sedan
  • Very impressive that you load your own truck. And do it well!!

    Chedder LoverChedder LoverMånad sedan
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Luis Garcia JrLuis Garcia JrMånad sedan
  • Pallet jack

    David IngrahamDavid IngrahamMånad sedan
  • I failed my truckdriving exam for the fire brigade... kind of this takes the pain away... nice to have "meet" you

    Emmys OrbicularisEmmys OrbicularisMånad sedan
  • We call it a pallet truck in Ireland.

    burgerman3burgerman3Månad sedan
  • Hello men Reşat YÜCETÜRK, you are a very good driver, I am watching from Turkey.

    Reşat YÜCETÜRKReşat YÜCETÜRKMånad sedan
  • Or a pump truck

    Winston c RyanWinston c RyanMånad sedan
  • We call it a hand Jack

    Winston c RyanWinston c RyanMånad sedan
  • Bravo Angélique tu es très douée

    Daniel TartayreDaniel TartayreMånad sedan
  • 16: 00 pallet jack

    Apache1220Apache1220Månad sedan
  • Those blue barrels are for Heisenberg.

    Mr.NMr.NMånad sedan
  • you have amazing skills you rok girl x

    mehmet284mehmet284Månad sedan
  • Those manual devices that aren't forklifts that you use to move pallets -- I've heard them called different things, like jacks, hand trucks, dollies, etc.

    RJC 72RJC 72Månad sedan
  • When can we see you in a jumbo truck here in the USA AL?

    Randy PullmanRandy PullmanMånad sedan
  • ты супер

    Андрей ЖильцовАндрей ЖильцовMånad sedan
  • Respecful women

    Mehdi MehimmedetsiMehdi MehimmedetsiMånad sedan
  • I hate when loaders don’t shrink wrap the product tight or not tight at all to where the product tips over, UGH 🤦‍♂️ Other than that, my delivery day is pretty smooth. I work 5-6 hour shifts but get paid my full 8 hours 😁

    MnCAlapati415MnCAlapati415Månad sedan
  • 💋💋💋❤❤

    Rosalvo AugustinhoRosalvo Augustinho2 månader sedan
  • 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • Ha Angelica got a cute rap song for ya SEworld hooked me up with seworld.info/will/joerrrfSeKN-xIk/video

    Allen Barclay AllenAllen Barclay Allen2 månader sedan
  • Wow is all I want to say along with what a beautiful figure and a beautiful face

    Edgar SpindEdgar Spind2 månader sedan
  • It’s called a pallet jack.

    The Vegan Viking !!!!The Vegan Viking !!!!2 månader sedan
  • She definitely needs to come to the United States and drive a 379 Peterbilt, I think the rumble of a huge caterpillar engine might turn her on a bit.

    The Vegan Viking !!!!The Vegan Viking !!!!2 månader sedan
  • Why is this woman not a supermodel?

    The Vegan Viking !!!!The Vegan Viking !!!!2 månader sedan
  • you are like a baby beautiful captain..😊

    CEM GÜRBÜZCEM GÜRBÜZ2 månader sedan
  • Love you Angelica 😊😊

    Super Funny !!Super Funny !!2 månader sedan
  • What’s the song at 2.00. Please

    Danny KellyDanny Kelly2 månader sedan
  • Hello just wanted to say that you are one of the best truck drivers I've seen. Your also a very pretty and respectful humble women. Keep it up and safe travels.

    Driving Ms Daisy JUST DRIVEDriving Ms Daisy JUST DRIVE2 månader sedan
  • Brave woman

    o keho keh2 månader sedan
  • Why you not get the help of assistant ?

    Tahir HussainTahir Hussain2 månader sedan